Cramer Leaves TheStreet's Action Alerts PLUS

TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS Reviewed (Cramer Gone)

Many fans of Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” subscribed to his Action Alerts PLUS. Recently the website updated and appears to now be not associated with Cramer. The subscription-based service, until 2021, was run by the financial mogul, Jim Cramer, who is well-known for the “Mad Money” show he hosts on CNBC about stock markets and investments. The Action Alerts PLUS service teaches investors how to pick winning trades and how to invest.

The service is still around, but Cramer is sadly no longer affiliated with Action Alerts PLUS. We believe it was part of the deal with Jim Cramer’s $16.5 million cash sale of the TheStreet to TheMaven in 2019. The site was founded in 1996 by Cramer and publisher Marty Peretz. Click here to view alternatives to Action Alerts Plus.

If you’re an investor and want to get into the nitty gritty of stock markets, subscribing to the Action Alerts PLUS stock picking service is the smartest investment decision you can make. This is because besides giving you real-time trade alerts, you have a team of experts providing you round the clock with technical tools, stock analysis, emails, and other educational material you need to succeed in your investment goals. Here is my Action Alerts Plus Review minus Jim Cramer.

Action Alerts Plus

What is Action Alerts Plus? We’re glad you asked! This is a service that was founded in 2001 by an investment guru, Jim Cramer, to help educate investors about trade and investment and to notify them immediately when a trading opportunity arises. The portfolio changed into a charitable trust in 2005, when the “Mad Money” began.

Action Alerts PLUS service has been designed to give you all the ammunition you need, at a competitive cost, to succeed in trading and investing. Action Alerts PLUS service has features that you can benefit from. Some of the key features include:

  • Full access to the Action Alerts Plus portfolio run by a team of stock market experts
  • Access to an interactive forum for Action Alerts PLUS subscribers and the team
  • Access to Action Alert Plus weekly roundups from Wall Street experts
  • Investment and trade alerts in real-time
  • Access to monthly members-only conference calls with top experts where you can direct questions to them.

Alternatives to Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts

Many people don’t like Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts or are disappointed to see him leave. The good news is that there are many other options for investors looking for information to make their next trade. We caution investors to be careful about newsletters that promote returns because past performance does not guarantee returns. Report Report is a weekly “Wall Street Cheat Sheet” to help conservative financial advisors and investors outperform while taking risks into consideration. This newsletter is geared toward the longer-term investor looking to get macro market insights and make strategic moves rather than a day trade.

People can sign up for the free weekly version that has excerpts and the occasional stock picks and ideas. The premium version contains hundreds of stock picks which include inflation stock picks, dividend stock picks, and growth stock picks. The monthly cost is $19.95 a month or yearly $99.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor includes a starter portfolio of recommended stocks for each month. Many readers would compare Jim Cramer vs Motley fool. Each stock on the list has been thoroughly researched and has a long track record. The program is not a day trading service, so you don’t need to worry about getting scammed by a pump and dump scheme. Its picks are designed to last three to five years, rather than a few weeks or months. In addition to stock tips, you can also access the company’s community forum, where you can ask questions and get feedback from fellow investors.

After signing up for Motley Fool Stock Advisor, you should watch the emails every Thursday to find out the latest picks. The company’s founders conduct extensive research and find the best stocks based on their analysis. The current cost for a subscription is $499 a year.

Chaikin Power Gauge Investor

The Power Gauge Report is a newsletter package by Marc Chaikin. The Chaikin Power Gauge is a stock rating system that uses 200 factors to determine a stock’s value. Its ratings are based on the company’s book value per share, the income it generates for common shareholders, and its average common equity over the last five years. The company’s financials also factor in, as does the Chaikin Power Gauge, making it easier to buy or sell stocks.

The Chaikin Power Gauge uses a proven algorithm to rate stocks. While technicals aren’t heavily weighted, they’re a key component of the system. This service is available for $3,195 a year and includes a wealth of bonuses. The guru and the regular research updates make the service worth the price. And the guarantee is excellent.

How Much Does Action Alerts Plus Cost?

Action Alerts Plus service has competitive plans that allow you to choose an option that works best for you. Action Alerts PLUS packages include monthly, annual, and two-year plans.

Monthly subscription: $29.99/mo.which amounts to $359.88/yr. You will get a 14-day free trial period, and canceling your subscription within the free trial period will cost you nothing. After 14 days, your subscription takes effect.

Annual subscription: $25/mo or  $299.99/yr, with a 14-day trial period. Your subscription is automatically renewed unless you cancel it before the expiry date.

Two-year subscription: $20.83/mo or $499.99/ bi-annually. You get a 14-day free trial period. Your subscription is automatically renewed after 24 months unless you cancel it before the expiry date.

We do believe there is a trial period for all the subscriptions to actions alerts plus, so if you are wanting to try it, it may be worth it and cancel if you don’t like it.

Jim Cramer Action Alerts Plus

With Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS, you will get value for your money. This is because besides having access to top-notch investment tools, you also learn more about stock markets, which provides you with better winning chances.

Other goodies you get with Jim Cramer Action Alert PLUS include:

  • Alerts on stock picks and trading opportunities in real-time
  • Monthly members-only conference calls with the higher-ups
  • Access to a vibrant, all-inclusive forum where you can engage with experts and other subscribers
  • 24/7 access to Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS portfolio to see what stocks he and his team are trading
  • A chart of all the investments and their performance over time.
  • A weekly roundup of  events in the financial markets
  • Fundamental and technical analysis data compiled by stock experts
  • Educational tools to provide you with more knowledge on stock picks and investments.
  • Various investment indexes. Action Alerts PLUS offers four major indexes you can choose from depending on what you’re most comfortable with. These include:
  • Value index
  • Income index
  • Growth index
  • Blend index

Action Alerts Plus Portfolio

Guided by TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS portfolio with $2.5 million worth of investment and is accessible 24/7 to AAP subscribers, you can create your portfolio based on ying and Action Alerts Portfolio that has been put together by market experts that provide you with first-hand information, which helps you to invest in winning stocks.

Action Alerts Plus Performance

Between 2001 and 2017, Action Alerts PLUS portfolio performance was influenced by many stock recommendations made by Cramer on his “Mad Money” show. However, AAP has underperformed S&P 500 return index both in Sharpe ratio and overall returns.

Subscribing to Action Alerts PLUS will give you insights on winning investments and provide significant growth to your portfolio

Action Alerts Plus Performance 2018

In 2018, the market reached an all-time low and all stock markets took a hit, including the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, which recorded a return of (-9.86%).

Action Alerts PLUS Login

With a few simple steps, logging into your Action Alerts PLUS account is easy.

Step 1: Click on the link here to be directed to the login page. A popup box will appear.

Step 2: Enter your username and password. Ensure you have entered the correct login details in the boxes provided.

Step 3: Click on the login button

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “forgotten password?” text below the password box, and you will be prompted to enter your email address, where you will be sent an email with a link for a password reset. Remember to check your junk mail too.

The CNBC Investing Club

The Jim Cramer Charitable Trust has relocated to the CNBC Investing Club. You may see every decision Jim Cramer and his colleagues make on the portfolio there and gain access to his market intelligence before anybody else.

Action Alerts Plus Reviews

Action Alerts Plus Review – Action Alerts Plus has, over the years, gotten very favorable reviews, and here is what some of the top financial reviewers had to say.

Money Crashers

“TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS is the perfect addition to any trader or investor’s toolbox. Between the educational materials, the detailed analysis provided, and the ability to connect with other investors, the service provides a great platform to expand your knowledge of the stock market as a whole and research the opportunities that you find within it.

With very low subscription costs compared to other similar services and one of the best teams on Wall Street behind the program, Action Alerts PLUS is worth your attention.”

Top Trader

I went into my subscription to Action Alerts PLUS with some skepticism. The cynic in me feared that the service might be a “cash-in” on Cramer’s Mad Money fame. I was pleasantly surprised to find that AAP offers plenty of value for the relatively inexpensive price of $300 per year, a price that has been reduced over the years


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