Understanding CHMI Stock Dividend: History, Dates, and Yield

Investors often grapple with the ebb and flow of stock market dividends, seeking stable income amid fluctuating financial tides. With a keen eye on reliable payouts, Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation (CHMI) emerges as a beacon for those charting the course toward dividend investing.

As an experienced financial analyst who has followed the ebbs and flows of stock markets and dividend trends over the years, I bring to light the significance of understanding CHMI’s dividend intricacies.

The allure of CHMI’s stock lies not just in its generous yield but also in its consistency—traits that savvy investors prize highly. By identifying key dates and dissecting historical data, one uncovers patterns aiding investment strategy refinement.

Diving into CHMI’s latest figures reveals a compelling fact: an impressive annual forward yield of 15.08%, positioning it among notable high-dividend stocks worthy of attention. Let this article be your guide to unlocking CHMI’s potential for robust portfolio returns.

Discover how through careful analysis and strategic timing you can turn dividends into dividends that work harder for you.

Key Takeaways

  • CHMI pays a regular dividend every three months, which is 15 cents for each share. The total yearly dividend per share comes to 60 cents.
  • The next important date for CHMI’s dividend is December 28, 2023. If you buy shares before this date, you can get the next payout.
  • CHMI has a high yield of 15.08%, meaning it could give good money back to investors compared to other stocks.
  • Before choosing CHMI stock for dividends, look at its payment history and think about any risks like possible cuts in how much they pay out.
  • For more stable income from dividends, think about getting preferred stocks in companies like CHMI that have less change in their price and priority over common stocks when companies give out dividends.

Understanding CHMI Stock Dividend

CHMI is a real estate investment trust (REIT) known for its stock dividend payments. Understanding CHMI’s dividend history, dates, and yield is essential for investors looking to maximize their returns.

What is CHMI?

CHMI stands for Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation. It is a company that owns and invests in home loans. CHMI makes money by collecting payments from these mortgages. People buy shares of CHMI to earn part of the money it makes.

This payment to shareholders is called a dividend.

The company has been giving out dividends every three months, which means four times a year. For each share people own, CHMI gave them 15 cents on September 28, 2023. The total amount someone gets in one year for having one share is 60 cents.

Because of this, if you have many shares, you can get more money regularly from the dividends they pay out.

Dividend history

Understanding the dividend history of CHMI is crucial for investors looking to glean insights into the stock’s performance over time. The following HTML table presents a summarized view of CHMI’s recent dividend distributions:

Ex-Dividend Date Dividend Paid Payment Date
Sep 28, 2023 $0.15 Oct 31, 2023
Jun 28, 2023 $0.15 Jul 31, 2023
Mar 28, 2023 $0.15 Apr 30, 2023
Dec 28, 2022 $0.15 Jan 31, 2023

This pattern exhibits a stable quarterly payout, emphasizing consistency in shareholder compensation. Each distribution has been set at $0.15 per share. The information underlines the company’s commitment to returning value to its investors regularly.

Dividend dates

CHMI’s last ex-dividend date was on September 28, 2023, where it distributed $0.15 per share to its investors. The annual dividend for CHMI stands at $0.60 per share with a forward yield of 15.08%. In the past twelve months, CHMI has issued four quarterly dividends and has maintained a consistent quarterly payout of 15 cents per share from its dividend history. Looking ahead, the next ex-dividend date for CHMI is set for Thursday, December 28, 2023.

Investors closely monitor these dates as they determine eligibility to receive upcoming dividends and reflect significant events in the stock’s dividend payment schedule. Additionally, considering CHMI’s historical performance along with its dividend dates is crucial for assessing potential income streams when making investment decisions.

Dividend yield

Now, let’s delve into the key metric of dividend yield for CHMI stock. With a current annual dividend of $0.60 per share and a forward yield of 15.08%, CHMI has gained attention among investors seeking high-yield opportunities. The last ex-dividend date reflected an impressive 21.27% yield, making it an attractive option for those looking for consistent income from their investment in the company.

This substantial dividend yield, coupled with CHMI’s history of issuing consistent quarterly payouts of 15 cents per share, positions it as a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those considering the stock’s forecast for 2025 and beyond. However, some caution is advised due to concerns about a potential dividend cut, prompting investors to closely monitor CHMI’s financial performance indicators like its payout ratio alongside its dividend history and dates to make informed decisions about this stock as part of their investment strategy.

Advantages of Dividend Investing

Investing in dividends provides consistent income, potential for growth, and low risk. Read more to learn how dividend investing can benefit your financial portfolio.

Consistent income

CHMI has a consistent dividend history, with a quarterly payout of 15c per share. The annual dividend is $0.60 per share, offering investors a forward yield of 15.08%. This means that investors can expect a regular and reliable income stream from CHMI stock, making it an attractive option for those seeking consistent income from their investments.

The annual dividend yield for CHMI currently stands at 21.27%, indicating the potential for significant returns through consistent income generation. This consistency in dividend payouts provides investors with stability and predictability in their investment returns over time, enhancing the appeal of CHMI stock as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

Potential for growth

With a forward dividend yield of 15.08% and a history of consistent quarterly payouts, CHMI presents an attractive opportunity for potential growth in investment income. Despite concerns about a possible dividend cut, CHMI’s high dividend yield coupled with its past performance makes it a compelling option for investors seeking reliable returns.

Additionally, assessing CHMI’s stock forecast for 2025 can provide valuable insights into the company’s potential growth as an investment.

As we delve deeper into CHMI’s potential for growth, let’s now explore the advantages of dividend investing and how it can contribute to long-term financial stability.

Low risk

CHMI’s stock dividend presents a low risk for investors due to its consistent quarterly payouts and high dividend yield, providing a steady income stream. The company’s solid dividend history and the annual forward yield of 15.08%, coupled with the quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share, offer stability and potential growth for investors seeking low-risk investment options in the finance sector.

Investors can mitigate risks by analyzing CHMI’s dividend payout ratio, along with carefully considering preferred stocks and implementing a dividend capture strategy to maximize their returns while minimizing potential downside.

Additionally, keeping an eye on the ex-dividend dates and staying informed about the company’s stock forecast for 2025 further adds to mitigating potential risks associated with investing in CHMI’s stock dividends.

Tips for Maximizing Dividend Yield

Analyze dividend history, consider preferred stocks, implement a dividend capture strategy, and be aware of ex-dividend dates to maximize your dividend yield. These strategic tips can help you make the most out of your CHMI stock dividends.

Analyze dividend history

CHMI’s dividend history reveals a consistent pattern of quarterly payouts, with each share receiving 15 cents. In the last twelve months, CHMI has distributed four quarterly dividends at an annual rate of $0.60 per share.

The stock also boasts a high forward yield of 15.08%, making it an attractive option for investors seeking regular income from their investments.

To ensure smart investment decisions and understand the potential risks, analyzing CHMI’s dividend history is crucial in evaluating its stability and growth trends over time. Now let’s delve into understanding the significance of dividend dates as part of grasping the CHMI stock dividend system.

Consider preferred stocks

To maximize dividend yield, investors should consider preferred stocks. These stocks offer a fixed dividend payment, providing a reliable income stream. Unlike common stocks, preferred stocks have priority in receiving dividends over common stockholders and are less volatile due to their fixed payouts.

CHMI’s potential dividend cut concerns make preferred stocks an attractive option for more stable returns.

Investors can benefit from the consistency of preferred stock dividends, especially with uncertainty surrounding CHMI’s future dividend payments. While analyzing CHMI’s stock forecast remains crucial, considering preferred stocks can provide a hedge against potential risks associated with common stock dividends.

Implement a dividend capture strategy

To maximize dividend capture, it’s essential to buy CHMI shares before the ex-dividend date. This ensures eligibility for the upcoming dividend payment. The PE ratio and stock performance are crucial factors in determining potential dividends.

Considering CHMI’s next ex-dividend date on December 28, 2023, investors need to act promptly to implement a successful dividend capture strategy.

Next, let’s explore how understanding CHMI’s dividend yield can benefit your investment strategy.

Be aware of ex-dividend dates

CHMI’s ex-dividend date determines who gets the upcoming dividend payment. If you buy CHMI stock on or after the ex-dividend date, you won’t receive the next dividend. So, if you want to capture CHMI’s dividend, ensure that your purchase occurs before the ex-dividend date of December 28, 2023.

This will make sure you’re eligible for the next quarterly payout of 15 cents per share. Understanding and keeping track of ex-dividend dates is crucial for investors seeking to maximize their investment returns from dividends.


In conclusion, understanding CHMI’s stock dividend involves knowing its history, dates, and yield. Investors should pay attention to the ex-dividend date and the company’s consistent quarterly payout of 15c per share.

With a forward yield of 15.08% and potential concerns about a dividend cut, it’s essential to analyze CHMI’s dividend performance for long-term investment decisions. By considering these factors and utilizing dividend investing strategies, investors can make informed choices regarding CHMI stock dividends.


1. What is a CHMI stock dividend?

A CHMI stock dividend is money the company pays to people who own its stock, based on how much they have.

2. When do I need to own CHMI stock to get the dividend?

You must own the stock before the ex-dividend date to receive the next dividend payment.

3. Where can I find information about CHMI’s dividend history and dates?

You can look for CHMI’s dividend information on financial websites or through their investor relations page to see past payments and important dates.

4. How do I figure out how much yield a CHMI dividend will give me?

To calculate the yield, divide the yearly dividends by the price you paid for your shares and multiply by 100 to get a percentage.

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