UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES) Lawsuits

Investors File UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES) Lawsuits

It’s no secret that investors are not happy with their purchase of UBS yield enhancement strategies (YES) and condor iron investment options. Even though clients are promised secure and stable financial investments by their broker, the outcome of this purchase is in no way a financial return. Investors face huge losses, and lawsuits are being made against brokerage firms such as UBS.

UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy Lawsuit

UBS claims that YES investments will produce high returns with little risk. Marketing material status:

[YES investment] generates returns through strategic sales and purchase of SPX index option spreads. YES returns are in addition to the return of the underlying asset and offer clients a way to potentially generate additional cash flow from the lower yielding asset.

Conversely, investors do not realize how market volatility can destroy their investment. Although marketing material stipulates that the YES option is not “suitable for all investors,” many clients do not realize how much is at stake.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published an article identifying the financial struggle of a YES investor: a woman.  The client, Ms. Sherrie Pellini, lost $750,000 from a three million investment with UBS. Ms. Pellini has also been charged a 1.75% investment fee which is considered a steep price compared to the typical 1% rate. Even worse, the broker promises a month that states: “If the world ends tomorrow, you will be the only one with money left.”

Matthew Thibaut, a partner with Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A., a law firm that has experience in handling investment loss recovery cases and representing investors, and a former defense lawyer who has represented UBS and Merrill Lynch, said “the potential claims against UBS and these other massive broker-dealer firms are nothing really new and these matters seem analogous to the structured product cases I used to defend, particularly following Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy in September 2015. There are eerily just too many similarities to ignore.”

Recently they have been investigating UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy. Investors are encouraged to contact Haselkorn & Thibaut P.A. at 1-888-628-5590 or visit for a free consultation.

“As former licensed securities brokers and defense lawyers, Matthew and I have an insider’s view of the complex legal and regulatory issues associated with this area of law,” explained Jason Haselkorn, who along with his law partner have a combined nearly 40 years of legal experience successfully handling thousands of securities cases.

UBS Yield Enhancement Strategies

Other news media have picked up Ms. Story. Pellini and provide their insights and additional news about sharp financial loss investments in YES and iron condors: reports that UBS was quoted by investors at least 9 times since 2009. The authors of the article stated that they believed clients had “good chances” of winning their claims.

Barron has no new information to add, however, UBS provides the following statement for Barron and WSJ. The YES option is only offered to clients with a net worth of 5 million or more, and that the client is “a sophisticated investor and familiar with the strategy.” UBS also acknowledged that “a small number of clients” had started arbitration.

An opinion piece was also published in Bloomberg Opinion. The author acknowledges how the broker can be wrong in this loss YES. The author states:

The problem is whether the customer who buys it actually has and intends to express that particular view, so the real dispute is about how it is marketed: Does UBS customers (rich enough but not always “sophisticated”) say what the problem is, how it works, and how can that be wrong, or are they just told “don’t worry about the details, you will never lose money”?

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