Dividend Achievers List

Dividend Achievers List Update 2021

In my 25 years of investing and working as a financial advisor, one of my favorite list of stocks to invest in are the Dividend Achievers. Countless individuals have invested in companies to earn passive income over time through dividends. But, there is an immeasurable amount of variation concerning the chances of payouts and returns on interest. So what is are the Dividend Achievers?

The Nasdaq US Broad Dividend Achievers is a list of successful companies. Companies on the list have managed to increase their dividend for ten or more consecutive years, are listed in the NYSE or Nasdaq, and meet the minimum trading volume liquidity requirements.

Dividend achievers comprise the most successful companies regarding increased dividends for ten or more consecutive years, making them an excellent choice for investment. Join us as we discuss the best companies on the Dividend Achievers List and assess their potential for growth over time. I have also put a complete list of the Dividend Achievers stocks at the bottom of the article.

What Are Dividend Stocks?

Dividend stocks are companies that make regular dividend payouts. They are usually backed by established and stable companies with solid track records concerning dividend yields, payouts, and distributed earnings.

How many Dividend Achievers Are There?

To date, 274 stocks have increased their dividend payments for ten or more consecutive years. Although more companies may meet this requirement, companies must also be members of the NASDAQ US Benchmark Index to be on the Dividend Achievers List.

Performance of the Dividend Achievers Index

The Dividend Achievers ETF was profitable for the past five years at 12.0% of its annualized gross revenue. It was also underperforming in the same period with its ticker SPY index on the S&P 500 index. Market cap weighting ignores valuation when equal weighting buys high at high prices and sells low. Dividend Increases of 10 years on the previous cycle have covers (almost) 1 economic cycle. The 5 top Dividends by weight are listed below (in addition to their weight).

What Are the Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks?

While investing in other dividend stocks on the index can be profitable, these companies are quite popular for many shareholders.

Dividend Achievers - MMP
Dividend Achievers – MMP

Magellan Midstream (MMP)

Magellan Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: MMP), was founded in 2000 and is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company deals with refined petroleum products and crude oil storage, transportation, and distribution in the US. It transports gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene, and heating oil to refiners, traders, railroads, wholesalers, retailers, airlines, farm cooperatives, and end markets.

The company provides pipeline capacity, storage, ethanol and biodiesel handling, additive injection, blending, data services, and lab testing. It owns and operates crude oil pipelines, storage facilities, and marine terminals located along coastal waterways. These locations provide distribution, storage, blending, management, and additive injection services for petroleum product end-users.

By the end of 2019, the company had a 9,800-mile refined products pipeline system equipped with 54 terminals, two marine terminals, and 25 independent terminals. This comprised around 2,200 miles of crude oil pipelines and storage facilities with an aggregate storage capacity of approximately 37 million barrels.

Dividend Achievers Stock EPD
Dividend Achievers Stock EPD

Enterprise Prods Partners (EPD)

Enterprise Products Partners LP (NYSE: EPD) was founded in 1968 and is based in Houston, Texas. It primarily provides midstream energy services to natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), petrochemicals, refined products, and crude oil producers and consumers. But, they are involved in many related aspects of natural gas.

The company deals in NGL Pipelines & Services, Crude Oil Pipelines & Services, Natural Gas Pipelines & Services, and Petrochemical & Refined Products Services. Each segment is operated by various means, equipment, and processes to meet different objectives.

The company operates 21 natural gas processing facilities located in numerous areas throughout the US. It also leases an underground salt dome of natural gas storage facilities in Louisiana and operates an underground salt dome storage cavern based in Texas.

Dividend Achievers Stock OHI
Dividend Achievers Stock OHI

Omega Healthcare (OHI)

Omega Healthcare (NYSE: OHI) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in the healthcare industry, focusing on long-term operations. While it aims to invest in the healthcare industry as a whole, the company predominantly invests in nursing and assisted living facilities.

The company’s asset portfolio is operated by a diverse group of healthcare companies, primarily in a triple-net lease structure. Omega Healthcare’s assets extend to all regions within the US. But, the company also owns assets within various areas throughout the UK.

Dividend Achievers Stock MO
Dividend Achievers Stock MO

Altria Group (MO)

The Altria Group (NYSE: MO) was founded in 1822 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The company produces and sells cigarettes, oral tobacco products, and wine to wholesalers in the US through its subsidiaries.

It predominantly markets cigarettes within the Marlboro brand, cigars within the Black & Mild brand, and moist smokeless tobacco products within the Skoal, Red Seal, Copenhagen, and Husky brands. The company also produces and sells table wines, most of which are varietal and blended.

They sell Chateau Ste. Michelle and 14 Hands sparkling wines, import and advertise Torres, Antinori, and Villa Maria Estate wines, and sell Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte in the US. Besides operating with tobacco and wine products, the company provides finance leasing services in real estate, transportation, power generation, and manufacturing equipment industries.

Dividend Achievers Stock OKE
Dividend Achievers Stock OKE


ONEOK, Inc. (NYSE: OKE) was founded in 1906 and is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With the company’s subsidiaries, it gathers, processes, stores, and transports natural gas in the US. The company owns natural gas gathering pipelines, processing plants, and NGL gathering and distribution pipelines throughout the US. It operates through Natural Gas Gathering and Processing, Natural Gas Liquids, and Natural Gas Pipelines segments.

The company also operates regulated interstate and intrastate natural gas transmission pipelines storage facilities. It operates approximately 18,900 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines and serves integrated and independent production and exploration companies.

Such companies include crude oil and natural gas production companies, municipalities, NGL and natural gas gathering and processing companies, electric generation facilities, NGL marketing companies, propane distributors, and ethanol producers, in addition to petrochemical, refining, and natural gas distribution companies.

Dividend Achievers stock NWBI
Dividend Achievers stock NWBI

Northwest Bancshares (NWBI)

Northwest Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: NWBI) was founded in 1896 and is based in Warren, Pennsylvania. By the end of 2020, it operated 170 community-banking locations in central and western Pennsylvania, western New York, and eastern Ohio. The company functions as a holding company for Northwest Bank and provides numerous personal and business banking solutions.

The company accepts numerous deposits, such as term certificates, savings, checking, money market deposit, and retirement accounts. Its loan products include multi-family residential and commercial real estate, 1 to 4 family residential real estate, commercial business, short-term consumer, and residential mortgage loans.

It also operates with sales finance, unsecured personal and credit card loans, home equity lines of credit, consumer loans comprising automobiles, in addition to loans secured by deposit accounts. The company also provides investment management and trust services, employee benefits, and property and casualty insurance.

Dividend Achievers Stock IRM
Dividend Achievers Stock IRM

Iron Mountain (IRM)

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) was founded in 1951 and is trusted by over 225,000 organizations worldwide. The company is the global leader for storage and information management services, flaunting a real estate network of over 90 million square feet across approximately 1,450 facilities in around 50 countries.

The company stores billions of valuable and diverse assets, including highly sensitive data, critical business information, and cultural or historical artifacts. It affords solutions including information management, digital transformation, data centers, cloud services, safe records storage, safe destruction, art storage, and logistics.

Iron Mountain greatly helps clients lower various costs and risks, comply with numerous regulations, recover from untimely disasters, and engage in more efficient working methods that would be better suited within a digital world.

Dividend Achievers Stock XOM
Dividend Achievers Stock XOM

Exxon Mobil (XOM)

Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) was founded in 1870 and is based in Irving, Texas. The company researches and produces natural gas and crude oil both in the US and internationally. By the end of 2020, the company had approximately 22,239 net operated wells with proved reserves.

The Exxon Mobil Corporation operates through Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical segments. However, the company is also involved in various natural gas and crude oil operations over and above the standard operations within the company.

These include the manufacturing, trading, transportation, and sale of natural gas, crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, and additional specialty products. It manufactures and sells petrochemicals, including aromatics, olefins, polyolefins, and various other petrochemicals.

Dividend Achievers Stock WPC
Dividend Achievers Stock WPC

W.P. Carey (WPC)

W. P. Carey (NYSE: WPC) is amongst the largest net lease REITs, boasting an impressive enterprise value of around $18 billion. The company also has an incredibly diversified portfolio of operationally critical commercial real estate. By the end of 2020, their portfolio included 1,215 net lease properties, covering around 142 million square feet.

The company’s portfolio is predominantly situated in areas throughout the US, as well as Northern and Western Europe. Its portfolio is well-diversified by property type, location, tenant, and tenant industry. It has invested in high-quality single-tenant industrial, office, retail, warehouse, and self-storage properties subject to long-term net leases with built-in rent escalators for almost 50 years.

Dividend Achievers Stock CVX
Dividend Achievers Stock CVX

Chevron (CVX)

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), formerly known as ChevronTexaco Corporation, was founded in 1879 and is based in San Ramon, California. The company engages in chemicals, integrated energy, and petroleum operations worldwide through its subsidiaries, using Upstream and Downstream operations.

Its Upstream segment explores, develops, and produces crude oil and natural gas. This segment involves processing, liquefaction, transportation, and regasification, transportation of crude oil utilizing pipelines, and the transportation, storage, and marketing of natural gas. The segment also operates a gas-to-liquids plant.

The company’s Downstream segment refines crude oil into petroleum products. The segment involves transporting and marketing crude oil, refined products, and lubricants, as well as manufacturing and advertising commodity petrochemicals, fuel, lubricant additives, and industrial plastics. Chevron Corporation also deals with real estate activities, cash management, debt financing, insurance, and technology.

That being said, there are quite a few other companies on the Dividend Achievers List that have excelled over the past decade and deserve an honorable mention.

These stats are quite impressive considering the fact that the S&P 500 has a 1.5% dividend yield and a 2.5% Stock YTD %, meaning these companies would also be a great option for investing.

NASDAQ Broad Dividend Achievers Index DAA
NASDAQ Broad Dividend Achievers Index DAA

What is the NASDAQ Broad Dividend Achievers Index (DAA)?

The NASDAQ Broad Dividend Achievers Index (INDEXNASDAQ: DAA) is a list of US accepted securities that have increased annual dividend payouts for a minimum of ten consecutive years. It is a modified market capitalization-weighted index, taking Index Shares, Index Securities, and each security’s Last Sale Price into consideration.

Index eligibility is limited to certain security types, including common stocks, shares or units of beneficial interest, shares or limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. The Index was formed on the 5th December 2003, starting at a base value of 1,111.36159498762.

NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index
NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index

What is the NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index (DVG)?

The NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index INDEXNASDAQ: DVG is similar to the NASDAQ Broad Dividend Achievers Index (DAA), requiring those on the list to make regularly increasing annual dividend payouts for a minimum of ten consecutive years. The index is limited to specific securities, excluding limited partnerships and REITs, and the index was formed on the 29th March 2006, at a base value of 1,169.75.

The Invesco Dividend Achievers ETF
The Invesco Dividend Achievers ETF

What is the Invesco Dividend Achievers ETF (PFM)?

The Invesco Dividend Achievers ETF (NASDAQ: PFM) is a fund that hopes to replicate the NASDAQ Broad Dividend Achievers Index before fees and expenses. The fund would typically invest around 90% of its total assets in dividend-paying common stocks on the list. The fund was conceived on 15th September 2005.

While there are plenty of complexities and regulations for Dividend Achievers, investing in these stocks may be an incredibly smart move if you’re hoping to gain some passive income. If you’re unsure of which dividend stock to invest in, the best approach would be to consult a professional to ensure you are matched with the best investment plan for your goals.

Dividend Achievers List

TickerCompanyYTD ReturnBeta 3-YearBest Monthly ReturnWorst Monthly Return5-Year Return
ABMABM Indus20.80%1.1347.60%-29.80%34.90%
ABTAbbott Laboratories12.10%0.8720.30%-11.50%194.90%
ADIAnalog Devices14.10%1.2530.30%-19.40%195.00%
ADMArcher-Daniels Midland18.20%0.9212.10%-16.30%58.00%
ADPAutomatic Data Processing19.80%1.0816.10%-16.10%165.00%
AELAmerican Equity Inv14.80%1.8228.60%-29.30%113.20%
AEPAmerican Electric Power8.60%0.5911.50%-15.90%52.70%
AFGAmerican Financial Group64.90%1.3216.00%-28.00%142.90%
AITApplied Industrial13.00%1.2122.30%-22.10%106.20%
AJGArthur J. Gallagher13.10%0.8921.60%-21.30%216.00%
AMPAmeriprise Financial33.40%1.730.20%-32.10%214.10%
AOSA.O. Smith28.40%0.7619.00%-22.90%62.60%
APDAir Products & Chemicals6.60%0.9819.20%-13.50%137.00%
AREAlexandria Real Estate15.70%0.8819.70%-11.90%114.10%
ASHAshland Global Holdings5.30%1.0430.50%-31.50%61.20%
ATOAtmos Energy5.60%0.715.30%-13.00%40.50%
ATVIActivision Blizzard-12.80%0.7717.10%-28.00%109.00%
AUBAtlantic Union Bankshares7.60%1.1421.60%-27.70%51.70%
AVYAvery Dennison36.20%1.0316.30%-16.90%196.40%
AWKAmerican Water Works Co14.60%0.7312.70%-12.20%133.30%
AWRAmerican States Water12.50%0.7718.80%-14.30%126.20%
AXSAxis Capital Holdings2.00%0.8620.30%-34.10%6.20%
BBYBest Buy Co15.00%1.1642.40%-28.40%293.10%
BDXBecton, Dickinson3.20%0.6216.50%-14.90%55.70%
BENFranklin Resources22.60%1.1118.80%-28.50%10.00%
BIPBrookfield Infr Partners11.60%1.0414.10%-23.20%145.80%
BKBank of New York Mellon23.30%1.0214.80%-17.80%48.80%
BKHBlack Hills12.90%0.9611.50%-16.20%26.10%
BMIBadger Meter7.60%1.124.10%-16.10%209.50%
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb12.00%0.6515.10%-24.70%5.60%
BOKFBOK Financial22.80%1.3425.70%-43.00%47.70%
BRBroadridge Financial Soln13.70%0.8527.00%-10.70%176.60%
BROBrown & Brown15.10%0.8818.90%-20.30%214.10%
CAHCardinal Health12.30%0.9217.20%-20.60%-17.40%
CASSCass Information Sys9.70%0.9930.90%-26.50%20.00%
CASYCasey’s General Stores10.70%0.7821.10%-19.10%55.60%
CBOECboe Global Markets30.20%0.6716.30%-24.50%87.40%
CBSHCommerce Bancshares6.20%0.9823.50%-20.60%105.80%
CBUCommunity Bank System14.90%0.9521.30%-10.70%82.80%
CFRCullen/Frost Bankers23.90%1.2334.60%-31.80%87.20%
CHDChurch & Dwight Co-1.90%0.4723.70%-14.40%85.80%
CHDNChurchill Downs-5.20%1.5441.40%-19.90%335.60%
CHRWC.H. Robinson Worldwide-3.20%0.618.50%-12.60%47.60%
CINFCincinnati Financial37.90%1.1121.60%-25.60%83.10%
CMECME Group16.40%0.8614.90%-17.40%142.60%
CMSCMS Energy4.60%0.6411.70%-11.80%61.00%
CNSCohen & Steers14.60%1.3836.10%-31.60%169.80%
CORCoreSite Realty13.50%0.6917.00%-14.30%110.50%
COSTCostco Wholesale15.20%0.6413.40%-12.20%191.50%
CPKChesapeake Utilities16.90%0.8916.00%-12.60%116.60%
CSLCarlisle Companies29.80%1.0114.70%-20.20%107.30%
CTBICommunity Trust Bancorp8.90%1.0716.10%-20.70%36.00%
CWTCalifornia Water Service18.60%0.7911.80%-10.30%109.50%
DEIDouglas Emmett14.20%126.40%-22.20%1.00%
DFSDiscover Financial36.50%1.736.30%-47.50%145.60%
DLRDigital Realty Trust13.00%0.7411.20%-9.50%76.20%
DTEDTE Energy16.40%0.8917.80%-18.60%71.80%
DTMDT Midstream– 0.840.90%0.90%– 
DUKDuke Energy19.00%0.7411.80%-16.30%54.60%
EDConsolidated Edison5.60%0.5611.70%-16.00%12.00%
ELSEquity Lifestyle Props32.50%0.8313.50%-19.70%127.90%
EMNEastman Chemical10.90%1.1533.00%-26.00%98.90%
EMREmerson Electric25.70%1.1824.80%-28.10%118.80%
ENSGEnsign Group17.20%1.2930.20%-15.20%397.50%
EPDEnterprise Prods Partners20.40%0.9327.30%-41.20%17.70%
ERIEErie Indemnity-23.70%0.6718.30%-15.30%110.60%
ESEversource Energy3.00%0.749.00%-16.50%73.20%
ESSEssex Property Trust39.40%0.8921.90%-24.90%64.00%
ETNEaton Corp35.10%1.214.20%-18.80%194.80%
EXPDExpeditors International30.90%0.7816.20%-11.40%158.00%
EXRExtra Space Storage53.70%0.5711.60%-9.10%146.70%
FAFFirst American Financial32.60%0.9312.90%-30.90%92.60%
FDSFactSet Research Systems8.90%114.50%-14.70%122.30%
FELEFranklin Electric17.80%1.1120.30%-14.00%126.80%
FFINFirst Finl Bankshares31.70%1.0519.90%-15.70%206.40%
FITBFifth Third Bancorp32.20%1.4738.90%-42.30%127.40%
FLICFirst of Long Island21.20%1.0220.00%-19.30%21.90%
FLOFlowers Foods6.20%0.4430.40%-17.20%60.70%
FRTFederal Realty Investment39.10%1.0422.10%-37.80%-17.30%
FULH.B. Fuller23.10%1.1741.90%-30.70%46.90%
GDGeneral Dynamics33.50%0.9116.90%-19.80%47.00%
GLGlobe Life-2.20%1.224.70%-25.10%57.70%
GPCGenuine Parts28.00%1.0326.40%-24.40%46.70%
GWWW.W. Grainger8.90%0.9916.50%-20.20%125.30%
HBANHuntington Bancshares12.50%1.224.00%-36.60%82.50%
HBNCHorizon Bancorp8.00%1.2525.90%-37.60%59.10%
HCSGHealthcare Services Group-7.80%0.9519.80%-21.70%-25.40%
HDHome Depot25.50%1.0423.10%-18.80%170.10%
HIFSHingham Institution38.50%0.6717.70%-21.60%143.30%
HMNHorace Mann Educators-8.40%0.9915.10%-14.00%26.80%
HOMBHome BancShares8.20%1.3634.40%-31.00%13.30%
HONHoneywell International10.10%1.0517.50%-18.50%134.70%
HRCHill-Rom Holdings42.00%0.8319.90%-12.00%169.50%
HRLHormel Foods1.40%0.4216.80%-12.30%39.40%
IBOCInternational Bancshares4.50%1.2827.60%-24.70%62.10%
IFFIntl Flavors & Fragrances38.60%0.8830.10%-23.30%25.50%
INDBIndependent Bank-2.50%1.0421.10%-16.50%59.20%
IPInternational Paper18.20%1.1217.50%-18.60%56.70%
IRMIron Mountain53.10%0.8314.80%-24.90%53.70%
ITWIllinois Tool Works11.80%1.0418.40%-18.00%120.70%
JBHTJB Hunt Transport Servs23.00%0.8818.60%-12.70%115.20%
JJSFJ&J Snack Foods6.50%0.915.00%-26.20%44.40%
JKHYJack Henry & Associates8.80%0.7616.50%-10.60%109.20%
JNJJohnson & Johnson11.30%0.6416.50%-11.70%58.30%
JPMJPMorgan Chase20.80%1.1917.60%-25.90%171.60%
KWRQuaker Chemical-0.70%1.1635.80%-19.20%171.30%
LADLithia Motors27.00%1.1451.30%-32.00%372.20%
LANCLancaster Colony8.50%0.7216.00%-10.10%68.00%
LBAILakeland Bancorp28.90%1.1624.50%-28.60%55.70%
LECOLincoln Electric Holdings19.60%1.0425.30%-18.90%151.50%
LEGLeggett & Platt7.20%1.3443.90%-33.70%8.60%
LHXL3Harris Technologies20.90%0.8316.50%-13.50%181.10%
LIILennox International20.70%0.7416.60%-24.30%124.80%
LMTLockheed Martin5.00%0.8214.90%-15.50%62.80%
LNCLincoln National22.20%2.0248.70%-45.50%60.10%
LNTAlliant Energy17.90%0.6815.00%-12.80%71.00%
LOWLowe’s Companies20.90%1.1430.30%-22.50%156.40%
MAAMid-America Apartment55.30%0.8714.00%-23.90%119.20%
MATWMatthews International15.50%1.1222.80%-19.60%-37.50%
MCHPMicrochip Technology5.20%1.5239.70%-28.80%185.50%
MCYMercury General18.10%0.8320.20%-12.30%44.30%
MDUMDU Resources Gr22.30%111.50%-26.30%56.90%
MGEEMGE Energy13.90%0.9410.40%-11.90%54.50%
MGRCMcGrath RentCorp20.50%1.1524.50%-25.90%188.20%
MKCMcCormick & Co-11.40%0.6515.50%-11.20%80.00%
MKTXMarketAxess Holdings-15.80%0.7236.20%-17.60%206.10%
MMCMarsh & McLennan28.50%0.8418.70%-20.00%146.20%
MMPMagellan Midstream15.80%0.918.30%-35.70%-7.90%
MOAltria Group20.70%0.6914.90%-13.90%-4.60%
MRKMerck & Co-0.20%0.6610.50%-14.70%61.00%
MSAMSA Safety9.20%1.0626.20%-20.60%219.40%
MSEXMiddlesex Water44.50%0.8422.80%-18.90%178.80%
MSMMSC Industrial Direct Co5.20%0.7922.70%-19.00%57.60%
NEENextEra Energy3.90%0.7814.00%-10.30%181.40%
NFGNational Fuel Gas27.20%0.715.80%-13.80%10.40%
NHCNational Healthcare17.00%0.6710.40%-12.10%38.30%
NHINational Health Investors0.90%1.2331.50%-39.90%15.50%
NJRNew Jersey Resources10.70%1.0214.20%-16.70%24.20%
NNNNational Retail Props23.10%115.50%-38.60%16.60%
NOCNorthrop Grumman19.30%0.7612.50%-17.80%78.30%
NUSNu Skin Enterprises-1.00%0.7442.30%-27.40%17.00%
NWBINorthwest Bancshares5.80%0.8417.10%-21.00%11.90%
NWNNorthwest Natural Hldg18.80%0.9416.40%-12.80%-4.30%
ORealty Income16.10%0.9918.20%-33.50%24.90%
OGEOGE Energy11.00%0.811.00%-22.20%34.90%
OHIOmega Healthcare2.50%1.118.80%-32.60%52.40%
ORIOld Republic Intl33.40%1.0712.40%-27.80%78.70%
OZKBank OZK30.30%1.2240.00%-36.80%29.30%
PBProsperity Bancshares-2.90%1.1630.90%-29.10%50.40%
PETSPetMed Express-7.60%0.6346.80%-25.90%68.50%
PFGPrincipal Financial Gr25.50%1.4132.90%-33.40%63.60%
PGProcter & Gamble4.10%0.649.30%-9.50%89.30%
PKGPackaging Corp of America2.10%0.9315.20%-16.50%117.00%
PLOWDouglas Dynamics-6.80%0.9520.60%-20.60%43.70%
PMPhilip Morris Intl23.90%0.814.90%-23.30%29.70%
PNCPNC Financial Services Gr24.30%1.2422.10%-27.80%156.60%
PORPortland General Electric19.10%0.8513.50%-16.40%34.50%
PPGPPG Industries13.90%0.9315.50%-20.60%71.00%
PRUPrudential Financial31.10%1.4932.70%-34.50%66.70%
RRyder System25.20%1.2343.90%-29.50%44.90%
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