Shocking Dollar Plunge: Yen Crashes while Euro Rises Again!

In an analysis written by Irving Wilkinson, Editor of, he dissects the current state of the US dollar in relation to other currencies. After a major spike, the dollar has fallen but remains within the higher end of its 20-year range. Meanwhile, the yen is in disorder, showcasing inconsistency and unpredictability.

Key Points

1. Observers noted that the US Dollar dropped to its lowest value in over a year after US consumer price data showed a moderation in June 2022, leading some to predict that the Federal Reserve may only raise interest rates once more in the year. The currency has experienced fluctuations, but its current position falls within the higher end of the normal range observed over the past two decades.

2. The Yen and the Euro, other major currencies in the Dollar Index (DXY), experienced drops in October 2022. The value of the Yen has particularly suffered due to a combination of high inflation rates and the Bank of Japan’s decision to allow inflation to continue unchecked, which has resulted in the worst negative real rates in the developed world.

3. The Euro managed to recover value after the European Central Bank began tightening policy as a response to inflation, causing it to return to its historically normal range against the US Dollar. It is suggested that central banks that anticipated and strategically responded to the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes with their own significant increases successfully protected their currencies and controlled inflation. The Bank of Mexico is highlighted as a standout example of this approach.

The Reign and Reality of the Falling Greenback

The falling and rising of the American dollar price hold great significance for economies worldwide. The wisdom of the ancients states that the dollar, like a tidal wave, oscillates between great heights and plummeting depths and never really crashes. You might ask, has the dollar’s strikingly low nosedive, its lowest in over a year, after June’s moderate rise in U.S. consumer prices, a prelude to a catastrophic downfall in the future?

The answer mocks even the gloomiest of forecasts – the dollar still reigns supreme in its 20-year range, recovering from a conspicuous spike and subsequent plunge. It moved in tune with the economic rhythm of the past two decades, much like a seasoned dancer on the ballroom floor.

The Artful Dance of the Dollar

The dollar’s performance reflects an intricate dance, a seemingly intricate choreography of the global financial ecosystem. It spiked in line with a basket of other currencies dominated by the Euro and Yen, reaching an awe-inspiring high last September. However, the spike-triggered a flutter of anxiety amongst many entities. But should a sudden rise in the tide bring fear to the mariners?

Amidst growing apprehension, the dollar has now bounced back to the heights of 2020, mimicking the pattern from 2015-2017. The intense game between currency fluctuations and the dollar finds itself playing the role of the phoenix- it has burned and emerged afresh, reinstating its position at the high end of the normal range over the last 20 years.

Jarring Note from the Yen

Amidst this harmonious dance, the Yen’s rhythm has been erratic and jarring. Increasing inflation and the Bank of Japan’s lackadaisical attitude towards it pitched the Yen in a spiral of messiness. Imagine a room packed with rapid, uncontrolled chaos; the Yen was swirling in a similar disorganized frenzy.

Controlling the Financial Strings

Effectively managing inflation and currency seems akin to a puppeteer expertly manipulating the strings to bring efficiencies to a puppet show. The European Central Bank (ECB) appears pitch-perfect on this worldwide stage. It wasted no time in tightening its monetary policy amidst inflationary pressure, bringing laurels to the Euro that recovered from an all-time low of $0.96 by October 2022.

The Bank of Mexico, another proficient puppeteer, tirelessly worked to hike up the interest rates by around 725 basis points to 11.25%. Consequently, the Mexican peso regained all its value lost during the pandemic against the mighty dollar.

The Dollar’s Place in the Global Economic Orchestra

Just as a conductor understands the flow of a symphony, interpreting the performance of the dollar necessitates an understanding of the broader global economic orchestra. Despite experiencing many fluctuations, the dollar has held its place in the orchestra and continues to resonate with the tune it has followed for 20 years.

In the grand scheme of things, the dollar’s fluctuation resembles the gentle sway of a boat in the sea; the waves might rise, and the wind may howl, but the boat remains afloat. The key question is – are we equipped with the right understanding and metaphorical life jackets to weather the storm and maintain our balance?

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