Understanding ADM Stock Dividend: History, Dates, and Payouts

Investing in the stock market can sometimes feel like a puzzle, with dividends as one of its most perplexing pieces. However, when you crack the code of dividend investing, it can offer a steady stream of income that bolsters your financial security.

As a seasoned investor with years spent scrutinizing market trends and corporate financial health, I’ve developed a keen understanding of how vital dividends are to an investment portfolio.

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM), a titan in the agricultural industry, presents an intriguing case study with its consistent dividend track record.

With ADM’s robust history of sharing profits through dividends, investors have witnessed firsthand how reliable payouts contribute to long-term wealth accumulation. Standing out with an attractive yield and unwavering commitment to shareholder returns, ADM’s dividend policy has become a cornerstone for those seeking dependable investment incomes.

This article promises to peel back the layers on ADM’s stock dividends—illuminating their history, dissecting important dates and payouts—and offering insights only obtainable from years within the trenches of market analysis.

Dive into this treasure trove of valuable information tailored just for you!

Key Takeaways

  • ADM, an agriculture company, has a solid track record of giving money back to its shareholders through quarterly dividends.
  • The dividend history shows ADM often raises the amount it pays out; for example, they paid $0.335 per share in 2018 and raised it to $0.350 in 2019.
  • Shareholders need to own ADM stock before the ex – dividend date to get the next dividend payment.
  • The stock’s dividend yield is currently at 2.4%, which means steady income for investors who hold shares.
  • To grow investment returns over time with ADM, one can reinvest dividends or plan purchases around the ex-dividend dates.

Overview of Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM)

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, commonly known as ADM, is a global leader in the production of agricultural commodities and ingredients. The company has a long history and provides stock quotes and news for investors to stay updated on its performance.

Company history

Archer Daniels Midland Company, also known as ADM, is a big name in food processing. It started over a century ago and has grown into a worldwide player in the agricultural industry.

They work with farmers to turn crops into products for food, animal feed, and energy.

ADM is known for its strong history of paying dividends to shareholders. They have been giving out cash regularly through quarterly dividends. This commitment shows that ADM values its investors and works hard to give them a steady income from their shares.

Stock quotes and news

ADM, a leading agricultural processing company, has been in the news for its steady stock performance and consistent dividends. With a dividend yield of 2.4% and an annual payout of $1.80, ADM offers attractive returns for investors seeking income-generating investments.

The recent ex-dividend date was on November 14, 2023, with a payout of $0.45 per share, reflecting the company’s commitment to rewarding shareholders. Furthermore, ADM’s P/E ratio stands at 10.39, indicating a favorable valuation in the market.

Investors monitoring ADM stock can take note of the latest dividend payments – $0.350 on February 19, 2019, and $0.335 on November 23, 2018 – demonstrating consistent quarterly payouts from the company.

Dividend History

Understanding a company’s dividend history is essential for investors looking to assess the stability and growth potential of their investments. In this section, we will delve into ADM’s dividend history and its significance for shareholders.

Definition and importance of dividend history

Dividend history refers to a record of the dividends a company has paid out over time. It shows how consistent and reliable a company has been in distributing profits to its shareholders.

For investors, dividend history is crucial as it indicates a company’s financial stability and commitment to sharing its success with shareholders. Studying ADM’s dividend history reveals its pattern of regular and increasing dividends, making it an attractive option for income-seeking investors.

Understanding the significance of dividend history helps potential investors gauge the reliability of a company in providing returns through dividends. This creates confidence in the investment’s ability to generate passive income over time without relying solely on stock price appreciation.

ADM’s dividend history

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, known as ADM, has a strong track record of dividend payments. The company’s history reveals a consistent and growing pattern of dividend distribution, rewarding shareholders and reflecting its financial health. Below is a summary of ADM’s dividend history presented in an HTML table format:

Year Dividend Payouts ($) Notes
2023 0.45 Most recent dividend payout with an ex-dividend date of November 14, 2023
2019 0.350 Payout on February 19, 2019
2018 0.335 Payout on November 23, 2018

Investors have noted the company’s consistent payouts, which contribute to ADM’s attractive dividend yield. Our data shows a steady increase in dividends, in line with ADM’s financial growth and stability. The dividend payout ratio remains sustainable, ensuring that the company can continue to reward its shareholders while pursuing other business opportunities. This commitment to shareholder returns cements ADM’s position as a reliable stock for income-focused investors.

Dividend Dates and Payouts

– Understanding the ex-dividend date and how it affects stock prices.

– Exploring dividend yield and how it affects investor returns.

Ex-dividend date

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company’s ex-dividend date on November 14, 2023, marked the day when buying the stock no longer included the right to receive the latest dividend. Investors who bought ADM shares before this date were eligible for the $0.45 per share payout, while those who purchased after that date missed out on this dividend.

This is an essential consideration for investors aiming to secure dividends from their investments.

The ex-dividend date influences stock prices and can impact investor decisions. Understanding this date is crucial as it affects an investor’s eligibility for receiving dividends, making it a key factor in planning investment strategies involving Archer-Daniels-Midland Company stock.

Dividend yield

ADM stock has a dividend yield of 2.4%, making it an attractive option for investors seeking regular income from their investment. With an annual dividend of $1.80, the company offers steady returns compared to its stock price.

Investors can benefit from the consistent and increasing dividends paid by ADM over the years, indicating a strong potential for income generation.

Investors should consider ADM’s dividend yield as one of the important factors when evaluating income-generating investments, ensuring a consistent flow of returns from their stock holdings.

Payout frequency

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) distributes dividends quarterly, meaning that investors receive dividend payments four times a year. The most recent payouts were distributed on February 19, 2019, and November 23, 2018, with the next expected payment in line with this frequency.

The payout frequency of ADM stock’s dividends offers investors consistent opportunities to earn income from their investment throughout the year. This regular distribution pattern aligns with many investors’ preferences for predictable and frequent dividend payments.

Dividend CAGR and Maximizing Yield

Understanding CAGR and how it affects dividend growth, as well as implementing a dividend capture strategy to maximize yield.

Understanding CAGR

CAGR, or Compound Annual Growth Rate, tells us how much an investment grew on average each year over a certain time period. It smooths out the fluctuations and gives a more accurate picture of growth.

To calculate CAGR for dividends, you need to know the initial investment value, end value, and the number of years. For example, if someone invested $100 in ADM stock and received $20 in dividends after 5 years, the CAGR would be about 14%.

Investors use CAGR to compare different investments’ performances.

If you’re aiming to predict future dividend income or plan for retirement using stocks like ADM through dividends reinvestment plans (DRIP), understanding CAGR can help decide which stocks have better long-term yield potential.

Dividend capture strategy

After understanding CAGR, let’s delve into the dividend capture strategy related to ADM stock. Here’s how you can make the most of the dividend payouts:

  1. Dividend Reinvestment: Reinvesting dividends back into purchasing more ADM stock can exponentially grow your investment over time.
  2. Timing Purchases Around Ex-Dividend Date: Buying shares just before the ex-dividend date ensures that you receive the upcoming dividend payout.
  3. Understanding Payout Frequency: Knowing the frequency of ADM’s dividend payouts helps in planning and managing your investment portfolio effectively.
  4. Monitoring Dividend Announcement Dates: Keeping track of when new dividends are announced can aid in making informed investment decisions.
  5. Evaluating Stock History and Payout Trends: Analyzing historical dividend trends and stock performance helps in predicting future payouts and making strategic investment moves.
  6. Maximizing Dividend Yield with PE Ratio Analysis: Considering the price-earning ratio (PE ratio) while evaluating dividends can help in maximizing your overall yield from ADM stock.
  7. Factoring In Dividend Yield and Financials: Calculating the dividend yield against company financials gives an insight into the sustainability and growth potential of ADM’s dividends.
  8. Assessing Dividend Payment Dates: Being aware of when dividends will be paid out allows for better management of cash flows and reinvestment decisions.


Understanding ADM stock dividend, including its history, dates, and payouts is vital for investors seeking income-generating investments. Archer-Daniels-Midland Company has a consistent dividend payout pattern over the years, with a 2.4% annual dividend yield.

The ex-dividend date and payout frequency are essential factors to consider when maximizing yield. Analyzing the company’s dividend CAGR can help in formulating an effective investment strategy aimed at capturing dividends effectively.


1. What is an ADM stock dividend?

An ADM stock dividend is a cash payment given to shareholders. It comes from the company’s profits.

2. How do I find out when the next ex-dividend date is for ADM?

The ex-dividend date for ADM can be found on financial websites or by checking with the company directly.

3. Has the history of ADM’s dividends been steady?

Yes, historically, ADM has paid out dividends regularly and usually increases them over time.

4. How often does ADM pay out its stock dividend?

ADM typically pays dividends four times a year – that means every three months shareholders get a payout.

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