Joey Hobbs Faces $235K Complaint Against Cetera, Ex-LPL Advisor

A Dallas financial advisor Joey Hobbs faces a complaint from an investor who claims that his conduct led to six-figure loss. According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) records, Hobbs is a Cetera Investment Services broker and a Cetera Investment Advisor. He is the owner of Financial Vision Consulting.

Hobbs’ complaint was lodged in December 2023. It accuses Hobbs of failing to comply with a customer’s request and purchasing a different item than requested. The investment at issue is a structure product and the damages are estimated around $235,000.

This incident highlights how important it is to adhere to FINRA Rule 2010. It requires that brokers maintain high standards of trade ethics and commercial honor. This rule can be violated by any unethical behavior, including disregarding the directions of a client. Brokers who violate FINRA rule 2010 could be held liable to any losses that result.

Joey Hobbs, a Dallas-based securities professional with 16 years of experience, is currently based in Texas. He is a broker at Cetera Investment Services and an advisor at Cetera Investment Advisors. In addition to his present roles, he also worked for LPL Financial and BOK Financial Securities. Hobbs is a seasoned professional with a variety of credentials. He has passed five securities industry exams and is licensed in Arkansas Florida Kentucky Oklahoma Texas.

Investors need to know their rights as well as the rules that govern the financial sector. Understanding FINRA’s rules and regulations will help investors protect themselves and hold their advisors accountable if they violate them.

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Joey Hobbs is a Dallas-based financial advisor who has been accused of causing significant losses by an investor. Investors should be aware of the rules that govern the financial sector and remain vigilant. Carlson Law provides legal representation that can help investors to navigate the complexity of financial disputes. It also holds advisors accountable for any violations.

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