S&P 500 Chart 7-6-20

Before The Bell: S&P 500 Futures Up Nearly 40 Points

S&P 500 futures were trading nearly 40 points higher this morning, and the DowJones Industrial Average rose more than 380 points. It looks like the start of a bullish week. However, Coronavirus infections in the US hit a new all-time high last week, dwarfing the 57,000 mark as the number of states exceeding the 5% threshold for positive tests continued to rise. There is no current vaccine candidate that would prove safe and effective in a clinical trial against the virus in humans, but there are some indications that it should happen soon.

Hospitals in the southern and western US are at full capacity due to a coronavirus outbreak. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are sounding the alarm over an increasing number of cases of a new outbreak of the deadly virus, saying hospitals are reaching capacity and that strict social and economic enforcement is needed to contain the growing outbreak, Reuters reports.

China is said to be on track to meet the purchasing targets for agricultural and manufacturing goods agreed in the first phase of the trade agreement. The US economic outlook for the second quarter of this year was stronger than expected, signaling that the global economy could recover faster than expected.

Google, Amazon, and Facebook face proposed European rules aimed at curbing alleged anti-competitive behavior, forcing them to pay more tax and take more responsibility for illegal content. The tech giants have faced legal pressure from the EU over their role in the online advertising industry in recent months.  Look for a possible tech sell off.

Bottomline – Markets Bullish

The stock markets are generally BULLISH because of the Federal Reserve pumping in money and buying assets.  This has helped the market recover from the COVID-19 drop in March.  However, there are indicators that show decreased earnings and bankruptcies could cause a another downturn.  The BEAR driver continues to be the coronavirus. However, the Federal Government and state governments are unlikely to “shut down” the country as again, but may close some areas regionally.

Market Signals

S&P 500    3130 Buy
Crude    40.6 Buy
Gold   1776.77 Buy


crude oil chart 7-6-20
crude oil chart 7-6-20
Gold Spot 7-6-20
Gold Spot 7-6-20

S&P Sectors

FINANCIALS 381.74 0.07% 0.25 390.79 380.86 Sell
ENERGY 283.45 1.13% 3.16 290.14 280.3 Sell
UTILITIES 294.19 0.23% 0.67 297.29 293.43 Sell
INDUSTRIALS 582.79 0.80% 4.61 591.34 581.66 Buy
CONSUMER STAPLES 604.42 0.47% 2.8 610.44 603.22 Buy
REAL ESTATE 221.22 −0.34% −0.75 225.36 220.5 Buy
CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY 1074.06 0.39% 4.19 1093.21 1071.6 Buy
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 1851.32 0.50% 9.3 1868.68 1842.03 Buy
MATERIALS 362.1 1.85% 6.59 364.93 359.68 Buy
HEALTH CARE 1184.44 0.71% 8.34 1190.99 1181.32 Buy
COMMUNICATION SERVICES 183.77 −0.07% −0.12 185.91 183.57 Buy



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