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AlphaBetaStock is a news organization that has put together a team of experienced professionals with investment backgrounds and experience.  The organization looks to find the best market and investment news movers daily.  Our team provides commentary and analysis on a wide range of investment news topics, they have over 35 years of financial industry experience and a broad range of education backgrounds and advanced degrees from around the globe.  Topics covered often include investment market categories/sectors including TechnologyHealthcareServices & other Stocks and Investments to Watch & Investment Fraud.

In trying to stay ahead of the curve for its readers and subscribers, AlphaBetaStock focuses on identifying companies, issues, trends, news stories that are emerging, opportunities that may be growing or misunderstood, and other unique situations and events that may present potential opportunities for investors.  This includes small and mid-cap companies, stocks and other potential investment products.  However, we will occasionally see potential opportunities in traditional blue-chip, mutual fund, or management areas.   Our analysis often includes a number of publicly available information, data, and other resources and a collection of news sources including individual industry contacts as well as analyses of fundamental and technical charts.  You can count on us to find and report on these potential issues and opportunities to keep our readers and subscribers informed and updated– every single day.

ABS News & Research is dedicated to providing quality investment insight and information from experienced financial professionals and journalists.

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Jaimini Desai – 

An evidence-based financial writer with 9 years of experience specializing in earnings, economic data coverage, and bond markets. I combine fundamentals, technicals, and macro to identify low-risk, asymmetric opportunities. ——-



Ruchi Gupta –

Ruchi holds an Accounting and Post Graduate Diploma in Business from the
International School and Business and Media. She is
exceptionally skilled in financial databases like ThomsonOne, CapitalIQ,
Factiva, and has also worked on Bloomberg and Datastream. Her focus at is research breaking stocks and investment stories.



John Bennett –

John is a native of California that has a background in helping kids with math and loves writing about the stock market.   He has a brain for things that are technical and is applying them in the financial world. Follow John as he covers breaking investment news and stock tips.


 Tochukwu Nwokike –

Tochukwu has experience as both an investment Analyst and a former financial advisor. While an investment analyst, she managed over $100 million in client assets. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters in Applied Financial Economics from John Hopkins University.


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