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Duff & Phelps Select MLP and Midstream Energy Fund (DSE) Up 48%

Duff & Phelps Select MLP and Midstream Energy Fund (NYSE: DSE) is up nearly 48% in pre-market trading. This sudden rise may sound appealing, but it lost almost 90% of its share value from last year.

Last week DSE said that they would redeem all outstanding shares of the Series B Preferred Shares of 4.65% (CUSIP No. 26433F3 # 3), effective as of April 15, 2020.

The DSE preferred shares will be redeemed at a price equal to $25.00 per share (the liquidation preference), plus cash dividends accumulated but not paid as of the redemption date, and an additional $0.50 per share, which represents 2% of the settlement preference.

DSE is one of many investments that got pummeled by low oil prices and coronavirus. Many investors are looking for “deals” and are asking if DSE stock is buy.

Is DSE Stock A Buy?

The short and quick answer is no, DSE stock is not a buy. Our opinion is that DSA MLP stock is a complete bust.

Several investment fraud lawyers have filed claims against financial advisors that sold DSE stock to recover losses. DSE investors are encourage to visit InvestmentFraudLawyers.com for free consultation.

What is Duff & Phelps Select Energy MLP Fund Inc?

DSE is a closed equity mutual fund launched by Virtus Investment Partners founded in 2014. The fund is jointly managed by Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co. and Virtus Alternative Investment Advisers, Inc. It invests in the markets of public securities of the United States.

The fund seeks to invest in shares of businesses operating in the energy sector, with a focus on companies that are involved in the business of exploration, development, production, harvesting, transportation, processing, storage, refining, distribution, mining or marketing of natural gas, liquids natural gas (including propane), crude oil, refined petroleum products, or coal.

It primarily invests in master limited partnerships (MLP) equity securities and company stocks in all market capitalizations. The fund employs both quantitative and fundamental analysis with a bottom-up stock selection approach, focusing on factors such as management philosophy and track record, competitive advantage across barriers to entry, long-term client relationships term and geographic footprint, the regulatory landscape through permits and exports. the laws, the quality of the deployable inventory of assets, including the right of first offer, and the assessment of the fee-based contract structure, including minimum volume commitments, inflation scales, and payment or payment provisions to create your wallet.

Stock Market Today

Get ready for another wild ride in the markets today.  It is looking to open higher, but don’t be surprised if you see a MAJOR SELL OFF late in the afternoon as traders try to close their positions for the weekend.

S&P futures are higher, up 45 to 46 points, as…

  • Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell introduced a $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill for which he’ll seek bipartisan support.
  • Oil continued to rally on speculation the White House will try to broker a resolution to the Saudi-Russia oil standoff.
  • California ordered all of its 40 million residents to stay at home in an attempt to limit the continued spread of the coronavirus.

European markets rallied as…

  • The Bank of England lowered interest rates from 0.25% to 0.1%, boosted its asset purchase program by $230 billion, and said it would cancel annual bank stress tests this year.
  • Germany is reportedly considering a $538 billion fund to provide banks and companies with loan guarantees and cash to help shelter the economy from coronavirus-related fallout.
  • Germany’s Finance Ministry said in its monthly report the government will take all steps necessary to support the economy during this crisis.
  • Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called on the EU to use all tools at its disposal to support European economies.

Asian markets gained as…

  • Chinese media suggested the People’s Bank of China still has plenty of room to cut rates further to protect the economy from more coronavirus harm.
  • Japanese lawmakers are still considering a record stimulus package that would help low-income families, boosting testing, and secure medical supplies for hospitals.
  • Australia is reportedly planning a second stimulus package that would be even larger than the one passed last week, as the country looks to prop up small- and medium-sized businesses.

And ahead of…

  • Existing Home Sales for February (10 a.m.)
  • Baker Hughes Rig Count Data (1 p.m.)
  • CFTC Commitment of Traders Report (3:30 p.m.)
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