Nonbasic Lands Mtg: “Uncover 100 Special MTG Lands in Mixed Lot!”

100 Magic the Gathering Non-Basic/Special Lands– MTG Bulk Mixed Lot Collection Review

– The product delivered an exceptional, varied mix of non-basic and special lands from various Magic the Gathering Sets.
– The assortment of colors in the set was also impressive, offering clients a wide range of strategy options in gameplay.
– The condition of the cards received was nothing less than promised- mint to excellent. The meticulous packaging and excellent handling ensured there was no damage or wear and tear on any cards.
– Receiving cards inclusive of all five Magic colors is a key feature of the product, as it allows convenience to players— mostly eliminating the need to invest more time and money in purchasing additional single lands.
– The promise of minimal card duplication was fulfilled. It was noticeable that there were only a few duplicates in the hundred-card mix, making the collection reasonably diverse and robust.
– The entire assortment only contained English language cards, which will be appreciated by players who prefer playing the game in English for ease of understanding, usage, and collectability.

– Although there was a good mix of sets available, for customers looking for cards from specific sets only, this product may not be as appealing because of its randomness.
– The fact that there would be no more than four of any card might also limit the appeal for those who prefer to have more options of a particular card.
– The product description mentions that the cards shown in the picture are just examples and may not be indicative of the actual cards received. This might dissuade potential buyers who are attracted to the product based on the image shown.
– Although all the cards are in English, for non-English speaking players, this product may not be ideal.

Overall, this product offered by Multiverse Gaming is a fantastic selection of 100 random Magic the Gathering Common/Uncommon non-Basic/Special lands. There are far more upsides than downsides to this product, making it an excellent value for money and a must-have for all MTG enthusiasts.

Price: $18.99
(as of Jul 10, 2023 15:24:59 UTC – Details)

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