Healthier Choices Management Corp. HCMC stock forecast

Healthier Choices Management Corp. HCMC Stock Forecast (OTCMKTS: HCMC)

Healthier Choices Management (OTCMKTS: HCMC) is one of the most searched microcap stocks. It has taken a massive hit in share value but remains a favorite among penny stock investors. For full disclosure, I have been investing for 25 years and only invested in 1 penny stock. Stocks like HCMC are super high-risk. However, a reader asked for an HCMC stock forecast.

HCMC stock forecast is that the company is could jump to $0.0015 in the next two years, but it is a long shot. No analyst focuses on HCMC stock right now. Most investors would be better off looking at different investments.

If I had a huge risk tolerance, an alternative to investing in HCMC would be investing in out-of-the-money cheap options on highly volatile popular stocks like Tesla (TSLA) or meme stocks.  Another strategy would be to write covered calls on stocks like Ring Energy (REI).

Healthier Choices Management is focused on providing healthy choices for people. Among the various channels through which it operates are vape shops, a grocery store, and several health and nutrition locations.

Healthier Choices Management Corp. HCMC stock forecast
Healthier Choices Management Corp. HCMC stock forecast

HCMC financials

On the 10th of May, HCMC had 307.9 billion outstanding shares. Dilutive securities, that can potentially add another 71.17 billion outstanding shares, have been listed on the company’s earnings report for the first quarter. That would make a total of 379.1 billion shares outstanding.

At its current traded price of $0.0016, this makes for a ‘pro forma’ capitalization of $606 million. Unfortunately, as no analyst on Wall Street appears to track this stock, there is no target price or recommendation available. Even the earnings projections cannot be said to be reliable.

HCMC reported a loss of $0.70 million for the quarter, almost the same as the $0.69 loss reported in the same quarter a year back. Revenue in the recent quarter was $3.5 million, lower than the corresponding quarter last year by 14%.

HCMC stock news

The HCMC stock has experienced volatility this year. After rising to a high of $0.0065 in 2021, it has seen a steady downward slide and is currently trading 58% off its 52-week peak.

On 21st May, the trading volume suddenly went up to a billion shares, sharply up from the average daily trading volume of 267 million shares. The spike in volume is being attributed to a rights issue announcement by HCMC. In addition, it appears that investors are also excited by the price of the stock moving from a triple-zero decimal to a double-zero decimal range.

Will HCMC stock go up?

Philip Morris has been charged with infringing Healthier Choice patent claims. The companies are fighting each other in court. Philip Morris is seeking a reversal of that suit but hasn’t arrived at a decision on its motion. If settlements or license deals are reached it could help boost trading and stocks.

Will Healthier Choices Management stock price hit 1 USD price in a year?

Most likely will never reach $1, but definitely not less than 5 years.

What will Healthier Choices Management stock price be worth in five years (2026)?

HCMC stock could be $0 and $0.5 in 2026.  Currently, it is trending lower.

Will HCMC stock price crash?

There is a very good chance that HCMC stock will crash.

Is it profitable to invest in Healthier Choices Management stock?

I think there are better investments than HCMC.

Volatile ride for Healthier Choices Management Corp stock price on Thursday moving average

The value of Healthier Choices Management Corp shares on the latest trading day (July 222021) was unchanged. During the day the market moved 25.0% from the low of $0.0000 to the high of $0.0010. The rate has fallen in 4 of the last 10 days and the stock is also down 10% during this period. The stock has entered into a very wide and falling trend with a short term further decline is indicated. Given the current short-term trends, the stock should fall 45.28% in the next 3 months and holds a 90 % probability.

Are investors shorting Healthier Choices Management?

As of June 30, there stood short interest totaling 286,900 shares. The share count had been increased by 286,800.0% from 100 on June 15. The days/covers ratio is currently 0.0 days. Healthier Choices reported an increase in short interest in June. It currently has an interest on shares at 2.147.484.347 share an average daily trade price.

How was Healthier Choices Management’s earnings last quarter?

He said healthcare company Healthier Choices Management Inc posted 0.01% of its quarterly profit. The NYSE’s revenue rose 1.25 percent to 2.31 billion in the quarter ended Dec. 31. The company had 3.42 million in revenue for the quarter. On October 30 Healthier Choices Management released its earnings results.

Who are the key competitors of Healthier Choices Management?

Some companies are related to healthier choice managers and others are LZAGY (LZAGY) and Imperial Brands (IMBBY).

How do I buy shares of Healthier Choices Management?

You can purchase HCMC shares online through any brokerage account. Popular online brokers including WeBull, TD Ameritrade, and ETREX.

How has Coronavirus affected Healthier Choices Management’s stock?

The Company reported that its stock was at $0.0001 as per World Health Organization estimates as of March 11 2020 when Coronavirus reached a massive pandemic state. Since then HCMC shares have increased 800.0%. Shares have risen to 0.0009. See what was the biggest impact of shares of stock.

There is a legal dispute, initiated by HCMC, underway, with Philip Morris. The IQOS electronic pipe of Philip Morris is the product in question. They have been accused by HCMC of an infringement on one of their patents, and a legal battle has, since, ensued.

Despite the efforts of the tobacco giant to get the suit dismissed, a decision has not been reached. There are no signs that could point to an early closure of the case.

It must be said, though, that a settlement or licensing deal arising out of this dispute could have a positive rub-off on the HCMC stock.

Dividend Strength

Healthy Choice Management is currently not paying a dividend. The company hasn’t had any long tenure with high dividend growth.

Future prospects

There is inherent volatility in penny stocks as compared to blue chips. Hence, a sudden movement on either side does not have much meaning with regard to future prospects.

Fundamentals of HCMC do not seem to indicate and significant upside on the stock. The movement in the last few months seems to be on the basis of speculation and social media stories.

Besides, the outcome of the legal battle is nowhere close to being determined. Under the circumstances, it does seem that the penny stock is best avoided at this point in time.

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