Regulatory Missteps: Tague Goodhue and Pantheon Investments’ Downfall

Imagine that you are an experienced investor who has placed your hard-earned money and trust in the hands of a professional financial advisor. You trust that your investment will be safe. However, you find out later that the firm has failed to meet regulatory standards. This is a true-life scenario faced by investors who deal with Pantheon Investments. Tague Goodhue.

What went wrong?

According to the Securities Division of the State of Tennessee Pantheon Investments It failed to renew notices for five consecutive years, while it was registered as an investment advisor by the SEC. The firm also failed to register with the State of Tennessee in a timely manner as a representative of an investment advisor when its assets under control dropped below the threshold needed for continuing registration with SEC. The situation is made worse by the fact that Tague Goodhue He also failed to renew the registration of his investment advisor representative in a timely manner.

What does it mean for investors?

These oversights in regulatory matters may seem like administrative mistakes, but their impact on investors can be significant. These oversights can erode investor trust in their financial advisor or firm and impact the performance of their investment. What if you were told that there was a way for you to recover your losses?

FINRA Arbitration: Recovering losses

You heard right. Investors may be able to recover their losses by using the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Arbitration. FINRA is a not-for-profit organization that regulates exchange markets and member brokerages to ensure that investors are protected. The arbitration process has been designed to be less expensive and faster than traditional litigation. It is therefore a viable alternative for investors.

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  • Investors may file a complaint with FINRA detailing any misconduct or contract breach.
  • FINRA will then appoint a panel of arbitrators to hear the matter.
  • The panel will examine the evidence, listen to arguments and then make a final decision.
  • Brokers or firms are liable for damages if the investor wins the case.

Visit FINRA for more information on how you can recover losses through FINRA arbitrage. Alpha Beta Stock.

What’s next for Tague Goodhue and Pantheon Investments?

Pantheon has consented and so has Mr. Goodhue to the action taken by Securities Division. Pantheon will be required to complete 24 hours in continuing education for investment advisers as part of its consent order. They will also have to hire a compliance consultant. Pantheon believes that this issue is resolved. However, it should serve as a warning to investors who need to be more vigilant about their investments and those firms handling them.

Your investments are more than just numbers. They represent the fruits of your hard work. You can protect your investments with the knowledge and tools you have at hand.

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