Former CEO of Slync, Inc. Charged with Fraudulently Selling Securities and Misappropriating Millions

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused Christopher S. Kirchner, co-founder and ex-CEO of Slync, Inc., of fraudulent activities. Kirchner, the co-founder and former CEO of Slync Inc., is accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of fraudulent activities.

Kirchner’s misrepresentation of Slync’s finances to investors from January 2020 to January 2022 is alleged in the SEC’s complaint. He misrepresented the company revenue, contracts with customers, and how the fundraising proceeds would be used. Kirchner is also accused of transferring millions of dollars between March 2020 until his termination in August 20,22 from Slync corporate bank accounts into his personal account. He misappropriated the funds to finance a personal investment entity, to pay for entertainment, and even buy a $16m private jet. Kirchner repeatedly failed to pay Slync’s employees in a timely manner during this time.

Kirchner was accused of securities law violations in the complaint, which was filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The SEC is seeking permanent injunctive remedies, disgorgement and prejudgment interests, civil penalties and an officer-director bar against Kirchner. Kirchner’s KFIM personal investment entity is also listed as a relief defendant. The SEC seeks disgorgement with prejudgment interests, civil penalties, and an officer and director bar.

Kirchner has been charged with criminal offenses by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Northern District of Texas.

An investigation by the SEC was conducted jointly by the New York Regional Office, and the Fort Worth Regional Office. Representatives of the New York Regional Office are leading the litigation. The SEC thanks the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dallas Field Office for its assistance.

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SEC: What You Need to Know

Securities and Exchange Commission is an American regulatory agency that supervises and enforces federal security laws. Its main mission is to protect and promote investors, ensure fair and efficient markets and encourage capital formation.

The SEC has the responsibility of regulating and overseeing all participants in securities, such as securities exchanges, brokers and investment advisers. The SEC ensures that all of these entities are operating in a fair, transparent and accurate manner and providing reliable and accurate information to investors.

SEC plays a vital role in enforcing Securities laws, investigating potential infractions, and taking action against individuals, or organizations, who engage in fraudulent, or manipulative, practices. The SEC has the power to file civil lawsuits, fines and in serious cases, even criminal charges.

The SEC also has the responsibility of overseeing the information disclosure by publicly traded companies. The SEC requires that these companies provide regular financial statements and other disclosures so investors can make informed investment decisions.

The SEC is a watchdog of the securities market, protecting investors, maintaining the integrity of the markets, and promoting capital formation in order to promote economic growth.

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