The Morning Brew Newsletter Review

The Morning Brew Newsletter Review

Several months ago I subscribed to the Morning Brew. It is one of the most popular newsletters and a great way for us to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in business, politics, and more. We’re so busy these days that it’s hard to follow everything going on around us and the Morning Brew tries to keep its readers updated on what is going.

The Morning Brew promotes the idea that takes just 5 minutes each day (morning or night), and you’ll be glad you did – plus there are no spam emails from them ever. The Morning Brew has a witty writing style and short, informative news snippets. The Morning Brew is geared toward the millennial or Generation Y.

The objective of this article is to provide a brutally honest review from an investor’s perspective.  I have subscribed version of Morning Brew, but am not compensated, nor coordinating the article with them.  My wife calls me a market and news junkie.  For over 25 years I have been following the markets and worked as a financial advisor.

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is sitting at the kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee and browsing through the newspaper. It’s always been an escape for me, reading about what’s happening around town or in other places I’ve never even heard of before.

What Is Morning Brew?

Developed by two University of Michigan business students, Morning Brew is the reinvention of the newspaper for Millennials. It provides a better way to keep up with news than trying to read The Wall Street Journal cover-to-cover and features humor in its writing style that keeps readers entertained while they learn about current events from around the world. Every month, the newsletter is full of interesting facts and trivia that they work into their content. For example, on World Population Day or any other important day like it!

The curated content is divided into sections such as “Stock Market,” “Sports,” “Energy,” or “Real Estate,” and more. The bottom includes—What Else Is Brewing—which offers quick rundowns on what you need to know in today’s headlines by Morning Brew. In addition to short-form newsletters, there are links galore for those interested in any specific subject matter – from finance news updates or fashion trends – where reliable sources such as NPR and The New York Times offer their expertise.

Is It Possible To “Get Smarter in 5 Minutes”?

Morning Brew is a morning newsletter geared towards getting you smarter in five minutes. What makes it so effective? It delivers concise, witty commentary on the latest business and financial news while other sources might try to cover too much or focus excessively on one topic.

The Morning Brew is the go-to for business, finance, and economics. The staff strives to make every article a mouthwatering read that’s informative and engaging without sacrificing substance or quality.

Rating B: I give them a “B” mainly for effort in this area because they seem to be focused on trying to put a political spin on things, rather than providing facts like the WSJ.

Just 5 Minutes A Day Can Improve Your Career

Keeping up with trends in business can be the key to success. Knowing about industry issues and developments or reading up on what’s going down politically may just give you that edge over your competitors. There’s also a chance it’ll help you impress the boss – who doesn’t want an employee they know to have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

Morning Brew might be the perfect app for busy people. Get up-to-the-minute information on tax and interest rates to help you keep your investments healthy, or get a glimpse at how well that company IPO is doing before investing in it yourself.

The morning brew provides news by keeping readers updated with what’s going on around them without spending an hour of their day reading articles from other sources such as CNN News or The New York Times because those media are riddled with ads.

Rating B: I give them a “B” because they seemed to focus more on non-issues rather than the business and markets. If someone asked me what to read to advance their career I would say a journal in your industry.

Improve Your Financial Status By Investing 5 Minutes A Day

The Morning Brew puts a lot of emphasis on topics that will make you a better investor. Topics of discussion are geared toward making yourself a smart investor and learning about the trends that may impact stocks in general. Whether it’s technology, politics, or economics impacting prices, The Morning Brew makes sure they’re on top of what’s going on so that you can make smarter investments for your portfolio.

It includes recent updates about local real estate trends, national economic indicators such as inflation rates or employment numbers—anything that might affect the real estate industry.

Rating F: Unfortunately I have to fail them on this side mainly because I found they often repeat popular narratives rather than digesting the markets and tell readers what is really going on.

Is Morning Brew Liberal or Conservative?

The Morning Brew has such a relaxed tone of voice, and it loves to poke fun at the seriousness in this world without making it too depressing. For instance, when reporting on politics, they try to give equal weight to each side, but I feel a more liberal bias from them. This is mainly due to the topics and discussions they promote.

Who Owns The Morning Brew?

The Morning Brew was co-founded by Austin Reif and Alex Lieberman—two college students, with the aim to provide business and finance content for people their age.  After quitting his investment banking job, the CEO of Morning Brew is now none other than founder Alex himself.

Pros of Morning Brew

  • A daily newsletter targeted at young professionals
  • It can be read in 5 minutes or less
  • Great format
  • No fluff or pesky ads
  • The content is clutter-free, entertaining, and has a witty writing style
  • It’s free
  • Sponsored content is entertaining and engaging

Cons of Morning Brew

  • Since it’s free—there are sponsored ads.
  • Focus mostly on technology and business news
  • Liberal bias
  • Lack of real market information

Is Subscribing To The Morning Brew Worth It?

The Morning Brew is a free daily newsletter targeted at young professionals who want to keep up with the latest business news and world events. It has over 1 million subscribers in less than a year! They know their audience well, so it should be perfect for you too if you’re looking to stay updated on global events as they unfold.

Bottom line: I would say to give Morning Brew a try because it is free. That being said I think people should also consider looking at Finimize, Barrons, WSJ, or ZeroHedge for better alternatives if you are into following the stock market and news.

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