Jason La Vigne, Blue Water Advisor, Faces $203K Complaint

Jason La Vigne of Easton in Pennsylvania faces a serious accusation that his financial advice led to damages for an investor exceeding $200,000. It is currently under investigation. The complaint was filed recently against him. Many are shocked by this news since La Vigne has been described as a thief. “Investor Coach” With 18 years of experience in financial planning. He is currently employed as a broker by Triad Advisors (doing business as Blue Water Financial).

The complaint states that La Vigne sold unsuitable property investments to an investor. The complaint was filed in 2023, and damages are stated at $203,000. This raises doubts about La Vigne’s suitability for the investments he recommended, and his ability to understand his clients’ individual goals.

Blue Water Financial, a firm with which La Vigne is affiliated, says it is rooted in trust and loyalty. On their website, they have a profile about La Vigne which highlights his experience in this industry. The firm’s philosophy stresses the importance of providing support, education, and insight to everyone they meet. They aim to create holistic financial plans for clients that will give them confidence both today and in the future. This pending complaint, however, raises questions about the firm’s capability to deliver.

La Vigne, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA), has 21 years’ of experience in the securities industry. He has been an investment adviser with Blue Water Financial and a Triad Advisors broker since 2014. In the past, he has been registered with ING Financial Partners as well as Pruco Securities. La Vigne is licensed in several states and has passed five securities industry qualification exams.

This investor complaint against La Vigne should serve as a reminder about the risks of trusting financial advisers. Investors must thoroughly investigate and vet their financial advisors before they trust them with their hard-earned money. The allegations against La Vigne show how important it is to understand the investments that are being recommended and ensure they align with the individual’s goals and risk tolerance.

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Investors who suffer losses due to questionable advice are advised to seek legal representation to protect their rights.

Investors should be aware of this case, even though it is still under investigation. It is a reminder to investors to evaluate carefully the advice of financial advisors. If we suspect anything wrong, it’s important to act. It is important to work with a trusted advisor that puts your interests first.

Investors will watch closely as the investigation unfolds to see what happens. Until then, investors need to be educated about their investments. They should also seek professional advice. In this way, they can safeguard their financial future and make informed decisions.

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