Cramer Says Market to Rally “Coiled Spring”

Meanwhile, we have to acknowledge the business. I mean, the business of companies as is as strong as I’ve seen it, but once that reporting, I don’t mean just the oils, which hurt a lot steady. How long can that last? Well, I’m good for Rick Moncrief. He’s the CEO of Devin energy who be in the investing club, special guests for a meeting at 1230 sharp on Friday.

Be there, the retailers. Sure. Target was terrific as expected following in the footsteps of Lowe’s and Walmart. But how about in the world? I give it up on that stock a long time ago, even as I like to shop there, when Nordstrom’s choose the lights at, you know, the consumers extraordinarily healthy, just play it $111.

Most impressive cap. Now I know Salesforce dot fluctuated to say the worst upset in that down seven lense absurd it’s down a hundred points for him speak at the same time that Salesforce pretty by far the best quarter it’s had in years. What on the heels of a great number from his cloud compatriot?

But heaven forbid, a company just sells a lot of product loses money. Uh, this market is saying, just say no to this kind of stock, including two that we’re talking to tonight, Octa and snowflake. When you factor in the, both our country and China take you off the best again, and they’re calling out content, you have to believe that, uh, people are contented to have some degree of COVID in their lives.

As long as they’re. So you’re getting a lot of very visible stocks that are humming bottom line. Once again, you do not need the whole parade of pauses to play out because we only have so many stocks that are in bear market mode. That’s what matters. In fact, you’ll only need one or two pauses to ignite a sustained rally.

If we get more with this level of negativity, the market could be like a coil spring because so many stocks are in bear market. Don’t miss a second of mad money.

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