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“Better info than the big investment companies. Your report is the only thing I consistently read to know what is happening and when to adjust portfolios.”
Private Wealth Manager

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is up 40.95% and has a 6.57% yield!

It is like having your own investment research team. Our focus is providing high quality research, not chasing “meme stocks” or fads.  

Our team is constantly watching the markets and looking for opportunities as well as market risks.   

Save Time, Cut Through The Noise & Increase Returns!

CFTC Fraud


Our report helps advisors and investors focus on their business and lives by providing market intelligence from a highly experience team of analysts.


We help readers get information in actionable weekly concise report that is easy to digest and free of political spin.


Our reports provide the best information for advisors and investors that seek to increase their returns by knowing what is moving the markets and quality stock picks.

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ABS Market Report is a premier weekly journal that helps financial advisors & investors save time, cut through the media/market noise, and increase returns. Our investment philosophy is to increase the alpha (returns above the market) while considering the beta (volatility) through both technical, fundamental analysis and geopolitical events.

We are so confident in your satisfaction that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  Save time, increase your returns, stay relevant with clients, and cut through the noise – All for less than a cup of coffee per week.

Advisor Intelligence Report Team

The ABS Advisor Market Report is written by an experienced group of financial professionals that have experience in retail as financial advisors and institutional investment firms as analyst.  We pride ourselves with providing the best market analysis and research.

Irving Wilkinson is the chief Editor of ABS Advisor Report. He brings nearly 20 years of investing experience. As a former financial advisor and inside sales desk manager, he helped both investors and advisor achieve success.  He has a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership and served in the Marines.

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