SEC Files Subpoena Enforcement Action Against Bruce, Elizabeth, and Merritt Conway for Failure to Comply with Investigative Subpoenas

Litigation Release Number 25585/December 2, 2022

Securities and Exchange Commission, v. Bruce Conway and Others, No. No. 22-cv-04118 (D. Colo. Filed December 2, 2022).

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has taken legal actions against three Texas residents Bruce Conway Elizabeth Conway and Merritt Conway for not complying with SEC investigation subpoenas. The SEC has filed an enforcement action against three Texas residents, Bruce Conway, Elizabeth Conway, and Merritt Conway for failing to comply with SEC investigative subpoenas.

The SEC has begun an investigation into possible insider transactions in Cancer Genetics, Inc. The SEC has requested that the Conways provide documents regarding their trading activity involving Cancer Genetics Securities. SEC wants to know Bruce Conway’s trading activities in the months leading up to a merger announcement and the days following.

The SEC issued subpoenas on July 8, 2022 and March 16, 2022 for documents. Bruce Conway was also subpoenaed on June 27, with a date set for July 22, 2022. Despite multiple attempts to get compliance, Merritt Conway and Elizabeth Conway have not provided any of the requested documents. Bruce Conway on the other had only a few documents produced and did not appear to testify.

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In the SEC’s court application, it is seeking an order requiring Bruce Conway Elizabeth Conway and Merritt Conway comply with subpoenas. The SEC investigation is still ongoing and there have not been any conclusions reached about whether or not the individuals or entities involved violated federal securities laws.

Litigation Release Number 25585/December 2, 2022

Securities and Exchange Commission, v. Bruce Conway and Others, No. No. 22-cv-04118 (D. Colo. Filed December 2, 2022).

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SEC: What You Need to Know

Securities and Exchange Commission is an American regulatory agency that supervises and enforces the securities laws. The primary objective of the SEC is to protect investors, and to maintain fair and efficient market conditions. It is the SEC’s responsibility to ensure that companies issue accurate and complete information when they are issuing securities such as bonds and stocks. Securities exchanges, brokers and investment advisers are also regulated by the SEC, which also investigates and prosecutes any violations of securities law. SEC enforcement actions aim to prevent fraudulent activities and promote financial market transparency.

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