Blue Emu Cream Reviews: “Banish Pain Fast with Blue Emu Soothing Cream!”

Blue Emu Muscle and Joint Deep Soothing Original Analgesic Cream, 1 Pack 12oz,00234 Review

Blue-Emu offers a range of highly effective pain relief products. The brand upholds its commitment to delivering high-quality, top-performing topical creams and sprays designed to provide relief for various types of muscle and joint discomfort.

Blue-Emu Original Cream

This is an emu oil-based cream that is odor-free and non-greasy, a refreshing change from the typical menthol-smelling creams common in the market. The cream penetrates deep into the skin quickly, reducing the need to wait for the soothing properties to kick in. It is also safe for daily application and, over time, can help with dry, chapped, or weathered skin.

Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief

This product promises increased relief from muscle aches and discomfort. However, the company has not provided much information about this specific product, which might warrant some caution or further research from potential users.

Blue-Emu Pain Relief Spray

For those looking for an easy-to-apply alternative to creams, this product is an excellent choice. It adheres to the skin quickly and promises to deliver the same critically acclaimed relief that Blue-Emu is known for.

Blue-Emu Micro-Foam

The Blue-Emu Micro-Foam is another variant in their line of products that promises to grant relief from muscular discomfort. However, like the Maximum Pain Relief cream, detailed information about this specific product is lacking.

Blue-Emu Ultra Pain Relief

This offering claims to deliver an ultra-powerful alleviation of muscle and joint discomfort. Potential users may appreciate more information regarding the product’s specific features and benefits.

Blue-Emu Lidocaine Cream

The Lidocaine Cream by Blue-Emu is designed to provide numbing relief for those experiencing severe discomfort. The addition of Lidocaine could potentially add to the relief obtained by using this cream.

Key Points:

All of Blue-Emu’s products are made in the USA, lending to the credibility of the company’s quality assurances. The brand’s offerings are FSA/HSA eligible, providing a financial advantage for those with these plans in place. Unfortunately, the products are not available for international shipping and are only shipped within the U.S.


Blue-Emu’s products are odorless and non-greasy, serving as a pleasant deviation from similar pain-relieving products. The brand’s creams and sprays provide deep-penetrating relief without the need for frequent applications.


One downside to Blue-Emu’s products is the lack of information about some of their offerings, which might raise concerns among potential buyers. Additionally, the brand’s limitations on international shipping make these products inaccessible for customers outside of the U.S.

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