Can you buy MyPillow Stock? Mike Lindell’s History, Net Worth & Story

mypillow stock - mike lindell

If you’re like many investors, you probably keep an eye on companies that are in the news or trends. One of those companies is MyPillow.

The founder and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell has been a very vocal supporter of President Trump.

There have been rumors of financial turmoil within the company and reported that the company is expected to lose $65 million in pillow revenue this year. Yikes.

This is due, in part, to several retailers, such as Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond, boycotting MyPillow products and removing them from their stores.

More importantly, It has been reported Lindell has also spent over $40 million trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. To recoup some of these costs, he has asked supporters to help by buying stock in his online channel, Frank Speech, rather than MyPillow itself.

If you are an investor that likes President Trump, you may be asking how to buy MyPillow stock? 

The short answer is that MyPillow is not a public company, and there is no stock to trade. This leads us to ask why liberal activists keep trying to mess with the company because it is not clear how these calls will impact the brand and its value. What is clear at the moment is that it is facing a backlash on social media.

MyPillow today

MyPillow now has 15 retail stores, has more than 600 people, and has sold nearly 50 million pillows. Many publications feature the company.

Is MyPillow a publicly traded company?

The My Pillow company is not publicly traded so there is no stock to buy. There are not any plans to take the company public.

mypillow stock - mike lindell
mypillow stock – mike lindell

How much is the My Pillow guy worth? CEO Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell the owner of My Pillow has an estimated net worth of approximately $330 million. The majority of his net worth comes from his business, My Pillow.

Lindell was born on June 28, 1961. He is an entrepreneur who founded My Pillow Company and the Lindell Foundation. One of his most prominent successes is MyPillow, a company that manufactures pillows, bedding, and slippers. The Lindell Foundation is a non-profit that helps addicts by providing treatments and services.

Early life

Lindell was born in Mankato Minnesota in 1961 and grew up in Chaska and Carver Minnesota. After high school, he went u.s. lm after studying but left a few weeks early to study. In his teenage life, Lindell started to develop a gambling addiction which preceded his downfall from addiction. After leaving the university Lindell spent most of his time becoming an enterprise business owner. Lindell is a multimillionaire businessman.


As a teenager Lindell grew addicted ” and a prolific user of Cocaine. It was worse for the addict after being introduced for sale with cocaine in the 1990s. Lindell also faced gambling debts. The increase in his addictions led to the foreclosure from his house and her divorce petition. In 2009 Mr. Kouchner reached sobriety through prayer. He founded and managed a number of small businesses spanning cleaning of carpets, lunch wagon operations, and a few bars and restaurants in the Carver County area of Minnesota.

Developing the Pillow

He once dreamed about invention. Michael said he was excited to give this to the masses. He entered huge box stores expecting them to show his products. All the others turned him away. He wasted no time in working and started to prototype the logo. It took a year for him to figure out how to find the perfect pillow. Mike has decided to retire from his job at age 75. He is a retired psychologist in UB.

On the road

Mike has started sold his pillows to shows in fairs and expositions. He brought a booth at the Minnesota State Fair in the summer and it turned out good. Mike was traveling from exhibition to exhibit selling pillows. Ongoing to see his customers personally he learned lots of things about the issues he was having with their pillows and trouble with going to bed. It was his pleasure to be able to show how the pillow would work for them and customers could find that Mike was enthusiastic about what if his product would work for them. He was getting lots of ideas from his customers.


Mike was fast aware that it would be important to get the radio host involved at least a little in getting him to promote the pillow. Mike used this formula starting with My Pillow ids on many other stations. If the audience didn’t believe Mike they believed their radio presenter Mike using their audience to believe pillow’s testimonial.

Political activities

During a meeting between the Republican candidate, Trump Lindell became an avid supporter of the Trump presidency. He may run for Governor in 2022 in Minnesota reportedly on Donald Trump’s invitation. During this same month, Trump has appointed the campaign chair for his reelection campaign in Minnesota. According to Lindell this year his bedding manufacturing had been redesigned at the behest of the Trump administration. He said he donated to Fight Back Foundation Inc. to help fund election fraud litigation.


It became Mike Lindell’s new foundation the Lindell Foundation that provides free counseling services and supports former addict patients. As time progressed the campaign involved cancer survivors and veteran. In 2019 Lindell’s titerMyPllow gave pillows to more than 3500 faith-based treatment programs. The Lindell Recovery Network was launched to help addicts with their addiction. Lindell said he doesn’t want people to believe they’re an addict he would rather work to help others know about their addiction. The service allows the user to input your age and addiction to help find a mentor who possesses a drug addiction.

Announcing Frank the voice of free speech has a similar design to Twitter. Mike’s own servers would be a pretty secure system. Don’t worry Amazon, YouTube or Twitter are gonna down you. You can talk now again! You can speak back to me. Mike is excited to reveal his new platform.

Michael J Lindell: An American Dream

This documentary is about Mike Lindell and how they’ve made the American dream work – in spite of betrayal. Adversity, drug treatment no money or credit. The documentary took place in Minneapolis Minnesota at the Pantages Theater. Mike hopes his story is gonna inspire others to succeed. It includes those who know Mike in the years. Watch it now on Live on December 10 @ 9:00 pm ET. ET in CNN.

What happened to MyPillow Stock?

There is not a My Pillow stock because the company is privately owned. The My Pillow brand has faced challenges recently due to Lindell’s political actions. An example is Kohl’s pulling the brand from the stores. However, My Pillow brand company has said they have been unaffected by liberal activists.

Split with QVC

Even before retailers started taking MyPillow off their shelves after the recent social media call, a split was initiated by QVC, going back to 2019. One can still search for MyPillow on QVC but the shelves will be found empty. The trigger, perhaps, goes back even further, to 2018, and a tweet by Laura Ingraham, a Fox News personality, about David Hogg, Parkland school shooting survivor, as reported in the Kansas City Star.

The tweet did not go down well with social media, and people called for advertisers to disassociate themselves from the Ingraham program, even though Ingraham later apologized for the tweet, claiming Hogg had complained about colleges not accepting him.

As usual, some did and some did not. Lindell did not. He said, “I did not take my advertising down from@IngrahamAngle and @FoxNews, nor do I intend to. @seanhannity.”

This, apparently, led to an online boycott of MyPillow and QVC, which may have been the catalyst for QVC removing MyPillow from its platform.

MyPillow’s made in USA appeal

The completely US-based manufacturing has been one of MyPillow’s unique selling points, and they make it a point to mention this frequently in their advertising. Not just made in the USA, but, being even more specific, made in Minnesota, their home state.

Even the ones sold in Canada are made in the USA. On its website, the company also says that despite having a shipping facility in Canada, its pricing continues to be in US dollars.

It is a source of pride for him, as Lindell writes in a post on his website, and takes a dig at other companies, who take their manufacturing overseas to reduce cost. The post goes on to say that a ‘Made in America’ label can be affixed on a product as long as 70 percent of the product is made in-country. In the case of MyPillow, however, the percentage is one hundred, including the cotton.

The FTC does not specify a percentage for use of the ‘Made in America’ label. It only says that ‘most or virtually all’ of a product needs to be US-based.

Investor impact

There is no investor impact. As mentioned earlier, MyPillow is a private company. It cannot be traded on public exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ. There is no word from the company about whether it has plans to go public any time soon.

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