Markets Drop On Negative News of US China Trade Deal

Investors are focusing on US-China trade negotiations. This week, the market continues to receive negative signals. Following CNBC reports that negotiations were at an impasse, investors were hit again. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said that if an agreement on an initial trade deal with Beijing fails, he could raise tariffs on Chinese exports even higher. The difficult negotiations may be complicated by the actions of the US Senate, which approved the bill on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong, which provides for the restriction of cooperation and trade supplies to the Hong Kong government. In response, Beijing accused the United States of interfering in China’s internal affairs. read more

Netflix Stock Continues to Grow Despite Competition

The good news for Netflix (NFLX) investors is that Disney‘s (DIS) new streaming service is having very effect on Netflix subscriptions.  Netflix investors should not stop watching this as new streaming services are poping up everyday including the TV networks that have pulled popular shows like “The Office.” Netflix shares are trading at a three-month high, gaining 5.2% since early November. Since the beginning of the year, the emitter’s quotes have added more than 13% in value. Last week, Disney launched the Disney+ service, immediately receiving 10 million subscribers. However, Netflix did not record a decrease in the number of daily active users in the first week of a competitor’s launch, which was positively received by investors. read more

Oil Prices Bounces On US China Trade News

Investors are currently worried about the lack of meaningful progress between Washington and Beijing. The market is disappointed with the words of US President Donald Trump, who said the virtual absence of an agreement on the gradual bilateral cancellation of duties. Yesterday, the media, referring to a source in the PRC government, said that Beijing admits the disruption of trade negotiations due to the intervention of the American leader. Risks against the backdrop of a trade dispute continue to have a negative impact on the hydrocarbon market. The instrument will be under pressure until an agreement is signed.  In November, “black gold” is trading within a limited price range awaiting news of trade negotiations between the US and China. read more

Ebay Stock’s Dip May Be Opportunity For Investors

A recent pullback of Ebay stock (NASDAQ: EBAY) may provide an opportunity for some investors. A strong “Black Friday” could drive the stock up.  EBay shares are trading at a 1.6% premium on the new 9-month low of November 15, reflecting a downtrend since the end of October after the publication of a poor quarterly report. The drop in the issuer’s quotes from the July 52-week high exceeded 15.5%. Earlier, the CEO left the post due to disagreements with the Board of Directors. The main business of online commerce and online auctions remains in the focus of development, other assets will be sold. read more

Triad Advisors Investigated Regarding GPB Capital Investor Claims

Ladenburg Thalmann’s most recent quarterly SEC filing reflects that Triad Advisors, one of its brokerage firms is currently the subject of six Financial Industry Regulatory Advisory (FINRA) customer arbitration complaints relating to sales of GPB Capital private placements.

GPB Capital has been accused of operating an alleged $1.8B Ponzi scam. Some investors are claiming massive losses following June 2018 SEC filings that reflect various GPB funds plunging in value.  That came on the heels of the suspension of investor redemptions by GPB, and, then of course, there are the numerous pending regulatory and other investigations by state securities regulators, federal securities regulators, and the FBI. read more

Hal Mandell Next Financial Group in San Antonio Texas Under Investigation

Harold Mandell (known as Hal Mandell) of San Antonio Texas is a stockbroker who was previously registered with Next Financial Group Inc.. subject to written complaints relating to investment initiated by the customer and set for $ 17,500.00 on 20 June, 2019 based on allegations (1) Mandell focused speculative and aggressive trades in the customer’s account without the customer’s knowledge or consent (2) Mandell killed the customer about the serious losses the customer had when Mandell was involved in Next Financial Group Inc. read more

US China Trade Deal Leaves Investors Creates Another Ground Hogs Day

The markets are beginning to resemble “Groundhog’s Day” as investors are again focused on US-China trade negotiations with the market bouncing backing and forth with a positive macro trend. At the end of last week, the market began to receive positive signals again. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Washington and Beijing are still close to a deal. On Saturday, according to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency, Vice Premier Liu He, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin held “constructive talks” over troublesome trade issues over the telephone and agreed to stay in close contact. Even the conclusion of a limited trade agreement between the leading economies of the world can reduce the pressure on the global economy and increase demand. read more

Stock Market Edges Higher As Investors Wait For US China Trade News

Today, USD is relatively calm since there is a lack of significant economic releases, and no new comments have been received on the signing of the US-China trade agreement. It is known that the parties continue to agree on details in order to finally resolve all disputed issues until the meeting between President Donald Trump and Chairman Xi Jinping at the APEC Summit in November. However, there are no details of the negotiation process. Yesterday’s data on sales in the US secondary housing market disappointed the market. For September, the index fell by 2.2% instead of the expected 0.7%, however, the data could not seriously put pressure on USD. USD is moderately strengthening against EUR and GBP but moves horizontally against the JPY.  The stock market is seeing record highs and on a 10 year bull run that has produced a 468% return. read more

Cisco Systems Stock Declines, But May Bounce Back (NASDAQ: CSCO)

Like most stocks, Cisco Systems Stock (CSCO) has been directly affected by the US China trade deal.  Yesterday Cisco shares declined after the projected revenue would fall 3% to 5%.  According to CEO Chuck Robbins on a conference call, it was caused by a general weakness in demand.   “Robbins said, “It feels like there’s a bit of a pause. ” Cisco has added more than 5% since the October 10-month low and are currently trading at the monthly maximum. Yesterday, November 13, after the market closed, the company reported for the first quarter of fiscal 2020 with results higher than Wall Street’s expectations. Revenue remained virtually unchanged at $13.16 billion, earnings per share increased 12% YoY to $0.84. read more

Crude Oil Prices Trend Down As Global Demand Decreases

Since the beginning of this week, oil quotes are being corrected downwards. Today, prices are under pressure from US President Donald Trump and new data from the International Energy Agency (IEA).  Yesterday, Trump spoke at the New York Economic Club. Investors expected him to clarify the situation around the trade deal with China, hoping for positive comments. However, the president accused Beijing of fraud, saying that “no one has manipulated better or taken advantage of the United States more”. Moreover, he accused the EU of creating tougher, worse than Chinese, barriers to American trade. It can complicate US-Chinese trade negotiations and consultations with the EU. Today, the IEA released its annual global energy review, which indicates that global oil demand will slow down from 2025, as fuel efficiency improves and electric vehicles increase. read more