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GWG Holdings News: Bankruptcy Latest Updates and News


Are you curious about the latest updates on GWG Holdings’ bankruptcy? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll summarize all the essential news and developments surrounding GWG Holdings’ financial situation. We’ve got you covered from their Chapter 11 plan to ongoing lawsuits and investor impacts. So join us as we dive into the world of GWG Holdings and uncover what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Key Takeaways

  • GWG Holdings, a company that used to buy life insurance plans from older people, has filed for bankruptcy due to risky and hard-to-sell assets.
  • Recent updates include the development of a Chapter 11 Plan and Disclosure Statement, as well as the resignation of several board members.
  • Lawsuits have been filed against GWG Holdings by investors who purchased their bonds, alleging misleading information and failure to disclose risks.
  • Investors may face significant losses and should consider options such as FINRA arbitration to seek compensation.

Overview of GWG Holdings

GWG Holdings is a big company. It used to buy life insurance plans from older people. But they got into trouble. The firm had to file for bankruptcy in April 2022. They did this because their assets were seen as risky and hard to sell.

GWG now has debt of around $2 billion, with much of it tied up in bonds that can’t be sold easily either. Now they are trying to reorganize their business so they can pay off the debt while keeping the company alive.

Latest Updates and News on GWG Holdings’ Bankruptcy

GWG Holdings has recently made progress in its bankruptcy proceedings, including the development of a Chapter 11 Plan and Disclosure Statement, as well as the resignation of several board members.

Additionally, there have been lawsuits filed against GWG Holdings related to their financial troubles.

Chapter 11 Plan and Disclosure Statement

The Chapter 11 plan is out now. GWG Holdings has the green light from the court. Beforehand, they aired a disclosure statement on this matter.

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This plan helps to clear some of GWG’s huge debt. They owe about $2 billion. Part of their game plan includes handling $1.6 billion in unpaid bonds.

Mayer Brown leads GWG as they work out when the plan will start working its magic. So keep your eyes wide open for any new facts and updates to hit the press about it.

Resignation of Board Members

Several board members of GWG Holdings have recently resigned. This departure comes when the company faces financial challenges, including bankruptcy filing and ongoing investigations by regulatory authorities.

The resignation of these board members further underscores the difficult situation that GWG Holdings is currently navigating. It remains to be seen how these resignations will impact the overall direction and future plans of the company.

Nonetheless, it is clear that their departure adds another layer of complexity to an already complex situation.

Lawsuits filed against GWG Holdings

Several lawsuits have been filed against GWG Holdings following their bankruptcy filing. Investors who purchased GWG bonds are seeking legal action due to losses incurred. The company is facing allegations of misleading investors and failing to disclose important information about the risks involved.

These lawsuits highlight the potential impact on individual investors and their efforts to recoup their investments.

Potential Impact on Investors

Investors in GWG Holdings may face losses due to the company’s bankruptcy, and they should consider their options for seeking investor protection. Read on to learn more about the potential impact on investors.

Losses incurred by GWG L Bond investors

GWG L Bond investors have suffered significant losses due to the bankruptcy of GWG Holdings. The company’s assets were considered speculative and illiquid, making it difficult for bondholders to recover their investments.

With GWG owing $1.6 billion in outstanding bonds, investors are facing a challenging situation. Adding to their concerns is Beneficient, a related company that received a Wells Notice from the SEC regarding the residual value of the GWG L Bonds.

This uncertainty has left investors worried about the fate of their investments and seeking ways to protect themselves through potential FINRA arbitration processes.

Consideration of FINRA arbitration for individual investors

Individual investors who have suffered losses as a result of GWG Holdings’ bankruptcy may need to consider FINRA arbitration. FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, provides a forum for resolving disputes between investors and brokerage firms.

By pursuing arbitration through FINRA, individual investors can seek compensation for their financial losses caused by GWG’s bankruptcy. This process offers a way for affected investors to have their cases heard and potentially recover some of their investments.

Steps Taken by GWG Holdings

GWG Holdings has taken significant steps to address their bankruptcy, including financial restructuring and meeting requirements for continued stock market listing. Read on to learn more about the company’s efforts to navigate this challenging situation.

Financial restructuring

GWG Holdings has initiated a financial restructuring process as part of their bankruptcy proceedings. This means they are taking steps to reorganize their finances and make necessary changes to improve their financial situation.

The goal is to address their outstanding debts and create a more sustainable plan moving forward. Through this process, GWG Holdings aims to make adjustments that will enable them to meet the requirements for continued listing on the stock market.

By undergoing this financial restructuring, GWG Holdings hopes to find a viable path toward stability and future success.

Meeting requirements for continued stock market listing

GWG Holdings is taking steps to address its financial situation to meet the requirements for continued stock market listing. As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, the company has been working on a restructuring plan that aims to stabilize its operations and improve its financial position.

By doing so, GWG Holdings hopes to regain compliance with the necessary standards for maintaining its listing on the stock market. This includes meeting certain financial benchmarks and demonstrating long-term viability as a business entity.

Through these efforts, GWG Holdings aims to protect the interests of its investors and work towards a successful resolution of its bankruptcy case.


In conclusion, GWG Holdings’ bankruptcy has been making headlines with ongoing updates and news. Investors are closely monitoring the situation, from the reorganization plan being confirmed to lawsuits filed against the company.

While GWG Holdings are taking steps to address their financial challenges, the impact on bondholders and individual investors remains uncertain. Stay tuned for more developments in this evolving story.


1. What is the latest news on GWG Holdings bankruptcy?

The latest news on GWG Holdings bankruptcy includes updates on the filing date and case proceedings.

2. How can I access GWG Holdings Bankruptcy news update?

You can get the GWG Holdings bankruptcy news update from their press releases or other reliable news sources.

3. Has GWG holdings suspended its monthly dividends due to bankruptcy?

Yes, as per recent updates, GWG holdings has suspended its monthly dividends following their bankruptcy filing.

4. When was the filing date for GWG Holdings’ bankruptcy?

The specific filing date of GWG Holdings’ bankruptcy should be found in their official press release or other credible news reports.

5. Can you share any updates on the status of assets acquired by GWG holdings before they filed for bankruptcy?

For up-to-date information about assets acquired by GWG holdings prior to their declared insolvency, refer to recent press releases or updated media coverage reports.

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