Has Anyone Made Money on Acorns? Real Life Success Stories of Making Money Through Passive Investing

Are you curious about whether people actually pocket cash with Acorns? You’re not alone. Many wonder if this app can turn spare change from daily purchases into a growing investment.

Guess what? Some folks are nodding with big smiles, watching their piggy banks get plumper without lifting a finger.

Believe it or not, users have indeed filled their wallets using Acorns’ savvy saving and investing strategies. Like the one who turned $5 into $400 in just 30 days — talk about magic beans sprouting into money trees! Our blog post is your map to these treasure islands.

We’ll share tips, tricks, and tales of real people who’ve sailed these waters successfully to inspire your own journey toward financial growth.

Ready for some inspiration? Let’s dive in and see how those pennies can add up!

Key Takeaways

  • Some Acorns users have turned small amounts into big savings, like turning $5 into $400 in just one month.
  • By using features like round – ups and monthly contributions, people can grow their money without much work. The app also has ways to earn extra cash through shopping.
  • It’s smart to think about market changes and set goals for the future when saving with Acorns. Over time, even little bits of money invested can turn into more through the power of compound interest.
  • Real stories show that folks have earned millions with Acorns Earn since 2016. They’ve made money by letting their spare change from daily buys add up in their investment accounts.
  • Success comes from sticking to a plan and knowing that growing wealth takes time. Using tools like Acorns Spend Smart Deposit or getting rewards from credit cards can help too.

How to Make Money on Acorns

Start by automating your monthly contributions and maximizing round-ups. Utilize the Acorns Earn feature, download the Acorns extension, and make use of the Acorns Spend Smart Deposit.

You can also maximize credit card rewards to earn extra money through passive investing.

Start while in school

Students can really benefit from using Acorns early on. You’re usually spending money on things like books and snacks, so why not put your spare change to work for you? Every time you buy something with a linked card, Acorns rounds up the cost to the next dollar and invests that little bit of extra money.

It’s like finding coins in your couch but smarter because it grows over time.

Putting aside just a small amount regularly while studying sets up a good habit for saving and investing. This could mean more cash in your pocket later on. Think about how great it would be to have some money building up without having to do much at all! That’s what makes passive investing through apps like Acorns such an awesome tool during school.

Automate monthly contributions

To maximize your earnings on Acorns, automating monthly contributions is a crucial step. By setting up automatic transfers from your bank account to your Acorns investment portfolio, you ensure consistent and disciplined saving and investing.

This strategy aligns with long-term investment goals by gradually building wealth over time through regularly scheduled contributions without requiring active effort. Considering the small amounts accumulated through automated contributions can potentially grow significantly thanks to compounding interest and market fluctuations, this approach offers a simple yet effective way to steadily increase your investments.

Moreover, utilizing the automate monthly contribution feature not only simplifies the process of saving but also helps in creating a habit of consistent investing which can ultimately lead to significant financial gains in the future.

Maximize round-ups

To maximize round-ups, consider linking your debit or credit card to your Acorns account. This feature allows you to invest spare change from everyday purchases automatically. For example, if you buy a coffee for $3.50, Acorns rounds up the purchase to $4 and invests the additional 50 cents.

Over time, these small round-up amounts can accumulate into significant savings without much effort on your part.

Acorns also offers the option to multiply your round-ups by 2x or 10x. By choosing a multiplier, such as 2x, every roundup is doubled before being invested. This feature accelerates your investment growth using the spare change from regular transactions and helps boost your passive income over time with minimal impact on day-to-day spending habits.

Utilize Acorns Earn

Use Acorns Earn to boost your investments effortlessly. By making purchases through the Acorns app, you can earn a small percentage back and watch your money grow. Since 2016, users have earned over $30,000,000 through Acorns Earn.

This feature allows for passive income to be generated alongside your regular investment strategy.

Next: – Download the Acorns Extension

Download the Acorns extension

To enhance your Acorns experience, consider downloading the Acorns extension. This browser extension helps you effortlessly invest spare change from online purchases into your Acorns account.

By doing this, you can grow your investments passively while making everyday purchases.

Moreover, the Acorns extension also provides access to exclusive offers and promotions at partner retailers, allowing you to earn cash rewards that can be automatically invested through the app.

Use Acorns Spend Smart Deposit

To enhance your passive investing strategy on Acorns, another key feature to consider is the “Spend Smart Deposit.” This feature allows you to automatically invest a percentage of each purchase made using your linked cards.

By enabling this option, you can effortlessly grow your investment portfolio with every swipe of your debit or credit card. This hands-free approach provides a seamless way to continuously contribute to your investments, making it easier to build wealth over time without actively thinking about it.

With Acorns Spend Smart Deposit, you can make money through everyday spending while setting yourself up for long-term financial success.

Utilize credit card rewards

Use your credit card to earn rewards on everyday purchases. Link your credit card to Acorns and set it to round up each purchase, then invest the rounded-up amount. This way, you can grow your investments passively while earning cash back or points from your credit card rewards program.

Maximize the benefits of using a credit card by earning rewards on your purchases and simultaneously investing spare change through Acorns. By doing this, you can multiply the potential for returns on both fronts – getting rewarded for spending while growing your investments over time.

Factors to Consider

Consider market fluctuations, your investment strategy, and the timeframe for your financial goals when using Acorns to make money. Read on to learn real-life success stories of individuals who have made money through passive investing!

Market fluctuations

Market fluctuations can affect the value of your investments. It’s essential to understand that the value of your investment may go up and down due to changes in the market. These fluctuations are normal and expected when investing, so it’s important to focus on long-term goals rather than short-term changes.

Investment success stories often involve navigating through market fluctuations with a long-term perspective. By staying informed about the market and having a well-thought-out investment strategy, individuals have seen positive returns on their Acorns investments despite occasional fluctuations.

Longterm investment strategies help in managing market risks while aiming for sustained growth over time.

Investment strategy

To maximize profits with Acorns, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out investment strategy. It’s crucial to take market fluctuations into account and determine a timeframe for your financial goals.

Diversifying your portfolio is vital, spreading investments across different asset classes to minimize risk. Additionally, consider using Acorns Earn to earn money from investments and purchases made through the linked accounts.

The platform offers opportunities for passive investing, allowing users to turn small investments into larger returns over time.

Timeframe for goals

When considering the timeframe for investment goals with Acorns, it’s essential to think long-term. Investing over a longer period can help mitigate the impact of market fluctuations and potentially maximize returns.

By setting specific long-term financial goals and consistently contributing to your Acorns account, you can work towards achieving those milestones over time. Additionally, leveraging Acorns Earn and round-ups can further boost your investments and help you progress toward your financial objectives.

It is important not to set unrealistic short-term expectations when using Acorns as an investment tool. Instead, focusing on steady contributions and allowing your investments time to grow can lead to more significant returns in the long run.

Real Life Success Stories

Read real-life success stories of individuals who have made money through Acorns and the strategies they used to build wealth through passive investing.

Stories of individuals who have made money through Acorns

  1. A user started with just $5 and turned it into $400 in 30 days through Acorns’ passive investing.
  2. Another individual earned over $30,000,000 through Acorns Earn since 2016.
  3. Some users have shared their experiences of earning passive income and seeing positive returns on their investments with Acorns.
  4. Several users have utilized the round – up feature to invest spare change from their purchases, eventually accumulating significant savings.
  5. Many individuals have benefited from the small percentage back on purchases made at major retailers through Acorns’ online marketplace.
  6. Some users have automated monthly contributions and maximized round-ups to steadily grow their investments over time.
  7. Many have utilized the Acorns Spend Smart Deposit to further boost their savings effortlessly.
  8. Several individuals have downloaded the Acorns extension to keep track of their investments conveniently.

Next, let’s discuss the factors to consider when using Acorns for passive investing.

Strategies they used

Some users maximized their round-ups by linking multiple cards to increase the investment amounts. Others set up automated monthly contributions to ensure consistent and disciplined investing.

Additionally, utilizing Acorns Earn helped users earn extra money from qualifying purchases. Some also took advantage of the Acorns extension for cashback rewards on online purchases, while others benefited from the Smart Deposit feature offered by Acorns Spend, contributing spare change from daily transactions into investments.

Furthermore, a key strategy was to remain informed about market fluctuations and adjust investment strategies accordingly. Many users carefully considered their timeframe for financial goals and adjusted their investment approach based on their objectives.


In conclusion, we have explored practical strategies for making money through Acorns and heard real-life success stories. Implementing these tips can lead to significant financial improvements over time.

It’s important to consider market fluctuations and investment strategies but with commitment, it is possible to make money through passive investing. As you apply these methods, keep in mind that small investments can grow into substantial returns with consistent effort.

If you’re interested in further exploring this topic, there are plenty of resources available online to guide your investment journey. Let these success stories motivate and inspire you as you embark on your own path towards financial growth.


1. Can you really make money using Acorns?

Yes, many people have earned money by saving and investing with the Acorns app through long-term investments.

2. Are there real-life success stories of making money with Acorns?

Sure! There are plenty of real life investment success stories where people have made profits from their passive investing journey with Acorns.

3. Is Acorns a safe option for beginners to start investing?

Acorns is known as a safe investment option that helps beginners learn about building wealth while earning money passively.

4. How do people earn money through passive investing on apps like Acorns?

People can earn money on apps like Acorn by setting aside small amounts regularly which are invested into diversified portfolios for potential growth over time.

5. Have there been any complaints about making money on the Acorn app?

While some may have investment complaints due to market risks or personal expectations, many users share positive profitable investment strategies and financial success stories from using the app.

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