Sean Casterline Faces 18-Month Suspension and Pending Customer Dispute

Sean Casterline’s financial misconduct leads to a new investigation

Sean Casterline’s reputation is under scrutiny again after his 18 month suspension in January of 2022. His career, reputation and future are now under scrutiny due to the seriousness of the allegations.

Understanding the Charges

Sean Casterline, in December 2021 accepted the sanction imposed and agreed to findings that he had dealt with private security transactions without notifying member firms. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which is the regulatory body for stockbrokers, brokerage firms and other financial institutions, issued a suspension of 18 months starting on the first day of January 2022. Casterline also received a $116,325 fine.

The seriousness of the situation is illustrated by the failure to notify members in advance about violations that violate stringent regulations. Covert activities are then perpetrated, not something usually tolerated within the investment and stockbroking world.

Sean Casterline’s Suspended Employment History

Sean Casterline has been associated with Delta Securities Company two times, once from March to January 2017 and again from May 2018 through his suspension in January 2020. Other notable companies he has worked with include International Assets Advisory Sterne Agee Financial Services and Premiere Trade Securities. Casterline’s impressive career, which includes vital positions at top firms and valuable experiences, highlights his unethical behaviour.

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Awaiting Customer Dispute

A customer of International Assets Advisory filed a FINRA Arbitration in November 2023 alleging Casterline had violated his fiduciary duties and acted against the state securities laws, causing damages between $100,000 and $500,000. Casterline has yet to review the claim. This is another important event in his professional history.

Duty and responsibility of firms

According to FINRA Rules 3110 & 2090, brokers and their brokerage firms have a responsibility to obey the FINRA suitability rule. This rule requires brokers to act in their clients’ best interests, and ensure that any advice or recommendation is appropriate and beneficial. The violation of a customer’s trust is a serious crime with many legal implications.

What does this mean for investors?

If you suffered losses because of your dealings Sean Casterline there is a chance for recompense via FINRA arbitral proceedings. This case serves as a reminder to do your due diligence before engaging financial advisors or brokers.

Investors must be aware that they can pursue compensation for investment losses caused by stockbrokers’ or broker dealers’ negligence or fraud. Regulatory agencies like FINRA prioritize protecting their clients’ investments and are available to provide legal assistance for those negatively affected by deceptive investment.

Sean Casterline has exposed not only the regulatory consequences but also potential losses to individuals that may result from unethical conduct in the financial sector. The investigation is an opportunity for clients who have suffered losses to recover their losses, and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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