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The Coronavirus Forced An Income Breakthrough!

How I Figured Out How to Make Hundreds of Dollars in 20 Minutes!

Like most Americans, I was affected by the coronavirus when my wife’s salary was reduced.

Fortunately, we had little debt other than our mortgage and small bills.

And then my wife’s father lost his job.

He was a hard worker, but forced by his employer to retire before he was ready.

To be upfront, he probably should have retired years ago, but he needed that income to provide for his family.

Now her parents needed money to cover the mortgage.

We had some savings, but not much, and wouldn’t likely cover us for the long term.

I wanted her parents to sell their house, but they refused to downsize.

The financial stress on me was building by the day.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault.

There were many people that were worse off, so part of me felt guilty.

All I needed was an extra $500 to $1,000 to cover the “income gap” fast.

Otherwise, we could stand to lose everything.

I was frustrated too because I have followed the markets for nearly 30 years.

In fact, I worked as a financial advisor and even an advisor to financial advisors.

But, here I was.

I needed income fast.

That is when I “cracked the code” and found a way to dramatically “boost” the income on my dividend stocks.

I am now getting real income every month off of investments.

Could you use extra income each month?

Like me, you can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars of extra income to your bottom line every month.

That’s money to pay bills, buy groceries, cover expenses, or fill income gaps right now. 

All this without adding any more risk than owning the investment.

It can actually help provide some padding in down markets.

Yes, you heard me right.

According to Morningstar, if investors during the 2008 mortgage crisis would have used this strategy, they could have reduced their losses on SPDR S&P to 28.5% from 37%!

It isn’t some crazy stock-picking strategy.

It isn’t an advanced strategy that only Warren Buffet can do.

As a former financial advisor and inside sales desk manager with 500 plus advisors under my care, I was super familiar with investment products and strategies.

None compare to this.

The dividend income booster strategy is super simple and, best of all, it helps you create additional income for yourself right now. 

It has been a twenty-year journey of investing for me to get where I am, but you can learn the Dividend Income Booster Strategy in an evening.

The sad reality is that many of the best investors use this strategy for income, but most broker-dealers don’t want their financial advisors doing it.


Small commissions and the general population being “too dumb” when it comes to investing strategies.

As a result, financial advisors are encouraged to sell easy-to-understand products like mutual funds and ETFs that are managed by someone else.

There is nothing wrong with these types of products.


Most don’t hold a candle in creating the income from my strategy.

You can understand my strategy in 20 minutes.

In a couple of hours, you will understand my own personal “secret sauce” to make trades.

When you do, you stand to bring in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month.

Before I go any further, I want you to fully understand my twenty-year journey that led to the Dividend Income Booster Strategy.

Dot-Com Bubble Lesson

In 2001, I was a new stockbroker. I had recently passed my Series 7 and insurance exams. I was sitting at my desk when the unexpected happened. I looked up at a nearby television just in time to catch breaking news of the attacks on the Twin Towers. 

My broker-dealer’s portal for trading investments went blank.

For several hours everyone was glued to the TV.  

I remember speculating among some of my Marine buddies what would happen next.

Months went by and our country tried to move forward with the bombing and then the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Life started to return back to normal, but the markets were still dealing with the dot-com bubble bust.

As a new stockbroker, this was a terrible time to do my job. 

Being a stockbroker was worse than being a cheesy used car salesman. 

After all, what does a broker do? He takes your money and makes you broker.

Seriously it was a rough time.

I literally remember a guy chasing me out of his shop when I tried to talk to him about his company’s 401k, screaming at me at the top of his lungs “my 401K is now 201k”! 

Another day, I spoke with a lady who had taken out a mortgage on her already paid-off house to buy a variable annuity that was now down by 80%.

It was likely the annuity would NEVER come back because the tech stocks inside the subaccounts were destroyed due to the fact that many of the tech companies were out of business.

As a new broker, I relied on experienced stockbrokers for advice.  They advised me to tell my clients to wait for the stock market to come back.  

For those that were not relying on their investments for income and could wait, this paid off, but for others, they were never made whole.

For many, retirement was put on hold. 

Others had to pull income from their investments, forced to sell at a low point to pay their bills.

Others took part-time jobs.

And everyone knows that selling low or for losses is the fastest way to poor street.

During this time I kept asking myself, isn’t there a better way?

Most people can’t save enough to comfortably retire, let alone not draw down on their savings during bad economic times.

The 2008 Recession Lesson

A couple of years after the tech bust, the markets were back and soaring to new heights.  

Waiters, flight attendants, and tons of people I knew were now getting rich off of real estate.

I have to admit it, but I was very jealous of many of them that made serious dough flipping houses.  So many of them I talked to said it was like they were printing money.

The tech bust had left me scared, so I didn’t invest in real estate because I feared it was a bubble. 

And sadly, the real estate bubble did burst. 

At the time, I was managing a sales desk for a broker-dealer where I helped train and support nearly 500 financial advisors.

The drop in the market was just as hard as we had faced years prior. 

The tables had turned and although I was shielded from direct conversations with clients, I had advisors calling me around the clock to ask me what their clients could do and what they could say to their clients. 

My firm had billions under management and I had access to the President and Chief Investment Officer of the firm.

I was told again to just hang in there until the market returns.

“Really?” I asked, “but what if you can’t?”

The answer was the same. With it, my heart sank for people all over again as the advisor floor echoed with the same advice to hold, to wait, and that essentially nothing could be done

See, many investors needed money to live on. Bills needed to be paid. Groceries needed to be bought. College educations needed to be funded. 

My firm managed billions and made money charging for the service of managing clients’ funds, but the best we could tell people to do is wait for the market to come back?

Are you kidding me!?!

I started to question my firm and the stock market as a whole.

I knew people needed income now and they also need income when they retire and can’t sell low.

I talked to everyone I could.

That is when I learned that the COO of my firm was not invested in mutual funds or growth stocks.  

He had built himself a portfolio of dividend stocks.  He was getting paid whether his stocks went up or down.

I left the firm shortly afterward and though I had learned so much about investing, I was disenfranchised. 

I couldn’t help asking myself: “Why is the firm promoting mutual funds when they should be selling dividend stocks to retirees?”

The sad truth is that selling mutual funds was easier and more profitable for them than selling dividend stocks.

A  broker-dealer would only make 1% on a dividend stock trade but would make up to 5% on a mutual fund trade.

It seems everyday we read or hear about growth stocks and IPOs.

Yes, you could have made over 1,000% investing in a tech stock.

BUT you also could be like my uncle who lost 100% on Pets.com.

Personally, I prefer stocks that pay me money every month or every quarter, consistently.

The stock may fluctuate in price, but it is always paying me a dividend.

In the words of one of my favorite movies, quality dividend stocks truly “show you the money”!

I am a big believer in Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) basic investment philosophy to turn your money into assets that work for you. 

A good dividend stock is like a part-time job that pays you whether you are there or not.

In addition, a good dividend stock can also increase in value and get you more money in the future.

The cool thing is that today, an average person can buy dividend stocks and start making their money work for them from day one

All it takes is a little bit of discipline and time.

One of my favorite dividend stocks is Alliance Bernstein (NYSE: AB). 

If you had invested just $5 a day, after 5 years you would have $9,000 invested, but it would be worth a lot more. For example, perhaps when you started investing, the stock was $18 and now worth more than $36!

ab stock

I like Alliancebernstein stock because it has a track record of growth.

But what really excites me is the 7.62% dividend yield.

Even cooler is that you could be getting an additional $1,000 a year for doing absolutely nothing. 

It is like you can have your cake and eat it too.

This is just part of the beauty of what I share in the Dividend Income Booster Strategy

It is important to remember that when it comes to investing, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Never buy a stock or ETF based solely on past performance. It will bite you eventually and it will hurt.

2020 Covid-19 Lesson

Fast forward 10 plus years and the world is turned upside down in a totally different way. This time, due to the coronavirus.

We all watched as news broke, news coverage increased, and things became very real. 

Businesses, schools, restaurants, and so much of our “normal” life just stops.

More than that, people and businesses start hurting financially.

It hit me hard because my wife had her salary suddenly and dramatically cut.

Her company begins to announce huge layoffs. Every division is affected. 

I am worried.

We have some savings, but it will only go so far.

We consider selling our house to avoid a drop in the housing market.

Then it happens…the stock market crashes.

I have some investments but unfortunately not enough money to live off of dividends.

I believe that the market will come back, but I need income.

The market bounces back.

But the world is still largely on “lockdown.”

I try trading stocks by buying on dips and selling at highs.

It works for a time, but it is hard to do consistently. And it’s risky. 

Around this time, I hear about kids making millions doing some day trading.

Maybe I don’t risk enough, maybe I just have bad luck.

In any case, I tried trading some options and growth stocks and I only break even.

Some time passes and it happens. I have a breakthrough and figure out a way to create income without dramatically increasing my risk.

I did a trade and made 3%.

No, it is not 300%. I get that. 

But I will gladly take 3% monthly all year long.

See, I needed a way to create income, for the short-term, and not take on any more risk than owning the stock. 

Using my dividend income booster system, I managed to bring in a few percent of pure income on great investments.

My dividend income booster strategy is not new.

The sad thing is this strategy was very popular with stockbrokers before the world of mutual funds, annuities, and other “investment products.”

The strategy is used right now by elite stockbrokers and investors that are looking for ways to offset risk or to create income in their investment portfolios.

But somehow, many people are not using this strategy.

Birth of the Dividend Income Booster Strategy Course

Most investors I personally share this with can understand the basic strategy in about 20 minutes.

I shared the strategy with two of my closest friends and guess what? It worked for them too.

Neither of them had done this strategy before but they eager to learn about it, they used it, and it worked for them, just like it worked for me.

Along the way, I shared with them what I look for when making these investments and what I do to minimize my risk while taking in income.

And that got me thinking. What if I could share this with many other investors?

What if I could help investors boost their income without carrying more risk than comes with owning the stock?

And what if I could do it for more than just my closest friends and associates? 

I got to work, built a course, and tested it on a few friends.

It was a huge success!

Dividend Income Booster Strategy Course Breakdown

When I started sharing this with friends and associates, what I initially discovered is that many people were intimidated by stocks and investing.

The Internet is full of “investing courses” with people talking fast and 100 screens flashing.

So I built my course differently.

The course is designed for your pace and for your starting point with investing.

I take stuff slow and in digestible chunks. When you’re ready to move forward, the next stone in the path is right there waiting for you.

And if you moved too fast or just need a refresher, all of the basics are laid out for you and you have unlimited access to go back to previous lessons.

My goal was to make sure people understood the information and were able to use it.

There isn’t any fancy software to download.

You will need a computer, the Internet, a brokerage account, and money to invest in the market.


The Dividend Income Booster Strategy Course is for ordinary people that have stocks or are looking to invest in the market and make income.

It includes:

  • 7 Lessons: The course is broken down into 7 simple and step-by-step lessons that help the average to experienced investor get started in a single weekend.
  • Illustrations & Videos: I’ve included illustrations and videos to help you understand concepts.
  • Personal Tips: Most importantly, you will get my personal tips and strategies throughout the course to help you as though I was sitting right there next to you.
  • Student Help Form: We have included a help form where readers can email their questions on areas that they are stuck on.
  • Dividend Stock Picking Strategy Course ($99): We built in my additional course on dividend stock picking to help you learn how to find good-paying dividend stocks.
  • Options Trading Course ($199): Lastly, I added my options trading course to help you understand how options work with easy-to-understand lessons and examples.

You don’t need to have previous investment experience to master this course.

Everything you need to know is included and more.

The information in this course can help you make better trades and investments.

Frankly, this is over 20 years of investing knowledge, blood, sweat, and tears rolled up in an easy-to-use package.

I tested this course on several friends. And when they started making money with the strategies you’ll find in this course, I asked them: What would you be willing to pay for this course and all it contains?

….and they said THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

I am so confident that willing readers can complete this course and immediately start using the dividend income booster strategy.

For a limited time, I am offering the complete course for $299 $47!

That is over $530 value.

If you don’t like the course in the first thirty days, we offer a money-back guarantee.

I hope you make this small investment of just $47 for yourself today.

If you’ve never invested before, use my course to start small but to start with the right strategy that will pay you in the short and long term.

Happy Investing!


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