Dispute Accusing NYLIFE SECURITIES LLC and Broker Ronnie Cochran Unfolds

In a recent development, a group of customers have lodged a dispute against NYLIFE SECURITIES LLC and broker Ronnie Cochran. The dispute revolves around the issue of variable annuity distributions that took place between 2022 and 2023.

Allegations Against NYLIFE SECURITIES LLC and Ronnie Cochran

The customers allege that the distributions were used to fund the premiums on separate variable annuities. This action, they claim, resulted in a higher tax liability for them. Additionally, it also placed their assets under surrender charges. The customers have further claimed that these actions did not take into account their liquidity needs, putting them in a precarious financial situation.

Broker Ronnie Cochran, who has been with NYLIFE SECURITIES LLC since April 29, 1999, is at the center of these allegations. However, it’s important to note that Cochran is a broker and not an investment advisor. His primary area of expertise lies in variable annuities.

Customers’ Options for Recovering Losses

For customers who have suffered financial losses due to the alleged actions of NYLIFE SECURITIES LLC and Ronnie Cochran, there are options for recovery. One of the most effective ways is through FINRA arbitration.

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  • FINRA Arbitration: The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) offers a platform for arbitration where investors can file claims against brokers and brokerage firms. The process is quicker and less formal than court proceedings, making it a popular choice for dispute resolution in the securities industry.

Investors who believe they have been wronged can file a dispute with FINRA. The authority will then investigate the matter and, if the allegations are found to be true, can order the broker or the brokerage firm to compensate the investors for their losses.


The allegations against NYLIFE SECURITIES LLC and Ronnie Cochran are serious and highlight the need for investors to be vigilant and proactive in managing their investments. It’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions of any financial product or service before investing. In case of any dispute, investors should not hesitate to seek redress through channels such as FINRA arbitration.

This case serves as a reminder that while the financial market offers numerous opportunities for growth, it also has its risks. Investors should always seek professional advice and assistance when needed to ensure their financial security.

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