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Frank Luntz: US is Days Away From Inflation Explosion

Current tap polling shows. 83% of Americans describe the current state of the economy as poor. This comes alongside president Biden’s approval numbers, continuing to drop approaching the midterms in November. Join us now as Frank, Lance pollster, and political analysts in, in your long career, Frank was seeing some, I guess, other periods where inflation finally rears its ugly head, but it’s been a long.

Long time, but few things really get the juices flowing like seeing a grocery bill or a gas bill and just going, whoa. I mean, that, that really is it, it affects everyone and, and it’s visceral, I think. Are you, are you seeing that in polling? Yes, we are. And the tragedy is that we’ve tried to explain this to the Biden administration because they’re the ones that need to know and they’ve refused the presentation.

So on your show, I’m gonna tell you what I would’ve told them. If they had only listened, we are 13 days away from an absolute explosion in inflation. There are three holidays. There are three moments when Americans take to the roads and when Americans buy more food than at any other time of the.

Christmas Thanksgiving and the 4th of July weekend. And everyone’s gonna be filling up their car 13 days from now, and they can’t put $40 or $50 in their tank. They actually have to fill it up. And that’s when the explosion hits. They can’t just buy 80% of what they want. They have to fill their shopping carts for the barbecues and the, and the cookouts 13 days from now.

The American people are going to come face to face with these higher prices and face to face with the fact that they can’t afford it. You have to go back to 2009, 13 years ago to find a time when these economic numbers are as bad as they are today. And the difference is that back then it affected roughly 60% of the population.

Now with inflation, no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter how much you make, you’re impacted by it. and that impact will be, will be felt shortly. And finally, Donald Trump misidentified the stock market as being the aspect of the American economy that people related to. And they decided whether things were good or bad.

Joe Biden is misidentifying jobs. Right now. You only have a tiny percentage of Americans that feel in any way insecure or unaffected. But inflation touches everyone everywhere. And unless he gets this inflation under control where people are not exasperated and are not furious and anxious and angry, unless he does something immediately, this is going to affect the midterms.

This is already affecting his popularity. And quite frankly, Joe Biden is the most unpopular president at this moment. In this term, since Jimmy Carter, you’d have to go back to 1970. For the last time, a president had ratings this low do when you’re conducting polls. And I’m sure you’re asking, not just how is inflation affecting you and how important it is, but you must ask, who do you think caused it?

Who do you think is responsible? What do you get? The Putin price hike? How many people buy into that? I guess they might say maybe part of it is that, but how. think that that’s the main reason that, that we’re in this situation, that, and that’s the right question to ask for a political impact and a significant percentage about third blame, the war in Ukraine for what’s happening.

Although we’re not even talking about the shortages right now, you can get food, but it’s really expensive with what we know is gonna come outta Ukraine in the months to follow. We’re not even gonna be able to get the. By the time we go into the early fall. And again, I don’t think that Biden, the Biden administration is afraid of the political impact.

So they’re downplaying the personal impact and the truth is they should be candid. The other thing that people blame about 25% are corporations for taking the opportunity for charging too much. And again, the Biden administration is trying to blame ExxonMobil and companies like that. For the reason why gas prices are so high, the key is not who they.

The fundamental key is who they think is trying to solve it. And this is where the administration comes up short. It was the biggest mistake and I’m a language person and that word that they used again and again for the first couple of months that is only transitory, there are millions of people, literally millions who now know what that word means, and now blame the administration for not doing more.

So looking backward, they’re not necessarily blame. For having ignored it or for having not done enough, but looking forward, they’re absolutely held responsible for why this problem is getting worse and worse. And mark, my words 13 days from now is when it’s going to hit its peak right now, one-third of Americans believe inflation’s the number one issue.

I believe that’s gonna climb to 40% in the weeks to follow.


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