Complete Dividend Aristocrat List 2021 (Spreadsheet)

Complete Dividend Aristocrat List 2021 (Spreadsheet)

I have been following stock for over 25 years and some of my favorite and frequent stocks I invest in are in the S&P Aristocrats Dividend List. Over the past 10 years, when the stock market has been on a historic bull run, the companies that make up the Dividend Aristocrat Index have consistently outperformed the S& P500 index, delivering higher total returns to investors with less volatility.

The S&P Dividend Aristocrat Index has kept pace with the market in the years since the financial crisis. According to S&P, the index has delivered an annualized return of 16.6% over the past 10 years, in addition to the 15.0% return on the markets.

The group of companies in the Dividend Aristocrats index tends to generate reliable dividend income and provide the potential for strong total returns. The list is well diversified across sectors.

What are the Dividend Aristocrats?

The S&P Dividend Aristocrats index tracks companies in the S&P 500 that have increased dividends every year for at least 25 years in a row. The index is equally weighted and rebalanced every quarter.

Joining the S & P 500 as a dividend aristocrat is a sign of growth and consistency. The 65-member group has been paying a high dividend for 25 years. Only five of their constituents are on the clock because they have not increased their payouts in 2020 and will have to pay out more to shareholders in 2021 to retain their status.

While the character of the dividend aristocrat index barely changes, more companies tend to lose dividend aristocrat status during recessions. In 2009 and 2010, 19% of all companies and almost half of banks and financial institutions fell off the list as a result of dividend cuts during the global financial crisis. In rare cases, shares lose their dividend status.

To qualify for membership in the “Dividend Aristocrats index”, the company’s stock must meet all the following criteria:

  • The company must be a member of the S&P 500.
  • It must have increased dividends every year for 25 consecutive years
  • Lastly, the company must meet the minimum liquidity requirements and float-adjusted market capitalization.

Since the inception of the index in 1989, the number of holdings has fluctuated from 26 to 65 holdings. It is still not even half the number of Dividend Champions, however.

Currently there are 65 companies in the Dividend Aristocrats index for 2021.

For 2021, there were a couple of changes. The index added: West Pharmaceutical Services (WST), International Business Machines (IBM), and NextEra Energy (NEE)

At the same time index removed: Raytheon Technologies (RTX), Ross Stores (ROST) Otis (OTIS), and Carrier (CARR).

In 2020, United Technologies spun off Otis Elevator (OTIS) and Carrier (CARR) and, before merging with Raytheon (RTX) to form Raytheon Technologies (RTX). The S&P committee eliminated the descendants of United Technologies from its list because the overall amount of annual dividend income was lower after the transactions than before.

List of Dividend Aristocrat List 2021 (Spreadsheet)

Here is a spreadsheet list of S&P Dividend Aristocrats. Just copy/paste onto your Excel.

TickerCompanySectorDividend YieldEx-Dividend DateBeta 3-YearYTD Return3-Year Return
AMCRAmcorConsumer Cyclical4.00%2/23/20210.970.80%– 
PBCTPeople’s United FinlFinancial Services4.00%4/30/20211.1342.40%13.60%
BENFranklin ResourcesFinancial Services3.80%3/30/20211.120.50%-0.30%
TAT&TCommunication Services6.70%4/8/20210.7611.20%13.10%
HRLHormel FoodsConsumer Defensive2.10%4/9/20210.42-0.30%34.50%
LEGLeggett & PlattConsumer Cyclical3.20%3/12/20211.3415.30%33.00%
WBAWalgreens Boots AllianceHealthcare3.60%5/20/20210.8233.50%-12.60%
AFLAflacFinancial Services2.50%2/16/20211.120.90%25.60%
KOCoca-ColaConsumer Defensive3.10%6/14/20210.71-1.30%38.50%
XOMExxon MobilEnergy6.30%2/9/20211.0537.40%-18.30%
ADMArcher-Daniels MidlandConsumer Defensive2.50%2/8/20210.9219.80%44.10%
CAHCardinal HealthHealthcare3.20%3/31/20210.9313.80%5.80%
AOSA.O. SmithIndustrials1.50%4/29/20210.7624.50%14.50%
ORealty IncomeReal Estate4.10%4/30/20210.9912.80%56.60%
BF.BBrown-FormanConsumer Defensive1.00%3/5/20210.82-4.10%41.30%
EDConsolidated EdisonUtilities4.00%5/18/20210.557.50%8.20%
NEENextEra EnergyUtilities2.00%2/25/20210.761.50%104.70%
CLColgate-PalmoliveConsumer Defensive2.30%4/20/20210.63-6.20%28.00%
NUENucorBasic Materials2.00%3/30/20211.1452.30%40.00%
SYYSyscoConsumer Defensive2.20%3/31/20211.1312.10%41.00%
VFCVFConsumer Cyclical2.20%3/9/20211.193.40%26.40%
MKCMcCormick & CoConsumer Defensive1.50%4/9/20210.66-5.10%76.90%
EMREmerson ElectricIndustrials2.20%2/11/20211.1815.30%48.90%
ATOAtmos EnergyUtilities2.40%2/19/20210.698.00%26.10%
CINFCincinnati FinancialFinancial Services2.30%3/16/20211.1125.50%65.70%
EXPDExpeditors InternationalIndustrials1.00%11/30/20200.7815.30%78.20%
FRTFederal Realty InvestmentReal Estate3.90%3/15/20211.0230.40%8.10%
GPCGenuine PartsConsumer Cyclical2.70%3/4/20211.0222.60%50.80%
ABTAbbott LaboratoriesHealthcare1.50%4/14/20210.8912.80%116.20%
KMBKimberly-ClarkConsumer Defensive3.50%3/4/20210.52-2.30%40.10%
PGProcter & GambleConsumer Defensive2.70%4/22/20210.65-4.50%95.90%
WMTWalmartConsumer Defensive1.60%5/6/20210.53-3.90%66.20%
PEPPepsiCoConsumer Defensive2.90%3/4/20210.78-2.60%52.10%
JNJJohnson & JohnsonHealthcare2.60%5/24/20210.654.90%39.10%
CBChubbFinancial Services1.90%3/18/20210.958.40%30.10%
ALBAlbemarleBasic Materials0.90%3/11/20211.2115.90%85.80%
PPGPPG IndustriesBasic Materials1.30%5/7/20210.9320.50%69.40%
TROWT. Rowe Price GrFinancial Services2.40%3/15/20211.2118.90%73.10%
GDGeneral DynamicsIndustrials2.60%4/8/20210.9126.20%-5.70%
CLXCloroxConsumer Defensive2.40%4/20/20210.29-5.90%73.90%
ADPAutomatic Data ProcessingIndustrials1.90%6/10/20211.0811.30%75.40%
LOWLowe’s CompaniesConsumer Cyclical1.20%4/20/20211.1424.90%152.30%
TGTTargetConsumer Defensive1.30%5/18/20210.715.80%206.80%
SWKStanley Black & DeckerIndustrials1.40%6/7/20211.4416.10%51.60%
ECLEcolabBasic Materials0.90%3/15/20211.045.10%59.90%
ITWIllinois Tool WorksIndustrials2.00%3/30/20211.0412.20%74.00%
MCDMcDonald’sConsumer Cyclical2.20%2/26/20210.818.90%57.30%
BDXBecton, DickinsonHealthcare1.30%3/9/20210.643.20%14.90%
SHWSherwin-WilliamsBasic Materials0.80%5/20/20210.9310.30%123.70%
LINLindeBasic Materials1.50%3/4/20210.9510.30%96.20%
APDAir Products & ChemicalsBasic Materials2.10%3/31/20210.996.80%87.00%
ESSEssex Property TrustReal Estate2.80%3/30/20210.8926.00%37.20%
WSTWest Pharmaceutical ServsHealthcare0.20%4/20/20210.7413.90%262.00%
SPGIS&P GlobalFinancial Services0.80%2/23/20211.0917.10%107.60%
GWWW.W. GraingerIndustrials1.50%2/5/20210.993.20%60.20%
ROPRoper TechnologiesIndustrials0.50%4/1/20210.970.60%65.20%
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