Ryan Lansford, ALLSTATE Scandal: How $60,000 Losses Were Partially Recovered!

Imagine this. Imagine this: You have been saving and investing for retirement diligently. You put your faith in a financial planner, someone you trust to help guide you and make the best decision for your retirement. Then, things go wrong. You’ve been given a poor recommendation by your advisor, which has led to tax consequences you hadn’t anticipated. You’re feeling betrayed, confused, and uncertain of what you should do. What if you were told there was a solution to your loss? Would you be curious?

Arbitration at FINRA – A beacon of Hope

FINRA arbitration is a beacon of light for investors who are in a similar situation. What is FINRA Arbitration? It is a method of dispute resolution, and a way to help investors recover losses that were caused by the negligence or misconduct on behalf of their brokerage firm or broker. Think of it as a guiding thread that will guide you through the mazes of financial loss and towards the light.

Case in Point: A Variable Annuity Story

Let’s look at an example from real life. On October 6th, 2022, a customer complaint was settled by a Registered Representative (RR) named Ryan Lansford who is affiliated with ALLSTATE FINANCIAL Services, LLC. Lansford allegedly made a poor recommendation for the liquidation of his variable annuity. The customer was not aware of the tax implications that this decision would have due to inaccurate cost basis data. The liquidation of variable annuities was processed on December 4, 2020.

  • Claim Losses: $60,000.
  • Settlement Amount: $40,00

This case was settled through FINRA Arbitration, which allowed the investor to recover a substantial portion of their losses.

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Why choose FINRA Arbitration for your dispute?

Why should FINRA arbitration be considered if you’re in a situation similar to yours? Here are some compelling reasons to consider FINRA arbitration:

  • The process is faster and cheaper than traditional litigation.
  • This is a confidential and private process.
  • Arbitrators who are familiar with the securities industry.
  • The arbitration award is binding and can be enforced in court.

Remember the variable annuity story the next time that you are at a crossroads in your financial life. You have options and FINRA arbitration may be the guiding force you need to recover from your losses. Isn’t this a ray of hope that you should consider?

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