nextbook nxa8qc116 case: “Ultimate protection for your Nextbook Ares 8 tablet!”

Nextbook Ares 8 NXA8QC116 Tablet Case – UniGrip Edition – by Cush Cases (HOT Pink) Review

I recently purchased the Unigrip Case for the Nextbook Ares 8 NXA8QC116 Tablet, and I have been quite impressed with its design and functionality. This textured PU leather case with microsuede interior lining offers excellent protection for my tablet, safeguarding it from ugly scratches, scuffs, dust, and dirt.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fine workmanship of this case. The stitching is neat and sturdy, ensuring long-lasting durability. The materials used feel premium, adding a touch of elegance to my tablet. Moreover, the case fits my tablet perfectly, providing a snug and secure fit.

One of the standout features of this case is its ability to protect the tablet from accidental bumps. The exterior of the case is slightly padded, providing an additional layer of cushioning to absorb shocks and impacts. This is particularly helpful when I’m on the go and want to ensure the safety of my tablet.

I appreciate the fact that this case allows for easy access to all ports and buttons without having to remove the tablet from the case. This convenience saves me time and eliminates the hassle of constantly removing and reattaching the case.

The built-in stand is another feature worth mentioning. It offers two different viewing angles, allowing me to comfortably watch movies or type on my tablet. I found this particularly useful when I want to use my tablet hands-free or for extended periods.

However, it’s important to note that this case does not provide access to the back camera. While this may be a drawback for some, it serves a purpose. By covering the back camera, it effectively protects the lens from scratches, dust, fingerprints, and cracks. This is a tradeoff I’m willing to make to ensure the longevity of my tablet’s camera.

Lastly, the elastic band closure ensures that the case remains securely closed when not in use, providing an added layer of protection. I can confidently carry my tablet in my bag without worrying about the case accidentally opening and exposing my tablet to potential damage.

In conclusion, the Unigrip Case for the Nextbook Ares 8 NXA8QC116 Tablet exceeded my expectations with its fine workmanship, excellent protection, and convenient features. While it may not provide access to the back camera, I believe the added protection it offers justifies this tradeoff. Overall, I highly recommend this case to anyone looking to safeguard their tablet from everyday wear and tear.

Price: $9.95
(as of Jun 25, 2023 21:34:50 UTC – Details)

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