A Complete Guideline to Master the Basics of Forex Trading

There are many people who want to make money by trading Forex, but a few of them are willing to abide by the rules and regulations that can help to succeed easily and quickly. This profession has become so more effortless in these recent times. You can easily trade online via the internet. But the novice traders often start the business without any preparation, so the chance of losing money increases. Insufficient capital, unfamiliar market condition, and a weak plan can be hindered from attaining success. There are also other things along with these that should be prevented from making proper money management. Some preventive steps can help to preserve the capital to minimize the loss.

Common terms in Forex

Currency pairs

The currency, which is in the first that is the base currency, and the second one is the counter currency. For example, EUR/USD represents euro quoted versus Dollar of the United States.


A net number of pairs can exchange and move the exposure.  Most of the investors take the position for speculating on the applicable exchange rate.


It means the point in percentage. It also represents the small change in the exchange rate of the currency pair.  The most common size for the pip is 0.0001. To know more about the pip value, you can use Rakuten trade and test demo trading the market and get a clear idea.

Margin or leverage

This represents the size of the trading position that can be controlled with a known amount of leverage or margin. This can be varied by choice of the investors.

Easy steps for trading Forex

The following steps are needed to start trading professionally.

Connecting the device to the internet

This is the first condition that must be followed to start trading. A reliable connection can make the task so easy and fluent for the investors.  Service interruptions can make the process harder for the broker.

You also need a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to run the business if the internet connection is not stable during placing the orders that can make an undesirable loss to the traders.

Find a reliable Forex broker.

It is effortless nowadays to find a broker and create an account. No matter where you live. It is mostly dependent on the fulfillment of the requirements that you need as a client.  In general, try to choose a broker who can take the responsibilities of your money and comprehensive business platform. There are many fake brokers all around the world. Try to be aware of pf them.  Otherwise, it will be very difficult to manage the account.

Fund for the account

After completing the decision about the broker, it is the right time to deposit funds to the account. There are some ways that are used by the brokers for funding the account. Bank transfers, proper funding in the account, payment with debit or credit cards, using PayPal or Skrill are the most common and popular ways.

 Obtain a strategic platform

The next step is to get access to the trading platform provided and supported by the broker. Almost all the brokers use the 3rd party option like the Metatrader4 and 5. These are the first choice for the traders, but you can easily use any other option that you need. But not all platforms can make your process easy. Try to be strategic and control things with great care.

Start trading finally

If you complete all the previous steps, then you can start trading finally. You have done all the things, including funding the account. If you want, then you can easily start with a demo account and virtual money. It will be helpful for testing the service and good platform before starting a live account.  The demo account can also help you to manage the strategies and practice trading without risking the capital.

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