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Top Reasons Why I Love The Finviz Stock Screener

Finviz is a powerful stock market research tool that runs on Google Finance. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface, which makes it ideal for screening stocks using a wide range of criteria. This makes it an excellent tool for both generating and validating trading ideas in stocks, forex, and futures markets.

I love using Finviz, and it is the first thing I do as a stock screener because it has so much information. The charts and graphs often reveal information that reading a series of numbers cannot. Investors can get better at charting and data visualization with this course. However, the data and news and link to StockTwits give me an even more clear picture.

Finviz stock screener review looks the same ten years after it was started. The benefits still exist and are still unbeaten in this niche of stock screeners. The majority of modifications are made behind the scenes by adding new functionalities and larger databases. 

Finviz is like an investor’s boy scouts knife. I highly recommend readers try out the registered version (100% free), but the best version is the Elite plan which has many more features.

This is a Finviz review from an investor and former financial advisor with over 20 years of investment experience and an understanding of stock charts and investment terms. I am not sure how a beginner may view it or a sophisticated investor that develops their own proprietary correlation algorithms. That being said, I believe it is one of the best stock screeners and can help you test and develop winning trading strategies.

  • Fast
  • Free Version
  • Accurate Data
  • Backtesting (Paid)
  • Trending Stocks
  • Insider Action
  • Breakout Stocks
  • Overall Market Heatmaps – The BEST!!!
  • Charts Not As Nice As Competitors
  • Free Version Limited
  • Delayed Data (Free Version)

What is FINVIZ?

FINVIZ is a very powerful stock screener and portfolio tracker that was developed in 2007 by angel investor Juraj Duris. Unlike some stock screeners, it’s extremely easy to use and allows traders to use both technical and fundamental data. Forex trading allows users to capitalize on the appreciation and depreciation of different currencies. The platform offers free and premium tools that traders can use. to generate ideas and find opportunities for trading stocks. The platform is available for free and available as a pro version called Finviz Elite.

Finviz is great to discover and screen new potential stock ideas and we’ve made money by putting some of our more successful picks on an initial shortlist by coming up with a list of stocks that fit the criteria – the potential was all there, but there needed to be more work done in terms of analyzing their fundamentals.

On Finviz, you can search for stocks by symbol, name, or company. You can also search based on fundamentals such as price-to-earnings ratio, return on equity, or dividend yield. If you’re looking for potential breakouts in the making or ask yourself questions like “What stocks are hot?”, Finviz will help you find them with links to Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch data pages where applicable. A simple search for “Apple” will give you the current price and 7-day data.

Finviz Stock Screener

Finviz Stock Screener

Stock Screener Finviz

We would recommend that you try Finviz out for yourself! It’s free to use and it’s a great way to analyze stocks on your own using an “at a glance” approach.

The stock screener is the majority of what Finviz is all about, including the stock screener. The Screener can be used to filter stocks based on various criteria. Thousands of filter variants are possible for fine-tuning the existing stock screen.

The best data export features are part of this guide on How to Use Finvize. For more information, visit the site and use the site to export your own data. For the most comprehensive data export, use the Export tool, and click on “export” in the lower right corner.

There are many stock screeners available today which can help you uncover great value stocks that investors are overlooking. Many of these tools can be found on the internet, but also you can find many in the form of websites or Excel templates. Our favorite stock screening tool is, but we recommend you also take a look at,, and Google finance.

A stock screener operates like a filtering tool. Based on the user’s criteria for the identification of stocks, which he inputs into the system, the screener will select and present stocks that meet those criteria.

Filtering can be done based on descriptive, technical, or fundamental indicators like market cap, volume, profit margin, price, beta, float short, chart patterns, or even specific candlestick patterns. Registered and Paid users can even save the output for future reference and use.

Finiz Advanced Charts

Finiz Advanced Charts

Finviz Advanced Charts

FINVIZ offers candlestick charts, advanced, line, interactive, and performance charts. The interactive charts feature makes charts more effective for technical analysis. There is a large library of technical indicators for users to pick from. Users can use crosshairs to check a stock’s Relative Strength Index.

The Finvis elite plan is far more robust that offers many more customizations, advanced chart studies, and intraday charts.

The historical data goes back 16 years of historical data with the advanced charts. The charting tools allow you to compare a stock’s performance to the Standard & Poor 500 ($SPY) When you’re done configuring your charts, you can save everything to your portfolio. For investors, interactive charts are necessary for performing deep technical analysis and providing charting possibilities.

Insider Trading Tracks Sells and Buys

The insider trading section provides information on transactions that qualify as “insider” transactions, along with details of the transactions that include the transactor’s information and the number and value. For some people, tracking the trades of senior functionaries in the open market might be a good way of taking stock decisions.

A list of insider transactions will be shown in order as of the date of the statement by the SEC. Finviz uses color-coded to show which transactions are sell transactions, and which ones are buying transactions.

It can be sorted and screened by buy or sell trades. It includes all transactions regardless of the company. For insider movement on particular stocks, you can see that information when you click or search for a stock and go to the stock page.

I often check this when I see a stock I want to buy trading. If it is at a new high and I see many insiders selling signals to me that of the “insiders” don’t believe it will go higher. Obviously, there could be planned sales, but it is a great tool to see what is going on.

Trading Strategy Backtests

Finviz Elite allows you to backtest trading strategies using 100+ indicators and 16 years of historical data. The backtesting feature is only available to paying Finviz Elite customers. The next few paragraphs will answer the question as to whether or not they are worth using the service.

In my 25 years of trading, I have built multiple trading systems on stocks, futures, options, and currencies that have ranged from simple moving averages to artificial intelligence systems. Finviz gives traders a good way to test your strategy even if you are not using a “system” to trade.

Generally speaking, it costs around $3,000 per hour to build a trading strategy that you can build using only a few simple indicators. It’s the only tool that helps you create and evaluate strategies before the app goes live.

Stock Screeners: Uses, Pros, and Cons

As a stock investor, I find great value in using a stock screener. It is a tool and like everything else, it can be used improperly. Finviz is one of the top stock screeners I recommend because it is has a lot of features such as multiple-year market data, market capitalization, technical studies, currency pairs, advanced charts, insider trading, and pattern recognition based on technical indicators.

One of the pros of a stock screener is that it speeds up the screening process. There are thousands of stocks that investors can choose from, but only a few are worth investing in. Users should try out the Finiviz Elite because it allows for more advanced screening and tools.

The primary negatives of stock screeners are people often use to them and fail to properly research stocks before buying. Finviz provides a great amount of fundamental data, news, insider trading, and charts. However, investors need to know to synthesize all the information before trading. Failure to due to could result in bad trades, aka losses.

Years of Historical Data

Finviz Elite provides 24 years of historical data. Obviously, past performance does not mean it repeats, but it does give investors and traders valuable market insights. Personally, I use the data to get an understanding of the markets and how a sector performs. Occasionally a pattern can be gleaned from the data, but given today’s crazy market environment, patterns don’t always repeat.

Real-Time and Pre-Market Data

Finviz Elite comes with real-time data and also access to the pre-market session. The data feed for stocks and futures alone costs more per month than the data feed. Long-term investors may also be better off with other features such as pre-Market session data and access to pre-Market day data.

The information will come in on the cost of a subscription to the service, which includes data feed costs of around $1,000 per month for stocks and even more for futures. For active traders and investors, real-time data is critical to being successful in the stock market.

Stock Correlations

The Finviz correlation feature is only available on Finviz Elite, which can produce stocks with your desired correlation within seconds. For example, choose a Market Cap variable and select any stock that shares a correlation or inversely correlation relationship with your stock.

This can be used to diversify risk, buy inversely correlated stocks, or alternate your positions within your portfolio. The feature can help reduce volatility by buying stocks with low correlation or finding stocks that share inversely correlations with each other with an inverse correlation relationship in order to avoid lopsided equity losses.

Finviz Plans

Finviz Plans

Finviz Plans | Costs | Pricing

FINVIZ provides access to the platform via three plans, designed to suit the requirement and pockets of most users.

Finviz Free Version

The platform can be used without any sign-up or log-in requirement. Users get up to 5 delayed maps, groups, quotes, and charts. This is great and really shows Finviz believes in its product by letting people use it completely free without giving an email. Users a missing out on premium features and real-time data, but it is free. Also, the information generated during a session cannot be saved by users for future use. This is perhaps how first-timers will use the platform.

Finviz Registered User Version

This version requires an account to be created by the user. It is a simple registration process that should not take more than 3 minutes. This unlocks several other features that are not available to users of the “free version.”

Users get access to daily charts and graphs, portfolio tickers and 50 screener presets. These facilities are over and above those available to the ‘free’ users. Please note that no payment is required for this level.

Finviz Elite Review

Finviz Elite costs $39.50 per month or $299.50 for a yearly subscription. It is completely free to register to and use the site’s core functions for free. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, if unsatisfied in the first 30 days, you receive a full refund of your subscription fee.

The company provides a free trial, with the most recent version of the service being available now on sale. The subscription is entirely free of advertisements, so users can choose the product at the time of purchase.

This is the topmost tier and is the only paid version offered. On top of the features available to ‘free’ and ‘registered’ users, ‘premium’ customers get access to pre-market as well as real-time quotes, backtesting, alerts, advanced charting features, real-time maps, emails on new alerts as well as up to 100 screener presets. Users will also get a smooth, ad-free experience.

The monthly plan costs $39.50. Long-term users can make their monthly costs lower by opting for an annual subscription that costs $299.50 for 12 months.

Is Finviz Elite Worth It?

A question I get often is is Finviz Elite worth it? The short answer is that Finviz Elite is worth it to active investors and traders because of the charting, maps, email alerts, real time and historical data, drawing tools, screener, and backtesting.

There are a lot of systems out there and even brokerages offer free systems. My experience has been so far that none make it as easy as Finviz Elite. The best way to know if works for you is to give a 30-day free trial. Try it out and if it doesn’t work cancel it

If you don’t actively trade and are more of a passive investor, I don’t think you will find Finviz worth it. You can always try it or use the free plan.

Is Finviz Portfolio Free?

The Finviz Portfolio is free to both registered and Finviz Elite users. I have found it very useful and easy to track investments. Registered Users can have 50 portfolios while Finviz Elite can have 100.

News Section

A news feed that provides the latest updates on the financial markets and issues impacting them. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and make decisions based on a well-rounded evaluation of happenings rather than chance discoveries.

Bloomberg, Market Watch, the New York Times, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal are some of the respected publications from where these feeds are sourced. Blogs from third-party channels like Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, Calculated Risk, and Mish Talk are also streamed. Users have the option of arranging the news sequencing according to chronology or source.

Email Alerts

Finviz offers email alerts to Finviz Elite users on Price, Insider Trading, Rating Updates, and News. This is great for investors and traders that don’t want to stay glued to watching screens.

Finviz Heat Map

Finviz Heat Map

Heat Maps

Finviz is known through the investment industry as the leader in heat maps. As a visual person, I find their heat maps very useful. A Heat Map is a specific type of chart that provides an at-a-glance overview of a stock’s performance. It can display in a summary fashion the movements, identifying the significant movements, the direction of movement as well as the scale, or magnitude.

Heat maps can be viewed by sector, country, exchange, or industry as well. It can even be viewed in groups. The color-coding of heat maps is designed to convey information intuitively.

The free plan and registered plan maps are delayed by 3-5 minutes, but the Finviz Elite maps are real time market data.


Sectoral performance and industry aggregated performance can be viewed under this tab. Individual stocks can also be categorized by specific performance measures such as P/E ratios. Market cap and EPS. A variety of display options in the form of charts, or grids and tables, is available for the user to choose from.


As the name suggests, this tab provides information on the futures market. Traders and investors can identify contract prices, check out the movement and take decisions. This section is also color-coded and provides easy visual cues.


This tracks the performance of the various cryptocurrencies. Once again, color coding is used to present data in a format that can be consumed with ease.

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