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Latest news on GWG Holdings and its financial restructuring

Are you following the saga of GWG Holdings and its financial restructuring? If so, you’re likely aware that this once-thriving company has recently filed for bankruptcy. This blog will dive into the latest news surrounding GWG’s situation and how it impacts investors like yourself.

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Key Takeaways

  • GWG Holdings has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to financial struggles and regulatory issues.
  • The CEO and CFO of GWG Holdings have resigned as part of the company’s efforts to undergo financial restructuring.
  • The true value of GWG Holdings’ largest asset has been revealed, providing clarity on the company’s overall financial situation.
  • L Bond investors may face potential losses due to GWG Holdings’ financial struggles, leading to lawsuits against brokerage firms and limited options for recovery.

Overview of GWG Holdings

GWG Holdings has faced significant financial struggles, leading to the company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2022.

Company’s financial struggles

GWG Holdings faced a hard time with money. They could not get to the financial markets. This made it tough for them to stay in business. The company also had issues with rules from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

These problems added more stress on their finance. From 2012 to April 2021, GWG Holdings sold high-yield bonds to make money. But this did not help much. By the time they filed for bankruptcy, they owed over $2 billion.

This debt included $1.6 billion of bonds held by investors.

Filing for bankruptcy

GWG Holdings, a company facing financial difficulties, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2022. This decision was made due to the company’s insolvency and its inability to access financial markets.

One of the contributing factors to their financial instability was regulatory issues connected to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Previously, GWG Holdings had actively issued high-yield bonds from 2012 until April 2021.

When filing for bankruptcy, the company had over $2 billion in debt, including $1.6 billion of bonds held by investors. The reorganization plan led by Mayer Brown aims to address these financial problems and provide a path forward for GWG Holdings.

Recent Updates on GWG Holdings

The recent updates on GWG Holdings include the resignation of both the CEO and CFO, as well as the revelation of the true value of their largest asset.

Resignation of CEO and CFO

GWG Holdings recently experienced the resignation of its CEO and CFO. This move comes as part of the company’s efforts to undergo financial restructuring and address its financial challenges.

The departure of the CEO and CFO signifies a shift in leadership as GWG Holdings works towards implementing its reorganization plan. This plan aims to improve the company’s financial stability and set it on a path towards recovery.

With new leadership at the helm, GWG Holdings is taking steps to transform its business and navigate through this challenging period.

The revelation of largest asset’s true value

During the financial restructuring process, GWG Holdings revealed the true value of its largest asset. This revelation was significant because it helped clarify the company’s overall financial situation.

The true value of this asset played a crucial role in determining how much debt could be resolved and how it would impact recovery options for investors holding GWG L Bonds. Understanding the true value provided more transparency and insight into the company’s assets, ultimately influencing decisions related to its corporate reorganization plan.

Implications for L Bond Investors

L Bond investors are facing potential losses due to GWG Holdings’ financial struggles, leading to lawsuits against brokerage firms and limited options for recovery.

Lawsuits against brokerage firms

Investors who hold GWG Holdings’ L Bonds are facing a challenging situation. As a result of the company’s financial restructuring, many brokerage firms are now being sued for their involvement in selling these bonds to investors.

JRL Capital Corp., one such brokerage firm that sold GWG bonds, has already filed for bankruptcy. This means that L Bond investors may have difficulty recovering their investments or receiving any compensation.

The lawsuits against these brokerage firms highlight the complexity and potential risks associated with investing in high-yield bonds like those offered by GWG Holdings. It is important for investors to explore their options and seek legal advice if they believe they have been misled or harmed by the sale of these bonds.

Options for recovery

L Bond holders of GWG Holdings are concerned about their options for recovery. One possibility is filing a lawsuit against brokerage firms that sold the bonds. This legal action aims to hold these firms accountable for allegedly not fully disclosing the risks associated with investing in GWG Holdings.

Investors looking to recover losses should contact Haselkorn & Thibaut ( at 1-888-784-3315 for a free case review.

Another option is participating in any potential financial recoveries resulting from the company’s reorganization plan. While the details of this recovery process are still unfolding, L Bond holders will need to closely monitor developments and consider their best course of action moving forward.


GWG Holdings, a company that has faced financial struggles and filed for bankruptcy, is undergoing financial restructuring. Recent updates include the resignation of the CEO and CFO, as well as the revelation of the true value of its largest asset.

This has implications for L Bond investors who may be pursuing lawsuits against brokerage firms or exploring recovery options. The approved reorganization plan aims to address GWG Holdings’ financial issues and provide a path forward towards stability.


1. What’s the latest news on GWG Holdings and its financial restructuring?

The latest news on GWG Holdings is about its company restructuring under a new plan for business transformation.

2. What is involved in the financial recovery of GWG Holdings?

The financial recovery involves a complete business transformation based on a solid restructuring plan.

3. How will the company update their progress throughout this process?

GWG holdings will provide regular updates to share progress made during the course of their financial recovery and business transformation.

4. Why did GWG Holdings start this restructuring plan?

GWG Holdings started this restructuring plan to improve their overall business operations and secure better financial stability.

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