China’s Stern Warning to US: Turning Taiwan into a ‘Powder Keg’!

Days before the event arrival of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in BeijingChina’s Ministry of Defense warned Washington that its support for Taiwan was a threat to the country, and accused it of turning Taiwan into a “powder keg”. The warning was issued in response to Biden’s administration’s approval for new arms deals totaling $440 million with Taiwan. This statement was issued shortly before Yellen arrived and serves to remind the US delegation of Beijing’s priorities, as well as its’redlines’.

Important Points

1. China’s Defense Ministry issues a strong warning to the US. Through Col. Tan Kefei the Chinese defense ministry harshly criticised the Biden administration for its approval of new weapons deals with Taiwan. This warning serves as a reminder of China’s priorities and’redlines’ to the US delegation headed by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

2. Tan Kefei urged the US cease arms sales and any military collaboration to Taiwan. Tan Kefei also called for the US not to back ‘Taiwan’s independence’. China believes US arms sales are transforming the region into an “powder keg” And pushing the Taiwanese towards disaster.

3. Yellen’s Beijing visit faces challenges. As Yellen arrives to Beijing to hold discussions about managing the relationship of the two world’s largest economies, Yellen will need to convince her Chinese colleagues that US policies, such as the export limits on sensitive technologies, are not meant harm the Chinese economy. This task will not be easy, as both countries are erecting barriers to trade and investment.

China warns US against turning Taiwan into a “Powder Keg” As Yellen Arrives In Beijing

China’s Defense Ministry issued a stern message to Washington just hours before US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen arrived in Beijing. It accused Washington of turning Taiwan into a “powder keg”. This came in response to the Biden government’s approval of four new arms deals for Taiwan worth $440million, further straining relations between two nations.

In response, the Chinese Defense Ministry has strongly opposed US arms sales towards Taiwan. It has made strong representations to the US government. Tan Kefei, a colonel in the Chinese army, emphasized China’s opposition and urged the US government to respect the one-China principle by ceasing arms sales to Taiwan. He warned such actions could escalate tensions and push Taiwan towards a disaster.

Taiwanese is the official name of Taiwan. “powder keg,” Col. Tan describes the dangers of US involvement in this issue. This metaphor underscores China’s concerns over potential conflict and instability and the fragile nature the Taiwanese situation.

This statement was made just a few days before Yellen visited Beijing. It is a clear signal to the US delegation of Beijing’s non-negotiable priorities and positions. China wants to remind US that Taiwan’s support is a critical issue and that further actions will not be tolerated.

Yellen’s arrival in Beijing coincides at a pivotal time in US-China relationships. Her visit is aimed at discussing the responsible management the economic relationship between two nations, and addressing global challenges. Meetings with senior Chinese officials such as Premier Li Qiang and Liu He will provide an opportunity for direct communication on areas of concern.

Yellen’s biggest challenge will be to overcome the current barriers in trade and investment. China has retaliated against the US for its recent export restrictions on materials used in advanced semi-conductors. Yellen must convince her Chinese counterparts of the fact that this action is not meant to harm China’s economy, but to protect national security.

It is important that Yellen find a way to build trust between the two countries, as both continue to erect new trade barriers. The success of Yellen’s visit will be determined by her ability to bridge divides and lay the foundation for more constructive, cooperative economic relations.

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