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AlphaBetaStock is news organization which has put together a team of experienced investment professional to find the best market news movers daily.  Our team, who have over 40 years of financial industry experience and degrees from around the world, cover the following categories/sectors:

Technology, Healthcare, Services & Stocks to Watch

AlphaBetaStock focuses on identify companies that are emerging, growing or misunderstood that may present an opportunity for investors.  This includes primary small and mid-cap companies.  However, we will occasional see opportunities in blue chip or fund of fund management.   Our analysis includes fundamental and technical charts.  You can count on us to find and report these opportunities – every single day.


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Donald S. Wiggins


Donald S. Wiggins is love learning about business trends. He has 5 years of experience in financial news and worked his way up from a writer to a senior staff member. He is one of the original writers of alphabetastock.com with a goal to increase readership and financial news coverage throughout 2019. Wiggins is the editor and manager of “Services” category.


Jason P. Vasser


Jason P. Vasser gives us an analysis into the recent geo-political news hitting the services, legal, and technology sectors. He has been an financial advisor for over 10 years in the NYC and in recently turned his experience investment and passion for journalism into a full time role. His responsibility is for the analysis of companies and writing valuable information for shareholder community.


Robert Thomas


Robert Thomas has over 14 years experience in the investments on the institutional side of markets and has an “insider” view on the markets. In addition, he is an futures day trader that focuses on analyzing fundamentals, specifically earnings reports and technical levels. He has a Masters Degree in Business and Economics from Michigan University.

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