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A common question we get is where to find stock research or tools, so we put together a list of tools and websites to help readers research. Every day there is a new financial app, but here is a couple we have liked over the years.

Trading, Chart Tools & Market Research

Finviz: This is one of our favorite free/paid stock screeners that can be used by both experienced investors and traders.  If you are looking for a “quick snapshot” of a stock, start here. The free version is very robust and allows you to track your portfolios and build screeners.

TradingView: An excellent web charting website with tools to analyze the markets that we love using. I love the technicals and user interface.  The free version will allow a beginner to start learning about technicals and generate ideas with their social network. Paid gives you access to more tools. Use this website to get ideas and a pulse of a specific investment. There is often not a lot of moderation, so sometimes people spam the forums or make horrible investment suggestions. However, this is the best “social network” for stocks that will help you learn, make friends and get ideas. Excellent research for mutual funds, stocks and all investment products.

Market News Websites Leans right-wing, but very solid on reporting of market news. Readers need to be careful about “gold bugs” and some conspiracy articles.

Yahoo Finance: Leans somewhat left-wing, but still very solid market reporting., & Leans left-wing and sadly has become more political spin in recent years than market research. Investors need to be careful not to fall into one of the political spin traps.  An example is when they consider a politician writing a book or an actress saying something stupid “market news.” Another thing is when they spin “out-of-control” government spending as a good thing and completely fail to report a contrary view that warns of inflation.

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