Northstar Healthcare Income REIT Stops Distributions

Northstar Healthcare Income REIT Stops Distributions

Northstar Healthcare Income REIT is a state-owned, non-traded property investment trust. It has just suspended its distribution andhas submitted its filings with the SEC, which is an acronym for Securities and Exchange Commission. Its investors are seeing massive loss of their shares in the market. All its investors are free to contact the Investment Loss Recovery Group at 1(888) 628-5590 to see if they have been falsely sold Northstar Healthcare Income shares.

As per the company’s website, Northstar Healthcare is a non-traded and public REIT. It is “formed to improve and getting investments in healthcare real estate”. Its main aim is to get investments in the needs-driven senior housing industry, which entails self-reliant living services, sponsored living centers, and expert nursing services. The website defines the needs-driven senior home industry as an attractive asset and says that the REIT is for those individuals who are looking for earnings via cash distributions, who desire the prospect of capital appreciation, decreased instability and are looking for commercial real estate experience in their profiles.


Colony Capital, “a top international property and investment management company” sponsors NorthStar Healthcare income with $43 billion in funds. Northstar Healthcare Income mainly offers its REIT shares at $10/share, with secondary market shares recently listed at $6.70/share. But SEC filings indicate that the company has recently suspended distributions to its shareholders. Its share price has fallen below $7 per share.

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Northstar healthcare income

New third-party evaluation firms for 50 properties prepare Northstar Healthcare Income assessment reports. As mentioned last year, NorthStar Healthcare’s previous net asset value of $8.50 per share has been based on 67 healthcare real estate properties, 5 joint venture branches, 1 debt investment and 61 health real estate commitments.

The company gives many reasons that are responsible for the decrease in net asset value, such as occupancy challenges in select markets, increased labor costs, restructuring rentals, replacing occupants, and capital expenditures while making consistent distributions to its shareholders. Chairperson, chief executive officer and president of Northstar Healthcare said, “Although we’re disappointed at the decline in projected per share value, we believe that the just-completed operator changes, funding in our portfolio and extra resources added to the advisor’s asset management team will enhance the performance of our investments.”

A real estate investment trust or REIT is an entity that uses the collective funds of investors to buy real estate property. REITs could be traded either publicly or privately. While they provide new investment opportunities to investors that otherwise could not acquire certain real estate investments, they can also pose risks to short-term investors as well as a few long-term investors. Investment professionals who recommend wrong REITs could face disciplinary actions by SEC or FINRA.

If you lost money because your broker or adviser recommended Northstar Healthcare, non-traded REITs, call Investment Loss Recovery Group today at (888) 628-5590.

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