Ebros Whimsical Forest Ent Greenman Cottage Nook Green Hut Tree House Statue with Mushroom Conk Steps 6.5″ High As Fairy Garden Treehouse Accessory Decor for Home Collectible Figurine: “Discover the Enchanting Greenman Cottage!”

The Fairy Garden Greenman Treehouse Figurine is a stunning piece made of high quality polyresin. The attention to detail is apparent in the meticulous hand painting and polishing, resulting in a beautiful and unique figurine. It’s important to note that the color tone may vary slightly from the pictures, adding to the individuality of each piece.

Measuring 6.5″ long, 6.5″ tall, and 4″ deep, this figurine is the perfect size to create a charming fairy garden in your backyard or any other area of your choice. Weighing approximately 1 pound, it is easy to handle and can be placed wherever you desire, adding a touch of magic and whimsy to your surroundings.

One of the things that sets this figurine apart is its versatility. With a little imagination and some magic, you can transform various areas of your home into a fairy garden. Whether it’s the side of a tree base, a vegetable garden, broken flower pots, a galvanized metal tub, your back porch, front patio, tree roots, or planter boxes that don’t get enough sunlight, the possibilities are endless.

The highlight of this figurine is the whimsical Greenman Spirit residing in the body of the ancient tree. The intricate details of the ent tree bring it to life, making it not just a decorative piece, but a representation of nature’s magic and wonder. The green hut by the trunk and branches houses a beautiful pixie fairy, and the carved mushroom steps surrounding the tree’s side add a touch of charm, creating a storybook-like scene.

As an Ebros exclusive collection, you can be assured of the figurine’s quality and uniqueness. It’s important to note that the Coke can shown in the listing is for size perspective only and is not included with the purchase.

In summary, the Fairy Garden Greenman Treehouse Figurine is a high-quality and beautifully crafted piece. Its versatility allows for creative placement, and the whimsical design adds a touch of magic to any space. Whether you choose to create a fairy garden or simply display it as a work of art, this figurine is sure to captivate and delight.

Price: $25.99
(as of Jun 22, 2023 18:07:15 UTC – Details)

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