Joshua Bradley Under Investigation Over Alleged Financial Misconduct

Joshua Bradley, a well-known South Carolina broker, faces accusations

A storm is brewing in the world of financial trading. Joshua D. Bradley from Columbia in South Carolina is accused of a number of things that could damage his career, and at worst cost him his job. Bradley has a rich history of working for prestigious companies like Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith, Voya Financial Advisors and other prestigious financial firms in South Carolina. His golden reputation has been questioned following allegations of deceit and financial mismanagement.

Joshua Bradley is causing a stir within the financial world with his story. Before we get into the specifics of the accusations against him, it’s important to understand the underlying issue.

What is going on with Joshua Bradley?

In 2017, Bradley’s duties were suspended for six-months and he was fined $15,000 by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. FINRA claimed Bradley made unauthorized trades on client accounts with a firm to which he had no ties without informing his current employer. Bradley also used the credentials of another broker to make fraudulent trades even after he was fired.

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In 2016, his actions led to the termination of his employment with Merrill Lynch for unauthorised account access and non disclosure during Merrill’s investigation into said case. Bradley’s story didn’t stop there. In November 2023, the story took a turn that was unexpected.

A Voya Financial advisors customer filed a FINRA Arbitration against Joshua Bradley accusing him for recommending an investment in a Business Development Company (BDC). The complainant alleges that Bradley failed to disclose information regarding the risks of investing in BDCs, resulting in damages of $100,000. This investigation is still ongoing.

Understanding the Allegations against Joshua Bradley

After evaluating Bradley’s case, following allegations have been made of wrongdoing:

– Advising a non-suitable investment into a Business Development Company (CDC),
– Failings to disclose risks related to alternative investments

Bradley’s professional conduct and credibility are at stake in these allegations.

Do You Have a Case Against Joshua Bradley?

It may be time to act if you have also suffered financial losses as a result of Joshua Bradley’s management. For a free consultation, contact an experienced investment fraud attorney to discuss your options.

FINRA arbitrators can recover damages for investment losses caused by the negligence or fraudulent actions of stockbrokers or advisors. It is important that his clients seek legal advice given the seriousness of the allegations.

Wrapping it Up

Joshua Bradley’s case is a powerful reminder of the need for vigilance, and to do your due diligence when it comes to financial matters. Investors must be aware of their broker’s activities and the risks associated with recommended investments.

It is not easy to invest money, and it is even more difficult to trust someone else with the responsibility of making those decisions. Although the story of Joshua Bradley might be unusual, it can teach us valuable lessons about financial transparency and possible pitfalls. Knowledge and diligence are our best weapons as clients and investors against such mistakes.

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