Charlie Munger: Berkshire Hathaway’s BYD Investment ‘Almost Ridiculous’ Compared to Tesla

Charlie Munger (Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway) recently named BYD a Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles and batteries as his number one investment in the company, noting BYD’s potential. “almost unbelievable” Elon Musk’s Tesla has better returns. Munger praised BYD for its impressive stock performance and said it was a great pick for Berkshire Hathaway.

Charlie Munger’s investment in BYD was a brilliant decision. This has been his best investment, and it’s outperformed Elon Musk’s Tesla by nearly double. Munger’s initial investment has resulted in such impressive stock price gains, proving the value of good research and timing.

Charlie Munger (Billionaire Investor, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway & Billionaire Shareholder of BYD) recently shared his opinion on his favorite investment, the Chinese electric carmaker BYD. Munger believes that this investment was a good one. “almost ridiculous” Given its superior performance compared to Elon Musk’s rival Tesla.

Munger learned about BYD for the first time in 2008, when he was presented with an investment opportunity. The company was then a small Chinese car and battery maker, whose investors didn’t pay much attention. Munger did not hesitate to invest. He believed that BYD’s technology and strategy were going to pay off over time.

Munger’s wager on BYD certainly paid off. Its market capitalization grew from $3 billion to more than $80 billion in 12 years. Tesla’s, however, has grown from $1 billion up to $800 billion. Munger stated in an interview that BYD has grown at a rate 20 times faster than Tesla.

BYD’s technology has been a major success. They produce everything from trucks and buses to passenger cars, lithium-ion batteries, mobile phones and consumer electronics. BYD’s focus on affordable, efficient and innovative technologies sets BYD apart.

Recently, the company has unveiled their new website. “blade battery,” This slimmer and lighter battery is an alternative to lithium-ion. This battery will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, making it more affordable and available to consumers.

BYD’s aggressive expansion strategy is responsible for its success. The company is expanding its manufacturing base in China, Europe, North America and India. The company has also established strategic partnerships with Volkswagen, Daimler and other companies to expand its global reach and become a leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

Munger’s decision to invest in BYD was a smart one. Its impressive technology and aggressive expansion plan have helped it become one of the most successful electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. Munger loves it. “almost ridiculous” How BYD compares to Tesla.

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