Inside the Brandon Bowman Financial Misconduct Investigation

Recently, multiple red flags surrounding Brandon Anderson Bowman, a financial advisor from San Antonio, Texas, with significant ties to Ameritas Investment Company and Granite Financial Solutions have been flying high. If you’re keeping a vigilant eye on your investment portfolio, then this pressing news bulletin deserves your unwavering attention.

An Unsettling Background Check

Financial advisor, Bowman, reported to be dabbling in financial advice under the alias, “Brandon Bowman”, was employed previously by the well-established trading powerhouses – LPL Financial LLC, Cetera Advisors, and UBS Financial Services**. Primarily located in the bustling city of San Antonio, his professional portfolio dictates a firm background in financial advisement, stock brokerage, and registered investment advisories.

What’s intriguing, however, is Bowman’s current standing with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) – the regulatory body overseeing all stockbrokers and brokerage firms. Yes, you read that correctly – he can be sued in a FINRA arbitration, however, to date, he has not been personally sanctioned by FINRA.

Revealing the Financial Controversy

Where the story gets rocky, is the honesty of his financial advice. Allegations abound of Bowman recommending unsuitable investments, specifically in real estate. In fact, an unfortunate Cetera Advisors customer found himself $200,000 lighter, after settling a claim in 2022 against Bowman’s injudicious investment advice in real estate.

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Here’s a breakdown of what Bowman customers regularly voice about his questionable services:

  • Unsuitable investment recommendations, mainly towards real estate products
  • Overconcentration of funds in a single account.

The Consequence of Over-Charging Investments

The ballet of investment advice must find its balance, ideally between traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and cash, and alternative investments including hedge funds, private capital, and even real estate. This delicate balance becomes disastrous when the funds for alternative investments are overconcentrated. Unfortunately, it’s a dance Bowman seems to stumble and it’s the investors who bear the brunt.

Your Way Forward

This news may be disconcerting for Bowman’s current clientele or anyone considering pursuing his financial counsel. However, if you’ve suffered financial losses due to alleged missteps on Bowman’s part, you can always seek recovery of your investment losses through FINRA arbitration.

It’s critical to remember, as usual in the financial world, time is of the essence. You may want to err on the side of vigilance while reviewing any upshot in your investment losses. As always, due diligence trumps regret.

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