Investor’s Dispute with Timothy Scanlon and Respondent Arque

Imagine yourself as an investor who has invested your hard-earned funds in various investment products. You then discover that the company to which you’ve entrusted your financial security has filed for bankruptcy. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? A claimant who invested in GWG since 2011 found themselves in this situation. In April 2022, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

Unraveling the Disput

Claimant didn’t accept the situation. The claimant took action by filing a complaint against Respondent Arque For a variety of causes of actions including breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contract and negligence as well as violation of state and federal securities law. The claimant also brought a suit against the respondents Kuwabara Ning and Timothy Scanlon Liability for the control person. All allegations were denied by the respondents.

What if you could recover your losses? What if an investor could recover what’s theirs by using a platform? Enter FINRA Arbitration.

Arbitration by FINRA: A Powerful Tool

FINRA Arbitration is a quicker, less formal and in general less expensive way of resolving conflicts between investors and brokers. A neutral third-party arbitrator listens to the two sides and makes a final decision. The decision may be binding. This means that it will be final and can even be enforced in court.

  • It’s more informal: Unlike a court case, FINRA arbitrators don’t use a jury or judge. A panel of arbitrators examines the case before making a decision.
  • It is faster: traditional court cases can last for years. FINRA arbitrators, on the contrary, resolve disputes in a matter of a year.
  • The cost of court cases can be high, including attorney fees, court expenses, and other costs. These costs are usually much lower with FINRA arbitration.

How exactly can investors recover from their losses by FINRA arbitrage? Let’s look closer.

Recovering Losses through FINRA Arbitration

Investors who file a claim with FINRA arbitration are essentially trying to recover their losses. In this instance, the claimant may be able to recover the $1.700,000.00 that they lost through FINRA arbitration.

Where can investors get more information on FINRA arbitration, and how they can recover their losses through it? You can find out more by visiting This website has a wealth information on finance and how to navigate through the world of FINRA arbitrage.

While investing is always fraught with risk, investors can recover their losses by using the various avenues that are available. Investors can reclaim financial security with the help of FINRA arbitrage and resources such as

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