Navigating the Storm: Scott Trease, Sapere Wealth, and FINRA Arbitration

Imagine yourself as a passenger aboard a cruise ship. You’re enjoying the tranquil ocean views and warm sun on your skin. The ship suddenly starts to sink. You’d like to know who is in charge, don’t you think? Investors often find themselves in this position when they learn that their trusted adviser has violated his fiduciary responsibility. There’s confusion, betrayal, and loss in this stormy sea. There’s a boat of hope in sight: FINRA Arbitration.

What happened to Mr. Trease of Sapere Wealth Management?

A storm struck the financial world on March 22, 2023. Mr. Scott Trease, and Sapere Wealth Management, were accused of violating Section 206(2) Advisers Act. Both parties signed Consent Agreements after the SEC made allegations. What does it mean for investors, though?

  • Mr. Trease and Sapere agreed to a final judgment that permanently restrained them from further fiduciary duties breaches.
  • They were ordered by the court to follow a behavior-based injunction.
  • Mr. Trease has agreed to pay a $100 civil penalty under Section 209(e), Investment Adviser Act 1940.

Mr. Trease confessed to relying mistakenly on an individual who had convinced him of their sophisticated investment expertise and financial acumen. They also claimed that they were Christians. The error was costly to him and his investors.

How can investors recover their losses?

When the ship is sinking, you don’t just stand there—you take action. It’s no different when you learn that your advisor has breached their fiduciary responsibility. What can you do then? FINRA Arbitration is the answer.

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FINRA Arbitration is a streamlined and efficient alternative to court litigation. It’s a lifeboat for financial disputes. How does it work exactly?

  • Investors can file a claim stating their claims and the damages that they are seeking.
  • To hear the case, a panel of arbitrators is chosen.
  • The arbitrators decide the case after both parties have presented their arguments.

The process is straightforward but not simple to navigate on your own. This is where resources such as They provide valuable information and guidance for investors seeking to recover their losses through FINRA arbitration. They offer valuable information and advice to investors who are seeking to recover their losses by FINRA arbitration.

What is the Bottom Line?

You need a boat to help you out of a financial storm. FINRA arbitration is that lifeboat. It can help you recover losses and regain financial stability. You don’t have to go it alone. can help you navigate through the turbulent waters of financial disputes.

Are you ready to control your financial future? There’s always hope, even during the worst storms. In the financial dispute world, FINRA arbitration is that lifeboat.

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