Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid Refurbish Refresh & Revive Any Sulfated Lead Acid Battery|Treats 2 Avg Batteries| 6,8,12 Volt Proven Protection|12 oz Bottle: “Revive Dead Batteries with Thermoil!”

Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid is a product that claims to refurbish, refresh, and revive sulfated lead-acid batteries. I have tested this product on two average golf cart batteries, measuring 6 and 8 volts respectively. Here is a detailed review of my experience with the Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid, including its pros and cons.

1. Effective Revitalization: The most appealing aspect of this product is its ability to revive sulfated batteries. I had two nearly dead batteries that were not holding a charge for more than a few minutes. After using the Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid, both batteries seemed to regain their power and started to hold a charge for longer periods. This product managed to restore the batteries to a functional state, extending their lifespan.

2. Easy Application: Using this product is straightforward. The bottle comes with clear instructions on how to apply the liquid to the battery cells. The process does not require any technical expertise, making it accessible to anyone who owns a golf cart.

3. Proven Protection: Thermoil claims that their product provides proven protection to batteries against sulfation. While it is difficult to verify this claim in the short term, the fact that this liquid managed to revive my sulfated batteries indicates that there is some level of credibility to these claims.

4. Cost-effective: Compared to the cost of replacing golf cart batteries, the Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid certainly offers a more affordable alternative. It is significantly cheaper than purchasing a new battery set, which makes it an attractive option for those on a budget.

1. Limited Application: The 12 oz bottle is only enough to treat two average-sized golf cart batteries. If you have a larger fleet or multiple batteries to refurbish, you may need to purchase additional bottles, which can add up in cost.

2. Long-term Effectiveness: While Thermoil claims that their product will provide long-lasting protection against sulfation, it is yet to be determined if the revived batteries will maintain their performance over an extended period. Further testing is necessary to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of the Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid.

3. Visible Results: Though the product claims to restore and refresh the batteries, it would have been more reassuring if there were visible indicators of improvement, such as increased voltage or battery efficiency. As a consumer, it would be beneficial to have some tangible evidence of the product’s effectiveness.

Overall, the Thermoil Golf Cart Battery Restore Liquid has shown promising results in revitalizing sulfated lead-acid batteries. Its easy application and proven protection claim make it an appealing and cost-effective option compared to replacing batteries entirely. However, the limited effectiveness to treat a small number of batteries and the uncertainty regarding long-term performance are factors to consider before purchasing this product.

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