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GPB Capital Lawsuit Investigation

Many GPB Capital Holdings LLC shareholders were alerted after receiving the current April 2019 letters. Those investors are now weighing their options in light of GPB’s yearlong refusal to pay investors any distributions. A promising conclusion to a terrible situation does not seem probable, and GPB investors fear they may be left “holding the bag.”  Retail investors were tempted by opportunistic brokers offering attractive investment returns, while the brokers that sold them were attracted by massive commissions.

Time is running out for investors to file a GPB Capital lawsuit.  Haselkorn& Thibaut, P.A.,, have filed multiple claims against various brokerage companies between GPB Capital and continue to explore others. Investors can have free and confidential consultation by calling (888) 628–5590.

GPB investors are more than likely aware of the various regulatory investigations involving GPB (i.e., State of Massachusetts, Securities and Exchange Commission, and FBI), but they are also trying to make sense of GPB’s recent correspondence issued in April 2019: worried investors may know:

    • April 4, 2019: GPB Capital issued a letter to “Valued Partners,” (investors), in which, among other things, GPB anticipated quarterly (not monthly) distribution payments could be announced at the end of April 2019 and compensated on May 15, 2019; and GPB issued another letter to “Valued Partners” confirming that 1st quarter 2019 supply obligations won’t be made, promising to keep investors updated with new advancements.
    • GPB’s April 2019 correspondence should no doubt trigger concern. Investors hope the GPB situation is not the next story on American Greed and are wondering what to do now. Investors continue to monitor the problem and want to have their queries answered.

GPB Capital Holdings Fraud Lawsuits

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GPB Capital Lawsuit

Sagepoint Woodbury Financial Services Inc., Hightower Securities, Ladenburg Thalmann and Newbridge Securities are among the approximate 70 broker-dealer companies that sold GPB capital to retail investor clients. The GPB funds cannot always be apt for retail investors as they are insecure and complex. Most investors are not willing to sue but their losses can only be recovered by a GPB Capital lawsuit.

Individual Brokers accredited with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, popularly known as FINRA, need to stick to numerous laws, rules and policies when suggesting the acquisition or sale of safety. It is necessary for brokers employing firms to supervise the brokers’ activities. However, some brokers are tempted by high-commissions private funds such as the GPB funds, and choose to ignore the rules and regulations set as industry standards. They, together with their investment companies, may be responsible to you for your losses in GPB funds as they fail to represent the investments correctly.

If you are an investor that has some questions associated with the management of your investments in the GPB funds or some other private placement, please call on (888) 628–5590 and get in touch with the investment fraud lawyers at Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A. for a free portfolio review and consultation.

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