lg g5 h830 review: “Unbreakable case with metal stand for LG G5!”

Black Rugged TRI-Shield Rubber Grip Skin Hard CASE Cover Metal Stand for LG G5 (LS992, VS987, H820/H850/H845, H830, US992) Review

I recently purchased the Tri-Shield case for my phone and I must say, it offers excellent protection along with various other useful features.

One of the standout features of this case is the three layers of protection it provides. Firstly, it comes with a free screen protector that you can easily apply to your phone’s screen. This film not only protects your screen from scratches but also enhances its durability. Secondly, the case has a thick rubber skin that wraps around the phone, providing flexibility and optimal shock absorption. The reinforced and elevated corners are designed to isolate shock, ensuring that your phone remains well-protected. Finally, there is a hard polycarbonate shell that snaps around the rubber skin, offering great protection from drops and impact resistance. The fine matte texture on the shell also enhances grip, ensuring that your phone doesn’t slip out of your hand easily.

Another great feature of the Tri-Shield case is the built-in metal kickstand mechanism. This allows you to prop your phone in horizontal or landscape mode, making it ideal for watching videos or movies. The kickstand is sturdy and easy to use, adding convenience to your viewing experience.

In terms of functionality, this case does not disappoint. It provides full access to all your phone’s features, including the camera, flash, volume controls, power button, and speaker. Additionally, the case comes with small plugs that protect your ports (charger and headset) from dust and debris. These plugs can be easily pulled back when you need to access the ports, providing a practical solution to keep your ports clean and functional.

Furthermore, the Tri-Shield case comes in a stylish black color that adds a touch of elegance to your phone. It has a sleek and attractive design, providing a premium look at an affordable price. The combination of a hard case and a soft skin makes this case very versatile, offering both durability and comfort.

As for the drawbacks, I haven’t encountered any major issues with the Tri-Shield case. However, the kickstand mechanism may feel a bit stiff initially, but it becomes easier to use with time. Additionally, some users may prefer different color options, but the black color option provided is still quite appealing.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Tri-Shield case. It offers excellent phone protection, screen protection, enhanced grip, and a convenient kickstand for hands-free viewing. The three layers of protection ensure that my phone remains safe from accidental drops and impacts. Furthermore, the functionality and stylish design make this case a great investment. I would highly recommend the Tri-Shield case to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile phone case.

Price: $12.99
(as of Jun 29, 2023 09:25:00 UTC – Details)

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