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Calabria 718 Flexie Oval Reading Glasses Men/Women Bendable One Power Readers Flexible Lightweight Durable TR-90 Frame Review

Product Description:

The Calabria Flexie Bendable Reading Glasses for Men and Women are a fusion of comfort, flexibility, and style. These glasses are renowned for their distinctive Flexie design and impressive durability, offering unrivaled value in the eyewear industry. They are constructed from TR-90 Grilamid, a revolutionary material from Switzerland known for its outstanding flexibility and resilience.

These glasses are not your ordinary plastic. They are made from a tough, flexible material that is similar to what is used in premium sports sunglasses and high-end brand-name eyeglass frames. This ensures that the glasses can withstand daily use and can be twisted or bent without losing their shape. The lightweight nature of the glasses also ensures long-term comfort.

The Calabria Flexie Reading Glasses come in various model options, including rimless and full rim designs, catering to personal style preferences. They are available in 2 & 3 Pack options, offering a fantastic blend of value and style. The glasses also feature clear, interchangeable, single-powered lenses, providing an unparalleled level of visual accuracy and clarity.

With a wide range of magnification options up to +6.00, finding the perfect pair to cater to your visual needs has never been easier. The patented Flexie design adds an appealing charm to the glasses, showcasing their flexibility and style. These unisex reading glasses are designed to seamlessly complement any outfit, enhancing your style quotient effortlessly.

Calabria Eyewear, the brand behind Flexie glasses, has been a champion in the eyewear industry for over 27 years. Each pair of glasses from Calabria is a testament to their commitment to quality and value. The Flexie Reading Glasses carry forward this legacy, combining style, comfort, and durability without any compromises.

In summary, the Calabria Flexie Reading Glasses offer a perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and style. Constructed from premium materials, these glasses are designed to last and provide exceptional visual clarity. With a range of design options and magnification choices, these glasses cater to various style preferences and visual needs. Experience the Calabria difference and enjoy the best that eyewear has to offer.

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