3157 Vs 3157k: Brightest LED Bulbs for All Car Lights (2-Pack)

AUXLIGHT 3157 3156 3057 4157 3157K LED Bulbs Xenon White, Ultra Bright 57-SMD LED Replacement for Back Up/Reverse Lights, Brake/Tail Lights, Turn Signal/Parking or Running Lights (Pack of 2) Review

The alluring allure of the AUXLIGHT LED light bulbs is too compelling to pass by. This simple yet powerful device is just what you need to illuminate your vehicle in the night without blinding others on the road. But what exactly makes AUXLIGHT LED bulbs rise above the rest? Let’s delve deeper.

Standout Design and Outstanding Quality

One of the most phenomenal features of these bulbs is their superior quality design. Unlike typical bulbs, AUXLIGHT LED bulbs have a full aluminium body with a built-in projection lens. The aluminium body effectively dissipates heat, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the bulb by preventing overheating. In addition, the projection lens maximizes light dispersion for ultimate visibility.

Moreover, these bulbs are designed to mimic the size of typical halogen bulbs. So, they easily fit into standard 3157/3156 bases in various sockets. This unique design means these bulbs provide optimal lighting efficiency, while maintaining the same fit and size as regular bulbs.

Enhanced Performance

If it’s about lighting performance, the AUXLIGHT LED bulbs are unmatched. They offer an impressive light output of 1600 Lumens each, clearly outperforming standard bulbs. As a crucial safety aspect in driving, the brilliance of these bulbs will ensure you accurately discern every detail on and off the road at night.

Despite these high light outputs, the bulbs only use 4W each due to their integrated current IC. This innovative design feature reduces energy consumption and further extends their already impressive 50,000+ hours lifespan. Imagine, wouldn’t it be relieving to no longer worry about frequent bulb replacements?

Wide-Ranging Applications

These versatile bulbs are not just for one function. Can you believe they can be used for back up/reverse lights, brake/tail lights, turn signal/parking or daytime running Lights, blinker lights, side marker lights, DRL etc.? But be heedful if your vehicle requires a load resistor to prevent signal blinking or error codes on the dash. Can’t you just imagine the convenience and efficiency these bulbs would inject into your vehicle’s lighting system?

User Experience

Swapping bulbs can be a pain, I know. The unfamiliar process and the fear of breaking the bulb or something else, adds to the stress. However, the AUXLIGHT LED bulbs take care of this issue as they fit into the 3157/3156 stock base snugly, making them easy to handle and install. If you’re unsure about whether these bulbs fit your vehicle, AUXLIGHT’s customer support is ready to assist. The company’s commitment to ensuring user satisfaction extends to a one-year warranty for a risk-free purchase experience. If any issues do happen to occur, swift resolution is guaranteed.


On the whole, the AUXLIGHT LED light bulbs are a noteworthy addition to your vehicle’s lighting system. They are efficient, versatile, long-lasting, and made with durable and high-quality materials. Although some vehicles might need a load resistor to prevent signal problems, the merits of these advanced bulbs are overwhelmingly impressive. With a harmonious blend of reliable quality and outstanding functionality, shouldn’t they be considered a must-have for every vehicle? Illuminate your journey reliably and efficiently with AUXLIGHT. It’s time you saw the light.

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