Shocking Truth About Patrick Tantoco and Independent Financial Group Revealed!

Have you ever experienced the pain of a bad financial investment? You are not alone. Many investors have been in the same situation. They trusted their hard-earned cash to a broker or financial advisor, only to discover later that it was not a suitable investment for them. What if you were told there was a method to recover the losses? FINRA Arbitration comes into play.

Understanding the Case

Consider the case of Patrick Tantoco. He is a broker at Independent Financial Group, LLC, Royal Alliance Associates, Inc., (CRD 23131). On May 19, 20,23, a customer filed a dispute alleging that he was unhappy with an investment. The investment was a non-traded REIT and the claim amounts to a significant $55,000. Although the case is pending, this is a great example of how investors may take action to recover losses.

What is FINRA arbitration?

You may be wondering, what is FINRA arbitration? Investors can use arbitration to settle disputes with their financial advisors or brokers. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, provides a forum for these disputes to be settled in a fair and timely manner. Imagine it as an actual courtroom where your case will be heard and decided.

Why choose FINRA arbitration?

  • You can resolve your dispute faster and for less money than if you went to court.
  • A panel of arbitrators reviews all evidence before deciding.
  • It is binding and final, which means the court will enforce the decision of the arbitrators.

Recovering Your Losses

How can you get your losses back through FINRA arbitrations? The process is simple. If you win, you can be awarded damages. This is like recovering the money you lost on a bad deal.

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Let’s revisit the Patrick Tantoco example. Investors could get their $55,000 back if the dispute with the customer is settled in the investor’s favor. This is a powerful tool that investors can use to correct the wrongs caused by unsuitable investments.

Final Thoughts

So, aren’t you ready to take charge of your financial destiny? A loss may have been caused by an investment that was not suitable for you. If this is the case, you should consider FINRA arbitrage. Investors can recover their losses, and financial advisors and broker are held accountable. You’re not on this journey alone. You can recover your losses by navigating the FINRA arbitral process.

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