Sbc 1.6 Roller Rockers: “Rev Up Your Chevy with These Game-Changing Rocker Arms!”

Assault Racing Products ARA3501638 Small Block Chevy Polylock Aluminum Rocker Arms 1.6 Ratio 3/8 Stud SBC Review

Design and Aesthetics

The first thing that struck me was the Maximum Race Series Aluminum Rockers’ high-strength, aluminum build. The product, with its anodized finish, boasts a clean, sleek, and superior aesthetic that would make any car enthusiast’s heart skip a beat. But as we all know, there’s more to engineering than mere aesthetics. Do the technical specifications match the visual appeal? The answer is an emphatic yes! The heat-treated and hardened Cr40 steel used in the nose rollers and shafts would reduce the wear between the roller tip and the valve stem. Intriguing, isn’t it?


Now, let’s get to the crux of the matter: performance. The Maximum Race Series Aluminum Rockers are designed with an internal oiling system for extended performance and more mileage out of every venture. How often do we hear of a product that combines longevity and sustained performance with such finesse? Rarely, I bet! The rocker’s precision needle and cage roller bearings aid durability, encapsulating the essence of a machine built to last.

Unique Features

What sets this product apart, you ask? These Assault Racing stud mount aluminum rockers have been specially machined to allow for larger springs and retainers. In addition to this, they have been equipped with poly locks at no additional cost, offering users a substantial saving.

Now, ponder this for a moment; Isn’t it phenomenal when substantial attention is given to detail? The CNC machined pushrod cups made from 6061-T6 Aluminum represent this dedication to precision and quality.

User Experience

At the risk of sounding cliché – this product truly delivers on its promise. My personal experience was simply rewarding. The transition to these rockers in my Chevy Small Block was a remarkable step-up in performance with the increase in lift ratio from the stock rockers.

I can’t help but wonder – isn’t the ultimate goal to have a product that fits like a glove and operates efficiently? The Maximum Race Series Aluminum Rockers is compatible with a wide range of Chevy Small Blocks, clearly evidence of flexibility and adaptability.

Pros and Cons

The list of pros is rather extensive. The product’s high-strength build, increased performance, and unique features are all worth mentioning. The anodized surface providing a great finish and low operating temperature isn’t just a looker, it ensures your investment stays sound for longer.

However, there is some room for improvement. The product does not contain a clear set of instructions for amateurs. For those unfamiliar with such modifications, a little extra guidance would be appreciated. It’s worth pointing out though that this minor shortcoming is not a deal-breaker and can be remedied with some professional assistance and research.


In a world where products rarely live up to their hype, the Maximum Race Series Aluminum Rockers stand out. They are not only brilliantly designed but also offer an unparalleled performance upgrade. The exceptional engineering and finish, coupled with an extended range of compatibility, make this product a standout.

Go on and ask yourself – isn’t it time you got the upgrade your vehicle deserves? With Maximum Race Series Aluminum Rockers, you’re investing in a product designed to enhance performance and longevity. It’s your turn to experience the best that engineering has to offer. This isn’t just a car modification; it’s an upgrade to a superior driving experience.

Price: $149.99
(as of Jul 20, 2023 11:03:55 UTC – Details)

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